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This shyster called my business, and threatened my daughter/secretary with a lawsuit saying the she had obtained a loan from a Payday Loan company, (which she didn't), and had not repayed the loan, and that their firm was going to start collection proceedings against her. She became very upset and asked if they would call back later, which to my surprise, they did! I got on the phone with a Mr. David Clark, who sounded more like a Haji to me, I asked him for his firm's name who he identified as Lanphier Associates, (I asked him to spell it, because I couldn't understand him), and asked for his phone number so I could call him right back. He wouldn't give me his number, saying that his phone wasn't working, but I could call him tomorrow. I told him that if I couldn't call him, that I didn't want him to call me, EVER AGAIN! I would like to know who these [censored]es are so I can stir up some real s**t for them, they messed with the wrong family, and if I find them they will Pay!!!


  • Dt
    dtman58 Aug 16, 2016

    My daughter also called and told me about this. I traced the number to Compton California but didn't call him. I did however tell her to file a police report which she did on Saturday and to call the Alaska Attorney General office on Monday. You can also notify the FTC. Which is what I recommend all involved do as well. The thing that's a real issue is that he knew her bank account # and the last 4 of her SSN. He needs to be behind bars. Help put him away.

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  • Ta
    Tanya-in-MT Sep 27, 2011

    This happened to me earlier this year. These people were harassing me, even though I told them I KNEW they were a scam the first time I talked to them. Following that first phone call, they called back the next day. My husband was talking to them and told them we were filing reports with the police, the FTC, the state Attorney General, the FBI, the BBB, and whoever else we could get to listen. The woman (she was American, and black by her voice and accent) then said to my husband, and I quote (because I heard her say it), "You'd better pay this money or you're dead."
    The very last phone call was placed back to them by my husband. He spoke to a Ms. James, who had called and left the first message, and told her about all the reports we had filed. She said, "I'm sorry, Sir." and hung up. We haven't heard back from them. I hope they're all rotting in jail somewhere.

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  • Ma
    Mari Mae Jun 21, 2011

    I just got the same call today, saying I had gotten a loan from Cash Advance in Dec. of 09. I have never gotten a loan from any company like that. And told the guy so. He said I owed $100.000 at one point, $5800 and $875 and if I went in to court against them I would probably lose, but I could settle out of court. I told him to go right ahead and file it, because I would fight them since I never did that. And further more it all sounded like a scam to me. He told me I would receive the filing in the mail in three days as I was hanging up. This call came from [protected], and he gave me a case number. But he never gave me a call back number, I made it very clear I had no intentions of calling him back. And again, he sounded to be of Indian nationality, I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying. I called the local police dept, and they of course said to pull a credit report in case it was idenity theft. mari

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  • Pe
    penyetta Jun 07, 2011

    I just got another one of those phone calls. These people keep harrassing me on my job and home. When I ask who I owe they refused to tell me. when I say I don't owe these people they call me a lie when I ak for the phonje number to the check cashing place where I were suppose to owe they get mad. When I refused to pay they called me three times but gave me the name of a lawyer of their's. Their lawyer's number is [protected].

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  • Pe
    penyetta Jun 07, 2011

    I had this happen to me and was scammed. When i found out that it was a scam the people yelled at me kept calling my job and phone. I called the loan place where they said I got the money and they said I did not owe anything. How can people have my information? I just got another phone called to have me to call their lawyer. It is these same people who was in the scam with them. The so-called attorney number is [protected]. These people need to be stopped.

