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Last Bit Software review: Scam

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8:47 pm EDT
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I purchased the LastBit "Quicken Recovery" software a week ago on 12/19/2010 to recover a forgotten Quicken transaction (NOT file access) password. Their web site clearly states (on the page at "It is possible to break the transaction password instantly. Fake Password will be constructed."

After I downloaded, installed and registered the program, I ran it and attempted to remove the transaction password. The very first screen in the process states: "The current version of Quicken Password recovers password to open (files) only. It does not support transaction password recovery. Support for transaction passwords will be supported in the next version."

After multiple requests on both their support web page at at the contact e-mail address given ([protected] I received no response to my request for either the software version that performs as advertised or a refund.

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Apr 20, 2012 6:58 am EDT

Purchased their Access Password tool. Tried getting passwords from a list of files we needed and it gave us passwords, but not the correct ones. I tried for days to get any kind of a response, first for support, eventually for my money back and got nothing. What a bunch of criminals.