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K Dec 26, 2019

I am so disappointed and frustrated with the service today. The plumber just left. $450 later and my issue isn't resolved. He didn't attempt anything less invasive or expensive before clearing the main line which did not need to be cleared. He went on to tell me that he would need to try the auger in the toilet and that would be an additional amount, which is far less than the main line process. I asked him why he didn't try that first. He said it's usually the main line. I questioned that line of thinking because how can a plumber assume it's the same issue without a proper investigation of the problem in my home. Then he said I told him that every time I used the water, my toilet overflowed. Perhaps that was his last customer who said that because that didn't happen and I didn't say it. And after taking way too much time to find a replacement cap for the line, he told me there would be no extra charge. I asked him, extra charge for what? He said for the auger. I said of course there's no charge because you didn't do it. I told him he makes it sound like he's doing me a favor with the no extra charge thing. He told me to call the county or city, wherever I am to have them check the other end. Really? He doesn't know if I'm in the county or the city? After all this time and all this money, he leaves with my problem remaining. I am in disbelief that Len the Plumber would allow this lack of professionalism and disregard for the customer's situation. I've left out a lot of the nonsense and double talk that he did. I am so frustrated and unhappy. I've lived in this house for twenty years and I've never had such terrible service from a plumber.

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    Resolved. Thank you Mike at Len the Plumber.

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