Law Office Of Thomas LandisHarrasment, threatning, asking for my daughter who is a minor, calling me at work


Called me and woke me up stating that they were a law firm looking to collect money owed to Gordons. They told me that if I didn't settle for what they were asking that they would take me and my grandmother to court and take away her house and savings. Still half asleep they convinced me that I could settle the dept for less but I had to give them something to hold for the next few weeks. I gave them my bank and routing numbers
and the were to wait till Nov, 14th before they could cash it. After I hung up I kept thinking about the way things were handled and it just seemed fishy to me. I got on line and typed in Thomas Landis and a list of other peoples complaints came up. I went to the bank and cancelled the check and a few days later got a message from a Scott Summers telling me that I had commited fraud and that they would be taking me to court. They called me at work, which I got on the phone and asked them to please never call me there again. They called my grandmothers house looking for me and asking who Ariel Perdue was and if she was avalible. Ariel is my daughter who is a minor. I recieved two other calls so far that sounded harrasing and rude.


  • Ro
    Ron Spataro Oct 29, 2008

    They called looking for an ex wife of 13 years and began insulting me and asking inapporiate question concerning my children and made insulting comments about my business success.

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  • Ra
    Randy Cooper` Apr 15, 2009

    OMG! I just got off of the phone with a rude lady, who clamed to be a legal assistant and another person who went by the name "Mr. Day" and another person who claimed to be the supervisor, Matthew Burdock. They were very rude and unprofessional. Called me several times claiming that I owe a bill from bank first. They insisted that i pay today the full amount which they agreed to lower to $540. I asked them to resend the letter that they claimed to have sent me twice: once in January and the other two days ago. They faxed me the letter and when I read it, the letter was dated for today's date (not dated from two days ago). How does a letter get dated today that was sent on Monday? Mr. Day got hostile on me when I requested specific and documentation of charges that I made. I finally told him that i was hanging up. Not five minutes later, Lisa calls and spoke nicely for a minute until I told her about the article in the paper about people calling stating that they are attorneys and threatening to sue people if the don't pay their bill.

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  • It
    itsprivate May 05, 2009

    i get calls from this several times a day.

    i have received a message on my voice mail for someone i do not know, they even left social security number for this person.

    i have asked them to quit calling, they refuse. they say they can call me any time they want and as many times a day they want. after i let them know that they cannot call me before 8 AM or after 9PM and that they cannot call me at work this is when i started receiving the calls every day even on Sundays and at minimum 2 calls a day.

    told them not to call me during working hours so they call 2 or more times during working hours. i have had 7 calls on 1 day.

    they will not provide mailing address or any way to verify who they are. or send me a bill of any type to me.

    the name given to me for person calling is Mr. Day.

    they are extremely rude, threatening, and have all right information about me except for they are calling me over what must be someone else s issues. they are telling me that if i do not pay the amount in full right then and there on the phone that "we WILL take you to court and YOU WILL LOOSE, WE WILL take EVERYTHING YOU HAVE"

    this place has lost their license in the past for same type of harassment along with other issues i will not mention even though its public record. i do not want to be accused of anything so i will not say, all i will say is search for them. i personally feel that it is time for them to loose their ability to practice law indefinitely this time.

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  • Sa
    Sally C May 22, 2009

    I have something similar to someone else here on the Law office of Thomas Landis.. I had a car repossessed about 15 years ago. I am now getting threatening letters from this attorney's office. What should I do?

    Should I write them stating this debt has gone past the statute of limitations?

    Should I just ignore this?

    Anyone who can direct me?

    Concerned in GA

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  • Am
    AMS Credit Services May 27, 2009

    I had to deal with these yahoos a while back and successfully got them of my back. If you are having an issue getting the off your back, send them a letter via certified mail telling them to cease and desist. Here is a copy of that letter. If you need any further help with any collections, e-mail me at station1 at netzero dot net.

    (your name and address)

    Law Offices of Thomas Landis et. al.
    Four Greenwood Square #220
    3325 Street Rd
    Bensalem, PA 19020

    Date: November 22, 2008

    RE: Acct# ********

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I request that you CEASE and DESIST in your efforts to collect on the above referenced account.

