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Life cleanselife cleanse scam


I signed up for the nature's best acai berry and also the life cleanse, when checking my online bank statement, it said I had -10.29. Fwm laboratories with the product life cleanse took out $40 unauthorized. When I called they said I signed up for a subscription, when I definitely do not remember reading it. Of course they put it in the fine print. It wouldn't be that big of a deal to me if I had more money, but because of this scam I don't even have a dollar in my checking account. And I haven't even received the second shipment. I really wish I would have checked up on scams before I did it.


  • Th
    thomas moreau Aug 16, 2016

    I am an ex local billing limited employee, the owners of,, and another sites like www. with these fake diet products (colon cleanser, acai berry, resveratrol), and fake cosmetics products (dazzle white, face factor, etc.). they are operating using various companies: viv3labs for europe, fmw laboratories for us and, lately, to avoid the problems caused by the scam using viv3labs, they are using trading planet ltd for europe and information tech systems ltd for us. also, they are using purplesky ltd at cyprus for europe. lately, they are using some companies opened to process credit cards for the porn industry (lb pride studios, lb envision net worldwide, etc.- all of them are local billing companies – lb stats for lb).
    The business model is to offer a free sample, only charging you the postage (this is an excuse to get your credit card number) and, then, due to hidden terms and conditions, charge people incredible amounts of money for pills and nutraceuticals (in some cases more than 80€ /bottle), which in any retail place cost less than 6 us$ per bottle. this business model is, basically, a scam.
    The owners of those sites are deepak argwal (, who, apart from this business –contactcenter, legal-, is running more than 2.000 porn sites –see, clay douglass ( and mitch platt (
    It is easy to find them through the information that appears on the site registration of
    Now, they discovered this hole on their ability to remain hidden and are registering the new sites using a marketing company located in the us, moniker online services - whois information
    Douglass, clay clay. [email protected]
    Viv3 lab limited
    Unit 5, mill road industrial estate
    Linlithgow, wl eh49 7qy
    Domain name:
    Administrative contact, technical contact:
    Viveraglobal, hostmaster [email protected]
    Viv3 lab limited
    Unit 5, mill road industrial estate
    Linlithgow, wl eh49 7qy
    Another evidence that local billing is behind those companies is consulting the impressun of the web pages (for example, and seeing that is a local billing company behind them:
    Lb pegasus limited
    29 wordsworth gardens
    Co durham
    Dh9 9lg
    United kingdom

    Lb is for local billing….
    And also resveratrol product site,, the impressum of the page ( is the following:
    Trading planet ltd.
    56 thorton close
    Chester le street
    Co durham
    Dh2 1qh
    United kingdom

    Also, they are using a company called phytoscience, located in the same address than viv3, to make the handling and the postal distribution of the products. the manager of phytoscience is called chris swanson and his email is [email protected]
    Other addresses to find those sca... ers:
    Local billing ltd, pau claris, 100, 08009 barcelona, spain (they are operating from here under the name tucana corona, it is an useful contact for the police)
    [email protected]
    Clay. [email protected]
    Mitch. [email protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Sh
    shelllhop Aug 16, 2016

    Money was taken from my account £149.40 after I had cancelled this product as it did not work. i was advised by the operator that i had cancelled within agreed timescales and would not be debited. when contacting them as been debited was advised that not cancelled within agreed timescales and that the trial states the date ordered and not date shipped. I have worked this out and was still within agreed timescales and they are refusing to give the money back. Do not use this site or company as it is a complete scam and they will debit you no matter what.

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  • Af
    Afiderzein Aug 15, 2016

    I ordered the free trial twice as the first time it came my neighbour sent it back, i called the company and they were very rude and eventually hung up on me - bad customer service. the second time i ordered the product never came, aparently i typed the postal code in and instead of going to 3L9 they went to 319.. which is impossible as that is not a postal code in Canada. i called and cancelled both orders i believe i have the cancellation confirmation number somewhere in my house. i am not sure whether they still have access to the credit card or if i was charged again in full price for the product or still am continuously.

