Lesley University Housing Cheating customers... Never go to Lesley University Housingaccomodation


Have you ever happen to stay at University Lesley Housing? - better if you haven't.

We were 4 colleagues from World Vision International Armenia Office, attending a training on Advocacy. Altogether we paid 2400 for 7 days. You may think we should have got a nice place... ALAS - this was the WORST experience that we have ever had. Of course one should have looked at their website to see what are you offered, but THEY ONLY NEED YOUR MONEY, so their website WILL NEVER enlighten you about this:

1. You get into your room and see garbage around, and the student accompanying you says sorry and removes it away, of course all the smaller garbage and dust stays with you... then you have to make a complain so they send someone to clean it.

2. your accommodation does not imply a private toilet, there's only one on the entire floor and you have to wait until it's free.

3. They say the only difference between the rooms is Air Conditioner, which is a DIRTY LIE! The building for rooms with ACs is newly renovated, while the old ones are like a jail, especially the bathroom and toilet, door locks are broken, etc..

4. We paid for the rooms as an organization... so logically we should have got 4 rooms, no matter who stays where. One of my group members couldn't stand such awkward conditions and escaped to his friends house in Cambridge. When i told that I'd like to move into his room, their "mana-jerk", told me that if my colleague moves out of the room, it means the room is free and I have to check out from my room and pay extra to go into my colleagues room... SO they were not going to refund the room they I would check out, they would keep the payment for my colleague's room, and I would have to pay an extra money to go into a room that we ad already paid for.

Isn't this a RIP OFF! It's such a shame for Lesley University to allow this happening. I wonder if they know about this. If so, then ripping of their customers is a common practice in that university... too bad for someone who will decide to study there...


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    Lesley University Aug 07, 2013

    Lesley University takes seriously the safety and well-being of our students, as well as that of short-term guests in our residence halls.
    The University is looking into Mr. Bezhanyan’s complaint and will respond to him directly.

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