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  • Re
    reemus6 Apr 20, 2011

    They're still at it. This time using # [protected] and going by C. Williams & Associates. The woman is using Cristina Jennette as her name. I agree with L. May - let's send them back under the rock they came from or hopefully put in jail where they belong. These same people are also running a scam about tax refunds. They try and get you to give them your account info or cc # so they can "deposit" some unreceived or overlooked tax refund you are owed...yeah like the IRS ever does that!! BEWARE

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  • Kb
    kbabygirlbigmon2001 Apr 05, 2011

    This same thing happened to me today. I got a call on my cell phone from 0000 and i decided not to answer it so they left me a voicemail with a number where i could call them back. My husband called this person and he stated that I had to pay $300 dollars or show up to court in San Francisco, CA. Also he told me that the "law firm" was going to call my employer and tell them what i did and that my social security number would be "blacked out". I asked him to fax or email me the proof that I was being sued and he refused, saying it was out of his control since he has done his job by contacting me and has sent this information to the law firm. After a while of talking to this person and after he requested to send $300 dollars and in return i would get a confirmation number, i told him to do what he had to do and told him not to call me anymore and i discontinued the phone call...This is very scary since he had all my information and a partial SS#.

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  • Fa
    fay nordmark Feb 15, 2011

    I just received a phone call saying a lawsuit had been filed against me and if I did not call back I would be in serious legal trouble.the # to call was [protected]

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  • Ad
    Adriennegonzales96 Dec 17, 2010

    I just had the same experience, the only difference is that i was stupid enough to provide my information. The person whom called was Paul Smith [protected]. After reading all of this information posted, i called him and left a voice message. I informed him that i would be filing a police report and a lawsuit. I have taken a cash advance before but have never been late in paying them, if anything i pay them in full. I cant believe i was soooo stupid! Please learn from me!!!

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  • Bl
    blkbeauty Nov 20, 2010

    This happened to me today i hate the fact that they have peoples social security numbers and are playing around with them. I knew it was a scam so i toyed with them. I called back and acted as my attornery they said they were located in seatle but i would appearing in court in NYC lol they are really crazy and i am making a complaint about them. They called me over four times after i hung up on them. I told him to take that fake 3 days summons and shove it up his a**. Then he had the nerve to leave me a voicemail.

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  • Su
    suzl1026 Nov 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same this happened to me. I got a voice mail, where an indian man introduced himself as Jim lester, and then at his closing, said his name was Shawn Parker. So, when I called the number back, whoever answered the phone asked who I wanted to speak with and I said "I'm not sure, in the voice mail the man referred to himself with two different names", so he just transferred me to a man named Shawn Parker. He said he was a detective and that there was a law suit being filed against my social security number. He tried to get a bunch of information out of me, which I then told him I was not going to tell him over the phone, and I then asked what Court and what county who was filing this law suit against me. I told him I didn't receive any official notices in the mail, and he then said that I was sent several emails regarding this matter.

    I called the local Sheriff's department and they said this is likely a "phishing scam" and not to give them any personal information or credit, debit, or checking account info. If I were really being sued I would have been served by an official or received something official in the mail, which I have not.

    The man on the phone who claimed he was a detective would not give a badge number or any other form of identifications, and once I told him I wanted to contact the Police and my lawyer he hung up on me mid-sentence.

    I called the FCC who then directed me to the FTC where I filed a complaint with the little information I had, and they directed me to a "Fraud Alert" number and advised me to check my credit report, as this may be a cast of Identity Theft.

    So, if this happens to you, and you have truly not applied for any type loan and are not fraudulent on payments, I would highly advise calling the FTC at [protected] and make a complaint. They do take this very seriously and want to help. I hope this information helps others out there who are going through this and I hope they don't scam any innocent people who can't tell that it is a scam. Good luck out there!

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  • Ki
    kimmy323 Nov 16, 2010

    Same thing happened to me they use threat's, saying they had a lawsuit against me and they had my address and last 4 of my social. I asked the company name and they said Lansphier I didnt understand so I asked them to spell it, and when I was asking questions they hung up in my face, I called back it wasnt a working number, they called the next day and told me to call them back at because I was busy so I called [protected] or [protected] when I called them they changed the name from Lansphier to All American Associates, which was strange, I said what is this regarding, they said I owe a payday advance, I asked for info about the company and they refused once again and hung up the phone, Im trying to find out who this people are so I can take these crooks to court because they have everyone personal information, SCAM SCAM SCAM. I called the police department and they said they souldn't be able to do anything with the last 4 of the social, but check my credit report which I always do. I just dont want strangers with my personal info.

