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This guy is the original QUACK. He finds out what ails you and claims he has the "cure." Will tell you how the hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies are all afraid of him, because he will cause them to go bankrupt form his treatments.

Reality: I had some back and neck pain which did not respond to normal treatment. Dr. Lichten (using the word "Dr." loosely), injected me with a plain numbing medication, and declared it to be a special treatment. As it turns out, he punctured my lung which then forced me to spend the next three days in the intensive care unit. He denied rendering the treatment, just to avoid being sued for malpractice.

I received a $30, 000 bill from the hospital (I have no insurance). That in addition to the $500 Lichten charged me for the bogus cure !!

This guy almost killed me according to the emergency room doctors I saw the day after Lichten stabbed me in the chest with his needle.

AVOID HIM at all cost !!


  • Tr
    trishpsp Jul 10, 2010

    Dr. Lichten gave my husband trigger point injections for pain following a cervical spinal surgery, and they helped him tremendously! His pain left him for two weeks, and he was able to perform well the next day doing photography at a wedding. Yes, the medication is a common numbing med, but the technique works, although it doesn't last forever. I find it hard to believe the a doctor with his knowledge of physiology punctured your lung. He performed my own hysterectomy surgery, and has helped me with hormonal problems and hypothyroid more than any other doctor.

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  • Ed
    Ed Litt Aug 26, 2017

    Why would such a malpractice be not handled by a lawyer or the medical board? Seems that the complaint may not be malpractice. There are so many out there selling 'spin.' I'll trust

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