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  • Ph
    PhilnTrish Aug 15, 2016

    Life cleanse, heath science, health time, face factor, feelwell, and ctt singapore are all scams! they used my credit card info fraudulently. I did not sign up for this product or give any authorization for 6 credit card transactions of $130. scam alert!!! do not even sign up for the free sample!!! 5 different companies have my information some how! and the billing came in a name that is not mine nor a person that has authorization to use my credit card!!!... and I can't get them to refund my money!!! scam, fraud! be warned!

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  • Ba
    Ballino Aug 15, 2016

    I first sent away for there free trial of the life cleanse capsules and the free trial of the acai berry detox capsules.i have since recieved ( one bottle of the acai berry capsules) and (two bottles of the life cleanse capsules)without my consent to withdraw funds from my account the company seams to be trading under two names.1 being trading planet ltd the other being health science both with the same address . I have been charged for 4 lots of capsules each costing $142.53 au total cost $580.12 au the money from trading planet went to a uk account and the money to health science went to a singapore account. I hope you can help me with my problem. cheers clint . ps i have invoices from these companies if needed.

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  • Ki
    kittyannies Aug 15, 2016

    hi yes ive been scammed as well, what a fool i feel, anyway got through to them on the phone said they have cancelled my order!!! gave me oder codes, dont trust them so will be cancelling my card as well!!! like they say, if it looks to good to be true, thats because it is, they must be millionaires by now the amount of money they have scammed off us all!!!

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  • Sh
    shellbell5 Aug 15, 2016

    After getting off the phone with their "local US Florida agent" who had an accent and a delay on the phone, I quickly went to google Zania Beach, FL to be re-directed to this page.

    I quickly called my bank to close my ATM card and get a new one sent to me after reading about the additional $80+ charged to various people's accounts on this web site. The bank is familiar with this service. I am disputing my $2.97 (charged twice) and the foreign transactions fees (charged twice). And still have not received any product, which I will refuse if it ever shows up.

    Mind you this is a company in FL, not int'l, so why the fees...that would be your first clue that it is a scam. I'm just lucky I read it here so quickly and was able to stop any future withdrawals on my account!!!

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  • Pj
    pjr Aug 15, 2016

    I did not receive my trial products on time. when I called the company they extended my trial date by 10 days and she told me what day I would need to cancel on if I did not want anymore product. on the day to cancel, my acount was charged $87.13 twice. I called and of course could not talk to anyone who could speak english that you could understand. they told me this was the day it expired and I hadn't called, so basically, too bad. when my husband came in he called them and told them he wanted to speak to a supervisor that spoke english, he got someone, who spoke broken english and she told him the same thing. he told her they could not charge me for something on the expiration date. he asked to speak to her supervisor but of course she would not let him. we are now going to file a complaint with the attorney general's office, the better business bureau and the consumer protection agency. I think if we all got together we could probably file a class action suit against these poeple. they are a scam, a rip off and are screwing people out of a lot of money.

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  • Au
    Aussie Lou Aug 15, 2016

    This group are a bunch of scammers.

    I tried to cancel via telephone whilst in the Uk and never could speak to a real person.

    I have tried a number of times since and still no joy.

    i have written a letter to ask for cancellation and still nothing.

    my bank is aware but says it can take 90 days to rectify this situation.

    Don't do it.

    Does anyone have any other way to contact these people, i am desperate.

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  • Gw
    gwen bowman Aug 15, 2016

    I too ordered a free trial of life cleanse and Akai berry, I actually put on 7 lbs taking them, then while I was away on holiday they sent me another month of tablets and billed me on my credit card for over £300. I immediately sent them back with a letter to reimburse me and not send any more, I have also told them I would go national newspapers and they would never scam any one else. I have been to my bank and they are sendind me a form out to fill in this is as far as I have got up to now, they sure know we are desperate people who want to lose weight and will try anything to do it. [email protected]

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  • Bi
    Billy Aug 15, 2016

    After getting off the phone with their "local US Florida agent" who had an accent and a delay on the phone, I quickly went to google Zania Beach, FL to be re-directed to this page. I quickly called my bank to close my ATM card and get a new one sent to me after reading about the additional $80+ charged to various people's accounts on this web site. The bank is familiar with this service. I am disputing my $2.97 (charged twice) and the foreign transactions fees (charged twice). And still have not received any product, which I will refuse if it ever shows up. Mind you this is a company in FL, not int'l, so why the fees...that would be your first clue that it is a scam. I'm just lucky I read it here so quickly and was able to stop any future withdrawals on my account!!!