    I’m sure your legal staff will agree that non-compliance with this request could put your company in serious legal trouble with the FTC and other state or federal agencies. Under the FCRA and the FDCPA, each violation is subject to a $1000 fine, payable to me.

    You are hereby instructed to cease collection efforts immediately or face legal sanctions under applicable federal and state law. Any further attempts by your firm or known corresponding firm(s) will constitute a willful violation of the FDCPA and immediate action will be taken to remedy these violations.



    (your name here)

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  • Ju
    Justin May 29, 2009

    These people are horrible!! They called attempting to collect a debt I had from an old CitiBank card they said had gone from $532 to $1, 689 and I owed them $1, 689 today or else!! Not knowing anything I gave them my credit card and agreed to pay $100 to stop it from going any further and then a week later then charged $900 to my account without authorization. I never got a letter or anything stating that we agreed on anything and I did not authorize the charge. I'm now disputing the charge and have a lawyer.

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  • Sa
    Sally C May 29, 2009

    @ Justin.. that is terrible! They aren't getting anything from me. When I get paid and can get some stamps.. I'm sending that letter to cease and desist contacting me.

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  • Ho
    how2sue Jun 12, 2009

    These people are all jokes! They attempt to collect on outstanding debt for CollectAmerica. CollectAmerica buys debt for pennies on the dollar and has these people collect on it. First thing you do is ask them to give you "VOD" which is verification of the debt. They wont send you anything. You must put this in writng and advise them that if they call you again you will sue them under for violations of FDCPA. Tom Landis is an attorney in their office and will be happy to pay you for any threat of lawsuit against harrasment. Get a name, tell them not to call anymore and send them a letter in writing stating so. The owner of the company is a rich guy name Lawrence J. Weil- here is his information- LAWRENCE J WEIL
    His home telephone # 609-860-1655
    His wife's name is Mary. His house is valued at $600, 000. Isn't the internet great? Give him a call or send your correspondance right to his home see how he likes it.

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  • Mo
    MOMMADONNA Aug 23, 2009


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  • Jh
    JH's mom Oct 29, 2009

    Thank you very much for all the useful information. I love the internet.

    The Landis collectors just telephoned me trying to collect a debt that they say my 45 year old son has not paid. My son states he has no outstanding bills. But now that I've read the comments I think perhaps they're refering to a old automobile loan he had from the early1990s. The Landis collectors are very rude. They've telephoned me twice, both times stated they'll sue me! I didn't co-sign for anything and my son hasn't lived with me for 20 years. I'm sending them the cease and desist letter. I'm also contacting the BBB and any other agency I can think of.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Lynn Nov 02, 2009

    This law office of Tom Landis and that of Laurence A.Hecker, have both been calling and leaving messages at my ex-husbands house, in reference to my delinquent debts. But here is the thing, I paid off all said debts to other creditors 2 years ago to ammend my credit and help me get back on track. So they have accounts of mine that were already settled and paid off. They are not being honest. I have all records in reference to my payoffs of theses debts.They are threatening to sue me and take all my stuff as you have stated on this site, and that of sites regarding Hecker.Now what do I do? How do I get these people to stop harrassing me? Do I write a cease and desist letter? That is my current plan. I also plan on doing whatever it takes to help put an end to this. This must be illegal. Anyone who has any information about anything I can do to help myself in reference to this and others please post it. This is outrageous. If we do not stop these people who will?

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  • Le
    LeeAtlanta82 Jan 08, 2010

    My attorney just called and informed him that I submitted a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and that if they thought I was going to pay $3, 100.00 for a credit card that was $600.00 before it was sent to collections, they were crazy. They then hung up on my lawyer; called him back and hung up on him again. They said that they took personal offense when accused of price gouging. I never received a demand letter from the company. They verified my current address. I received my first phone call today, although I am sure it will be the first of many. When they try to get you to make that first payment to show that you are willing to pay your debt, they are trying to trick you. They want that first payment to show that it is your debt; this admits that the debt is valid. They pressure you and threaten you into entering into a contract that you cannot get out of. After my attorney was hung up on twice, they called back and accepted less than 30% of what they were requiring me to pay. The debt will show up as a settlement and “paid for less than owed” on my credit report, but will no longer be an open sore on my fico. They are going to play hardball; all you have to do is play hardball back. They purchased this debt for about 100-250 dollars and will basically take anything to make a profit.

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  • Ha
    happynatty Jan 08, 2010

    OMG! This office is the worse and most unprofessional.

    After receiving a call from my mother that a Law Office called her home looking for me, I called this Law Office right away as I was unaware of owing any credit cards or having any past due debts. (I subscribe to a monthly credit monitoring service and per that information, all my credit cards are current and I have no past due credit card debts.) So, I was definitely caught off guard when the first person I spoke to, Mr. Powell, told me I owed $2, 800 on a Citibank visa card from 1998! (this is when I was in college.) I told him I never received any letters ever from any collection agencies or any letter from their office. I also stated I had credit cards in college but did not recall having that one and asked if he could provide me with an account number or something so I could look further into this as I am aware I had credit cards but was under the impression I paid them all off. He then referred me to another man named Lee Walker, the mediator or I like to call now “the intimidator”, who in the beginning was friendly and seemed concerned as if he really wanted to help me. He asked a series of questions, which I answered and then asked me for my credit called number. I told him I didn’t have any cards with me and he said he could lower the amount to $1, 800 if I gave him my checking account number and he would post date the payment until next week. I told him, if the debt is mine, I have no problem paying it but would need some verification like a statement or account number so I can contact Citibank on my own. He could not provide such information, so I said I wanted to do more research and will not pay anything until I did such. In the end, he became really nasty and I told him stop bully me, provide with such information that I am asking for and if this debt is mine I will take care of it. To make this long story short, this Mr. Lee Walker said if I didn’t make a payment today, his offer is off the table and I would have to pay the whole thing in full and I will appear on my credit report and the lawyers would proceed with their action. I told him, I am not giving him my checking information until I confirm this debt is mine and that it was never paid off, then he hung up.

    My questions: Is this legal? All I am asking for is some kind of documentation because I never received letters for collection agencies and nothing delinquent or derogatory appears on my credit report.

    What I can do I verify that this debt is mine? He said it’s from a credit card I opened in 1998. I can’t remember that far back but I was in college. And, they knew the last four of my social, does that mine it is mine? Any advice? Please help.

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  • Di
    didnthappentome Jan 22, 2010

    i have a bill there and did not have a problem ...I am buying a house and the lady i spoke to really helped me and gave a good settlement on my acct soooo maybe they all are not bad...

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  • Di
    didnthappentome Jan 22, 2010

    i did not have a problem ...i was trying to buy a house a old bill came up ...i spoke to a nice lady help me pay it off ...and send all my paper work to my lender thn to me ...sooo i guess they all are not bad

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  • Az
    AZ_Tucson Feb 02, 2010

    didnthappentome, I agree.. I have been dealing with the same person for 3 years on an old wells fargo account that my business had. It was well over $8000 and they have worked with me on payments the entire time even before it was Thomas Landis and it was Donald Burak. I agree.. Guess they are not all bad.

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  • Ch
    chele2 Feb 10, 2010

    These people are complete jerks. Mr Wakefield called my work and left a message. I called back today and he finally tells me it was from a Washington Mutual credit card. I had to interupt him just so I could tell him it was in my bankruptcy. He kept stating this call is recorded. I told him I didn't care, that the account in reference was in bankruptcy, gave him the case number and he finally said that they would note the record and not contact me anymore.

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  • Bj
    BJBA Feb 25, 2010

    These people have a collection agency called Cavalry Portfolio Services in the same building that puts the Law Firms letterhead on the top of their mailings (which in most states is illegal) Remember, ANYTIME you get a collections agency sending you stuff it means the company you owe/didn't pay wrote it off which means PAID IN FULL! The same company sells the account(s) to try to re-coop some of their money. You would be just paying these munchers back for buying the account from the other company. You really don't have to pay the agency. Its their stupidity that they bought the account in the first place. Don't let them scare you! You CAN NOT go to jail for a debt in the USA. If that were true we would all be in jail! I am an ex-collector.