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  • Pe
    Peter Aug 15, 2016

    After getting off the phone with their "local US Florida agent" who had an accent and a delay on the phone, I quickly went to google Zania Beach, FL to be re-directed to this page. I quickly called my bank to close my ATM card and get a new one sent to me after reading about the additional $80+ charged to various people's accounts on this web site. The bank is familiar with this service. I am disputing my $2.97 (charged twice) and the foreign transactions fees (charged twice). And still have not received any product, which I will refuse if it ever shows up. Mind you this is a company in FL, not int'l, so why the fees...that would be your first clue that it is a scam. I'm just lucky I read it here so quickly and was able to stop any future withdrawals on my account!!!

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  • Ti
    Timothy Jun 10, 2016

    Here's a more direct way to avoid such scams --

    Acai is an excessively abundant provincial Amazon berry. It sells for $1 a bottle of freshly squeezed juice at any major Amazon city, where something like 400, 000 lbs of acai berry are sold every. The species (euterpe oleracea) grows in the wild and on plantations by the billions. It is a weed species - the very same one used for hearts-of-palm (you know, the cheap $2.00 cans), a product which kills the fruiting trunk.

    People outside the Amazon region are paying out the ### for this product, marketed by greedy advertising charlatans. They pay next to nothing to acquire their acai product (most of their cost is packaging), and they artificially inflate it's value, by spinning all this washy BS about it being a "superfood" and having superior "health virtue." These unscrupulous US companies (not the native growers/harvesters) are making a killing because they make 500-1000% profit in many cases. It's abhorrent.

    They are playing the ignorant public like a fiddle, all the while giving "health food" a bad name. The puvlic would do much better to be skeptical of anything making such claims. Make every effort to understand where things come from, and what it is. That way at least you'll have some perspective.

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  • Mi
    MiaZac Jun 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the life cleanse and aciaberry detox for the amount of the postage, and now i continue to receive a bottle of each and charged $131.49 Aus for each - 2 derliveries later and an email to stop the deliverey and it keeps coming. went to close the credit card but if there is a payment coming through after closing of credit card the back will reopen it and pay.
    I have noticed on my bank statment that the amounts are the same but the name of the company is different. SmartHealth, Anti-age Avccess, Global Wellbing and Health focus.

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  • Na
    Nakigurl Feb 03, 2010

    call your bank and write cancellation letter, bank will refund and chase up

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  • Ja
    Javed Ali Khan Jan 19, 2010

    The company has been charged by BBB link below and all of you can take or file your returns ASAP.
    You can add this company BBB reports on different forums regarding herb product and this way you will save lot of innocent customers.

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  • Di
    Disappointed C J Jan 12, 2010

    I'm not sure if the original website said that this was a reoccuring charge or not, but like others not sure if I ever rec'd my free trial. I never saw anything that said if you no longer wanted the product that you had to call for a return slip to send a package back. The box says return gaurenteed. I cx which they did not do and I returned 3 seperate packages and rec'd no credits and was told I would not rec. any because I didn't ask for the slip to be mailed to me first.

    I lost 10lbs. at first and never lost anymore and have gained part of that back.


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  • Ia
    Ian CHURCHILL Jan 12, 2010

    They sent me a e mail offering a free sample of life cleanse for just the postage £3.95.
    I received within six days sample. two day later received another container with
    Advice note for £75 00 which I returned with a note refusing any more contact with
    This company. three days later received bank statement with two deductions of
    £75.00 & £74.97.
    This forwarding company within scotland should stop act for this
    America company which are conducting a world wide scam..

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  • Do
    DOLPIMP Dec 07, 2009

    I ordered Colon cleanse from this website and decided to cancel within the trial period. I received one colon cleanse bottle so far. The number on the website goes to Poland and after speaking in polish for like seven minutes, goes on to englishand says the number has been swithed off or deactivated by the user. I have ot been able to cancel so far as there is no email or any other number to call on the sight. I have had to cancell oth my credit and debit cards so no chages can be taken from them. Anyone know how i can get to cancel this subcription befor I start getting charged?