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  • Ss
    SSSDESIGNZZZ Feb 26, 2010

    These people called me also while my wife was in the hospital. It was for an old credit card debt that she thought was paid off. They called here several times while I was out visiting her in the hospital. I finally took one of their calls while I wqs home. I asked how much of a debt they were talking about. They responded with $12, 500! I flipped. Then asked for them to fax me documentation and they hung up on me. I then called back, got someone else, re-explained everything, again asked for proof faxed to me, and zippo! They hang up again. This went on 3-5 times. They refused to provide me any proofs. I finally hired a lawyer that specializes in ZOMBIE DEBTS and now have a law suit against them. So, I will be seing them in court! Just not the fashion that they expected!

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  • Fa
    Farkel2990 Apr 30, 2010

    These same people called me, unwilling to listen. Anyone want to harass them with me? 800-853-4000. Ask for Lou Hagen.

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  • Vi
    vicolasgirl May 04, 2010

    Both my husband and I have been receiving calls from these people, they leave messages saying they are from attorney Tom Landis office and that it is important that we call back as soon as we receive the message. Sometimes it is a lady, today was a Keith Malone. I am confused, are these people real debt collectors? Do they buy debts for cheap and charge you outrageous money for them? Are the fraudalaunt people tryin to collect money that you dont owe? I did see that his license was suspended in 1996 for professional misconduct, however, it is now active again. I am debating whether to call them back or not, they will not quite calling mine or my husbands phone and it is beginning to get annoying. Also, I get calls 7 days a week from a retricted number, does anyone know if these people call from a restricted number as well? I appreciate any help with these questions or any help related to this situaiton. Thank-you in advance!

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  • Sl
    slm fed up May 06, 2010

    They keep calling my house about something to do with my cousin. They keep saying it's real important that we talk with her, when they just talk to her about 10 minutes before. I told them to take my number off of their list because she doesn't live here and do not call me again. The man was a real smart alec. I told him I was going to get them for harassment and he said he wasn't harassing anyone. What do they think it is? It has nothing to do with me.

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  • Jo
    jo4kid Jul 26, 2010

    VERY RUDE! Check the NUMBERS and Names with the BBB! Don't even know who they are asking for~~!!

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  • Ti
    tired of being messed with Aug 01, 2010

    I have also recieved phone calls from these people. They will not send me any kind of bill and they are always rude. I called the Pennsylvania attorney general's office and the Bar Assoc. and they said that they dont even hold a valid licence to practice law anyways. They are a complete scam and until enough people complain to the Attorney General, nothing will stop these parasites from messing with people.

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  • Pt
    PTR_CA Dec 10, 2010

    Any sort of Collection Agency buys debt for "pennies on the dollar" once the client (retailer, auto loan, etc) decides to "write off the debt" and sell it to the Collection Agency. The law then allows for collection of up to "triple the face amount" of the original debt plus any "legal fees" (aka their profit margin) and court costs. People who ignore collections attempts can wind up with a judgment against them without really knowing it -- once an agency makes a certain minimum number of attempts by phone and then in writing -- they will simply go to court and have judgments entered for the full and inflated amount. I would also add that anyone calling on behalf of a collections agency is most certainly using a pseudoname and it is almost always very plain and easy to spell -- "Mike Page" -- "Lisa Star" -- "Tom Reed." Typically they are simply going off an autodialer with information popping up once the call is being made and have no idea what the actual circumstances of the debt may be.

    Also, information these companies buy and use is terribly innaccurate and often out-dated.

    I worked in Collections Law for some time years ago. Don't give any information that can be used against you - bank accounts, SSN, personal information - no matter how badgering or tricky the collector becomes. They will try to intimidate you and get you angry. The best approach is to deal with the debt if it is legitimate and seek a reduced amount no matter what. If the debt is illegitimate, simply send in writing a Cease and Desist letter as recommended above.

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  • Ds
    dsbjuggler Dec 16, 2010

    I get a call from them several times a day. The name the caller gives is Tina Woods. Now they are calling me at work, and leaving urgent messages with my co workers and on my voice mail. I have no idea what the debt is, and I am not willing to return the call to find out. They are very agressive and threatening.

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  • So
    soonerstudent Dec 28, 2010

    Well now I know why the women who answer the phones at their office are such b_tches! These [censor] have been calling my house for over a year, trying to reach someone whom I don't know. I have called them repeatedly and asked them to stop calling. They say they will remove my number from their dialer but I still get calls. The dumb broad today even admitted I had called them before and tried to tell me it was "no big deal." Guess she's never heard of the Fair Debt Collection Act either. Pretty sad considering they're a "law office." Too bad those bottom-feeders can't find a real job. I let them know I was now documenting my contacts with them, and, thanks to the person who posted the Cease and Desist letter, I will be contacting them by mail next.

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  • To
    TooAnnoyed Jan 26, 2011

    I have been getting calls from these bottom dwellers for a long time, they have never left a message as to why they are calling. Today two of my neighbors came to my door with messages that they were trying to reach me. My husband called back and they guy supplied my husband with my full SSN with no verification that he was in fact my husband. I called the police and made a report. The officer said she is going to call the idiot that called me and my neighbors to try to intimidate him into leaving me alone. Fight these people back! Contact anyone and everyone possible. They need to be put in their place.

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  • Pl
    PlanoD Feb 21, 2011

    These people just called my house and told me to give someone a message. I have never heard of the person they're referring to. It is supposed to be my neighbor. The rudest man was the caller. He then goes on to say, "Well I know where this person lives". I said that's great! Why are you calling me. They hung up.

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  • Ke
    Key84 Feb 25, 2011

    I just called a comapany from a letter that I received stateing that they are a LAW OFFICE. By the name of "Seiler & Associates, LLC."
    They were very unprofessional on how they anwered and conducted themselves on the phone. 1st Reps. name who I spoke to was Linda and she mumbled her last name. When I asked her to repeat that name she transferred me over to "MR DAVE!" Who said; he was a legal mediator!!
    Talked to very rudely and harsh! When I called him on it; telling him that he is no lawyer, that lawyer's DO NOT use that kind of vocabulary, and DO NOT conduct themselves in that manner. He then became very rude with his vocabulary and I hung up the phone. Then he returned my call, with a different name associated with the phone number which was, "LANDIS LAW OFFICE" ! Googled that name which brought me to this website.
    There has to be a LAW out there to protect the consumer from such harrassment!! I am calling today...Law offfice's to see if there are lawyer's to bring them up on charges of harrassment, & fraud! To give a false name as a Lawyer. What gives the collection agency the right to treat people like this??!! This is absauletly uncalled for!!! You try to do the "right thing" and they make it impossible!! Credit Card Companies got their ball outs from the tax payers money in return, we get uneducated and ruthless people as this trying to take our money again. Where is our bailout as the consumer who is trying to do the right thing?? BECAREFUL of these people!!

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  • Tn
    TnVol May 17, 2011

    These bottom feeders called me this morning and after reading the previous posts I'm sure it's the same ones. The girl said she was with the law firm of Sieler and Black, and wanted to know if someone with the last 4 digits of a certain ssn was home, or if I was this person. When I refused to answer the question, and asked what she was calling about, she got rude. I told her she woke me up and to state her business, and she got rude again. So, I treated her with the same respect she showed me, and she hung up. I googled the number that showed up on my caller ID, 215-526-6200, and a recording stating that the number was no longer in service. Sound familiar? I have now decided upon my next course of action. 1) I am going to send a certified cease and desist letter, 2) I'm going to send a letter to Mr. Weils home that in no uncertain terms defines what will happen should he or his cronies continue thier harrasment. 3) I'm going to Wal-mart, purchasing 5 throw away cell phones, and having a cook-out friday with 35 of my closest Biker friends. As entertainment, we are going to alternately call the office of Mr. Weil, and make random statements about stupid people who claim to be lawyers, speak to folks rudely, and any other topic we which we see fit in discussing. I don't get mad, I get even...