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  • Ul
    ultraconservative Nov 28, 2009

    Here is how you can avoid being taken. move your account to a bank that provides a service for an annual fee allowing you to request a new and different credit card number with a stipulated maximum amount for each and every on mine purchase. for example, the cost of the specific purchase you are making is between 7 and 9 euros, dollars, pounds, whatever. you stipulate that the maximum amount the seller may charge and collect is 10 euros, dollars, pounds or whatever and not one cent more. once the purchase is made and the seller has collected his fee the relationship ends automatically and no more charges can be made against that number. the number is retired for ever and has no further validity. that is the safest and easiest means to protect oneself for any enterprise attempting to collect additional fees illegally. I have been using this method for years and it works.

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  • De
    debbie schaeffer-steel Nov 12, 2009

    I entered a free trail of life cleanse and acai berry tablets 4 wieght loss i have been using them for a few days no results was told i could cancel with out paying the 119 dollars per bottle if they didnt work but the site is not letting me cancel my order and the company took the money out already i would like a refund from them plus them to cancel my accout so the dont take more money but i have no way of contacting them as im in australia which means i also payed double for there produts plz help me debbie schaeffer-steel my email is [email protected] Au

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  • An
    Angela Blake Nov 10, 2009

    To all who read this, PLEASE don't ever do business with these people. They have deducted $260.20 from my account without me buying/ordering ANYTHING from them and I also did not receive anything from them as well. They are absolute evil!!!

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  • Ti
    Ti66a Nov 03, 2009

    I ordered a sample bottle of 'Life Cleanse' an advanced natural cleansing formula advertised on the internet. The transaction on my mastercard indicated a company called 'Focuscleanse' processed the sample bottle at $6.73 Cdn funds. The following month, without my authorization, a company called CTT out of Singapore and also a company called AgeHealth processed charges of $133.97 and $133.61 on my mastercard. Products that I have not ordered or authorized have been sent by registered mail, however, I did not accept them and they have been returned. I am unable to reach the companies to discuss refunding this money. They are using my mastercard and billing me constantly for items that I have not ordered.

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  • Ma
    Mako Oct 29, 2009

    Hello Rachel

    The customer service number is actually in Warsaw, Poland. You will have to ring after 7.30 pm Sydney time (which is 0930am in Warsaw). I managed to get through last night for a friend who has been scammed by these A-Holes. Just dial [protected].

    I hope this helps and you get through.


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  • Ra
    RachelEz Oct 28, 2009

    Hi, I am having a similar experience it seems to many others. I signed up for the free trial, paying postage and then 2 weeks later $130AUS appears on my credit card.

    In the Terms and and Conditions in this company's website it says if you DON'T call their Customer Service number before the 15 day trial is up you will start receiving shipments and being charged.

    That's frustrating but I've been trying to call their Customer Service number for 2 days to cancel this mess.

    Has anyone been able to contact them to cancel? Has anyone been able to get a refund? What can I do to get out of this? Any advice greatly appreciated!

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  • De
    Dee59 Oct 19, 2009

    I too have been ripped off $269.00 and had to cancel my credit card. I recieved the life cleanse 17 days after I signed up for the free trial and have yet to get the acai berry. Oprah and Dr Oz are both denying any authorization of this product as well. It is on her website. I sent them a cancellation notice as well and have copied all documents referring to this for seeing my money again? Doubt it...

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  • Sh
    ShockedandAppalled2 Oct 18, 2009

    The same thing has happened to me. The number I was told to call gave a constant busy signal. I wrote emails to the contacts the former rep had posted and to [email protected] Unfortunately it's the weekend so I can't get a hold of my bank to talk to anyone until Monday. I'm hoping that because it's still within the trial period I can do as they say on their website and cancel everything. Has anyone had any luck doing that? This scam is ridiculous.

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  • Jb
    JBalki Oct 14, 2009

    I just realized what happened to my credit card as it has approx. $500.00 worth of purchases (incl shipping and handling) for the products. just like everyone else I received the two bottles for free trial and now received another bottle. I canceled the order and shouldn't receive anymore products or get charged. I can't believe what is happening!

    Rachelrj - please keep me posted if you have any luck with the name and address you received the other night. i'm not done with them either and want my money back as well.



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  • Ac
    acaiburn tablets Oct 13, 2009

    stop sending me your product called 'life cleanse'
    they dont work.
    and stop taking money out of my account

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  • Je
    Jeffrey Anderson Oct 11, 2009

    On 17th august 2009 an invitation from viv 3 offered a trial period to try their product for which there would be no charge. since then they have taken in total £160.00 from my husbands credit card account with out his permission and an e-mail from them received to day indicates that they will not refund him even if he returns the goods.

    This is particularly upsetting as he has trying to recover from bowel cancer and was hoping to find a product which would help him in his recovery instead of which he has been completely ripped off.

    As a result of my husband's ill health he is now unable to work and is not in a financial position to be robbed in this way apart from the fact that he does not need this kind of anxiety in his life.

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  • Ra
    Rachelrj Oct 10, 2009

    I thought I try a free sample from a (sample site) one of them was Acai Berry from a web site I was on and they just wanted $2.95 for shipping and handling. I thought I guess that is not too bad it is just a sample. That is when the nightmare began. First they started to call me on my home phone. I told them right then I did not order any products just a sample still not sure what company was calling. Representative hung up on me. A few days later it arrive in the mail. No paper of bill with it, so I thought it was my sample. 3 days later Life Cleanse Colon shows up. I thought I didn't order this, same type of box & etc. Now I am wondering what is going on. I check my bank account online. They charge me $2.95, $39.95. A bit perturb, but let it slide think well I have heard go thing about cleanse and prehaps it works hand n hand. About a week later, pissed to the hilt, a charge for $79.95. I called the number, got all tossed around and hung up on. NO I called back several time. Keep call to this day 2 months later. Demanding my money. Several e-mail also. I tell them I will not go away. This is my hard earned money and I want it back, I did not authorize this and they stole it from my account. I never even got anything for the $79.95. Keep telling the I going report the to the BBB. Finally got a name and address last night from them.

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  • Em
    Emily62 Oct 09, 2009

    I just tried another phone number to cancel trading planet orders, which seems to have worked!


    I spoke to a very polite girl - sandra - who asked for my order no. (I never received one) so then took my name, found the order and confirmed it had already been cancelled and gave me confirmation numbers.
    However - when I had used the other phone no (+[protected]) to try to cancel 2 days ago, I got someone with very poor english who hung up before I could identify myself. so that is not how it got cancelled.
    Yesterday I wrote an email to all the contacts people on this board have referred to outling the situation and noting that I had contacted my bank and the authorities in case of a dispute at a later date. some bounced back, but someone must have actioned the cancellation. (I have cancelled my card just in case).
    I hope this helps someone else, I was worried sick!

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  • Te
    Tez77 Oct 06, 2009

    Dear Customer, 

    Thank you for contacting us. We do not offer customer support by email. For immediate personal assistance please contact us by phone:

    - English live call centre representative at [protected] (UK - Toll free) or [protected] (Canada toll free) or + [protected] (International number);

    - French live call centre representative at [protected] (France - toll free) or [protected] (Canada toll free) + [protected] (International number);

    - Spanish live call centre representative at + [protected] (International number);

    Our Customer Support opening hours are Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 9 pm CET (Central European Time). For customers calling from overseas, please be sure to enter correct international direct dialling access code for your country (e.g. for Canada the UK International number should be dialled as [protected]).

    Best Regards, 

    Customer Support

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  • Te
    Tez77 Oct 06, 2009

    ok have a number to call was closed when I called though... From Australia 0011 44 [protected] in the UK [protected] any other country try [protected] with whatever your country codes for international calls are.

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  • Te
    Tez77 Oct 06, 2009

    I did not agree on a subscription, I just wanted to try the free sample products of Life Cleanse and Acai Berry, little did i know that they would charge my credit card close to $300 AU. I received the "free" bottles then another parcel arrived from HealthScience?, Ordman House, 31 Arden Close, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8AX, United Kingdom is the return address on my parcel. The "free" samples charged to my credit card were charged in Us dollars from the Uk and the next lot (with differenet drawer names) were in US dollars from Singapore. Emailed [email protected] and got an automated reply with numbers for UK, Canada, Spain and France but nothing for Australia. Also went back and looked at the website I stupidly ordered from - and the numbers to call don't work. Anyone have any ideas as to what I should do? Send back all samples to return address?