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  • Sa
    saragonz May 31, 2011

    Thank you all SOOOOO much for your posts. These idiots have been calling my home for weeks about an old debt that was taken care of in court. Today they call my cetll at work and got the same treatment you all did, rude, disrespectful and threatening. This guy even asked (after a 5minute conversation trying to explain myself) if I could "speak and understand English fluently" - clearly because of my Spanish surname!! At that point, I told him not only could I speak perfect English I was a Master's level Criminal Justice professional that refused to be treated in that manner. I asked for an address and call back number for my lawyers to get in touch with them and they continued to harrass me that if I didn't "pay my debt" they are taking me to court. My lawyer says most of the time they are way past their statute of limitations (especially if you've taken care of your debt in court) and they feed on the hope that they get a hold of people they can push around. I'm praying for everyone they are reaching that haven't read these posts. I'm also going to send a cease and desist letter AND I like TnVol's idea :)

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  • Sh
    sheather703 Sep 07, 2011


    So I got a disturbing phone call from my dad. He told me a guy from this law firm kept calling and asking for me. I don't live there anymore, and my dad would explain this, then the guy would call back in 2 mins asking for me again. He once asked for my brother, who was in the shower at the time and the guy said he would wait. I guess this guy was yelling and being really rude and hateful. So I called them this morning and spoke to the guy and he said I needed to pay this much such and such and I told him I was doing bankruptcy. And gave him the phone number to my attorney lol he hung up

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  • Is
    isatsr Feb 04, 2012

    received a call demanding money on a bill that I believe to be paid, were very rude called the powers that be and they said it gave every evidence of a scam

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  • Is
    isatsr Feb 04, 2012

    used a different name said law offices of matthew bullock

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  • Ra
    Ragmerchan Mar 16, 2012

    My wife received a call from a lady that said she was with the Oxford Law firm and she had received a referral from Capital One for a credit card that had not been paid. I remember paying off my wife's credit card several years ago. When my wife asked for the credit card number of the account that they were demanding that we pay, the agent said just a minute and a male agent came on the line and started demanding that she pay the $1000.00 of the settlement amount ( they started out asking $1990.00). I was not ready to pay them anything but my wife said that she wanted to settle and get it our of the way. She gave the agent our banking information for an electronic check for $1000.00. The next day she received a call that the check did not go through because the agent did not record the bank information correctly. She gave them her debit card and the agent said, you were told that there is a 2.5% processing fee. My wife told the agent NO so the agent said they would waive the fee. When I checked our bank account online I found that Thomas Landis had ran two transactions on our account, one for $1000.00 and the other for $1025.00. When we contacted them, they said that we needed to wait a few days to make sure that there was two transactions. When I contacted them again, they said we needed to fax a copy of our bank statement showing the two transactions. When my wife called the next day she was told that they would call her back in 30 minutes. Three hours later, after no phone call, my wife called back and the agent said that the refund had been made and it would be in our account within 30 hours. I had given them 36 hours to refund $1025.00 or we would file theft charges against the company and all employees that we had talked with ( we have all of the name they used). This morning I check the bank account and found that we were refunded $1000.00. What snakes and liars! If you get a call from this company, do not give them any banking information and hang up the phone. They are crooks.

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  • My
    my1988 Oct 22, 2012

    Please check the Pa. Disciplinary Board for Thomas Landis most recent address. His phone number is 267-257-1212 and he works in Fishtown Philadelphia. His email is [email protected]
    This guy needs to go down!!!

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  • Jo
    jose 28 Dec 07, 2012

    very rude...calling my office and family members homes.

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  • La
    LANDIS LAW OFFICE Dec 05, 2014

    Please note that I have not practiced in collections for over three years now. Thomas G. Landis, Esq. I now practice in the areas of Family law and Criminal defense. I am requesting that all of these negative and harmful comments be deleted. Many of these are over five years old and are simply untrue.

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