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  • An
    another person screwed Oct 03, 2009

    looks like a lot of us have got taken on that deal and not in a good way either I got screwed over too someone needs to put a stop these people they are rude when tell them you did not receive this stuff in the time they claim you should receive it then they charge you the outrageous amount starting at .99 to 84.00 you dont have time to cancel in the time they claim you should cancel

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  • Ri
    Richi Oct 03, 2009

    There must be a government body to investigate these robberies... which is what they are.

    I got my first order late and by the time I learned that they don't work it nwas too late to get a refund.

    So I accepted that I had been duped and rang them to cancel.

    They said they would and gave me a confirmation number.

    I also rang my credit card company who said they could't do anything untll I fill in a form which they are sending.

    Today I get my c/c statement with another charge but now I can't gfet them on the phone, so all the calls I made initially didn't seem to do any good at all.

    I really don't know what to do exept wait for the form and go through the process of credit card fraud.

    Please don't buy this rubbish.

    Someone with authority must have been scammed too as to be able to stop these robbers.

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  • An
    Anna - Barossa SA Oct 02, 2009

    I ordered this product then I read the terms and conditions... (I guess there is good reason for having that section to read) it states that unless you cancel by phone... (which means a call to the uk) they automatically will send you out the next months supply at full cost and there after until you cancel. you cannot send an email to cancel subscription, he told me when I rang that he doesn't have an email.. which sounded all too suspicious, seeing as he checked my subscription from my email address and didnt need any other details. I was glad I kept a copy of the invoice details and number. but he did give me a canellation number which I have kept. I will keep an eye on my credit card account to make sure no money is being deducted from them.
    My question is does the life cleanse work at all? I have been using it together with the acai berry for about a week now and I am feeling very bloated, and look like I have put on weight. does any one else have this feeling? I have never had a problem with my bowels like being constipated or anything and now I find I am going regularly but not as much as I used too, hence the feeling of being bloated. has anyone lost weight after using this product?
    Anna - south australia

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  • On august 11, I ordered a free trial of two products through an advertisement I saw. the first was life cleanse and the second was acai berry detox. I started receiving several calls from a number I didn't bed sick and extremely annoyed, I picked up to be greeted by a fast talking boy who said his job is to verify the order. as he went through he said he would also be sending me a free trip. I didn't think too much about it, just tried to end the call. a few minutes after I hung up another person called with the same speech and promises. I explained that I had just talked to someone and she said that their computer system had gone down and that she had to re-verify the order. I again went through the fast-talking call with confusing terms of agreement (which I did not realize were terms until I started looking back).

    About two weeks later I got another call checking in with me to see how I liked the order. I told the person that I had not received anything.

    It is now a little over a month later and I have received three bottles of acai berry, four bottles of life cleanse and two bottles of colon cleanse (which a scrutinization of the bottles show is the same thing as the the life cleanse). I tried to call the number provided for customer service and waited on hold for 20 minutes. I canceled my debit card and reported the fraud to my bank. the fraud specialist gave me three numbers that I would like to share with you.
    Oberry: 866.885.0150
    Naturedetox: 866.988.5395
    Wellnesslab: 866.967.4917
    The names are from charges on my account, which have run the gamut from $3.95 (for shipping) to $39.95, $49.95, and $79.95. all in all I have been charged over $300.

    I called the number for oberry and got a hold of a representative named jay. I explained that I did not like the product, that I had not intended to ever purchase this much of any product and wanted to return all of the bottles. he explained that there was only a 30 day money back guarantee and that I would only be able to return 2 bottles of the life cleanse and 2 bottles of the acai berry detox.

    You will have to talk to a customer service representative to get an rma number for the bottles you want to return. once you have this, you need to ship each bottle separately addressed as follows:
    Rma #: x-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx
    Attention: shipping manager
    3007 greene st.
    Hollywood, fl [protected]

    Make sure to ask how much you will be refunded. it should take 5 to 7 business days, but the bank warned me that it can take up to 30. I guess I will have to see about that.

    Do not order this product unless you are planning to cancel immediately! not worth your time, energy, or money!

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  • Ja
    JAnnCooper Sep 13, 2009

    They are a very ruthless company! I put a order in on 8/21 they did not send it to me until 9/2 by then they charged be the full price for the bottle because I went over my 14 trial period. They waited after my 14 days to send me the bottle. This is complete FRAUD! After reading the complaints above, I have cancelled my credit card.

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