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  • Lm
    L. May Oct 22, 2010

    Well for all of you that got scammed, here is the number for you to call and harrass them, for us his name was David Parker and he worked once again as a Lawyer, Head associate, for Lanpheire Associates. This is a major scam. They got my wife to pay eight hundred dollars, so I want their [censor]! the number [protected]. Call them and let them know we are on to their little scam. I hope the Federal Government is doing their job and view this post as well. They need to go to prison for life. They have almost caused a divorce here, over money. They foreign, sound like they are from India, or that style of language. call this umber until they get caught. Everyone that uses this site please help caught the butt-heads.

    Thank You,
    L. May

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  • Un
    Unhappy in Indiana Sep 30, 2010

    I received this phone call last night myself, these people's accent is so thick you can't understand them. Same as everyone else they threatened to have me arrested today by 11am and my payday loan was through a place called Payday Advance Loans for $300.00, and owed a total of $750.00 after attorney fees. If I didn't pay them at least $300.00 by today at 11am they would send the sheriff out to arrest me for fraud and check deception. They told me I could pay over the phone with my debit or credit card or go to walmart and do some type of international thing, I asked why would I have to do that if you are located in California, he said California is a long way from Indiana, I told him that was the dumbest [email protected] I have ever heard of. Once I stated telling him that I've never had an online loan or payday loan, and started asking him for his phone number and address of his practice, and the name and number of the payday loan place he started getting upset saying "just barrow the money from family, or get a advance on your paycheck" Who the hell do these people think they are!!! I politely told him since you can't give me any information on this payday loan company then I will sit here and wait on the police tomorrow and make sure I give them all of your information, then he hung up. There is an actual respectable law firm in California called Lanphier and Associates and I gave them a call, they do bankruptcy. He informed me that these people have been using his firms name which his father started and ruining their name. He said he has reported this to the state attorney general's office and others and nothing has happened, he also said that he hasn't gotten a phone call from anyone saying people are using their name in about 6 months, I informed him that I got this call last night and it has started again, this poor man was not a happy camper to hear that this has started again. Let's all pray for him, he is an attorney and still can't get any help.

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  • Ir
    irritatedinmass Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The exact same thing just happened to me, except this person identified himself as "Officer Steve" from the "Crime Protection Division" of some company - I couldn't understand his heavy Indian accent. They had most of my social security number, my work information, my mother's name and phone number, and everything. He sounded so legitimate initially that I did confirm the last four digits of my SSN but didn't confirm anything else. They even had a case number for me, saying I'd be arrested the next day if I didn't settle. I kept asking for details, and that was what tipped me off that it wasn't legit - he kept deflecting.

    The information they had was quite dated, citing an address at which I haven't lived in over a year. I'm not even in the same state anymore. When I started asking for details, I honestly couldn't understand the guy at all, and he got all defensive. I did get him to admit he was not a member of law enforcement, but he emphasized that he worked for a crime protection division of a company and said that I could go to the local police station and give them his number - which was unlisted on my Caller ID and which he wouldn't repeat - to verify his information. Right.

    His supervisor, who was only slightly less incomprehensible, was able to tell me that I was about to be arrested for bank fraud because I had had money transferred from a payday loan to my bank account and hadn't paid it back. This is absolutely not true, needless to say.

    The information they had sounded very much like the kind of information you'd have when filling out a payday loan application, (and I did, in fact, apply for one last year, but was declined because I'm a freelancer.) It appears my personal information from this application was compromised or sold somehow. :(

    When I told him I'd be happy to fax over my bank statement proving that I'd never gotten a penny from any payday loan, the supervisor started swearing at me and hung up.

    This is pretty scary. I've reported it to and am on the phone with the BBB now, but as it was an unlisted number, I don't think there's a lot I can do.

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  • Rb
    RB333 Aug 11, 2010

    This same exact thing happened yesterday. I was on the phone with the guy for over 20 min. He was on a phone that was breaking up and I could barely understand what he was saying. He did not speak good English. He threatened me that I would be sorry and all this other [censor]. I kinda got freaked out a little bit. I never took out any type of loan. I knew it wasn't right, but then thought maybe someone stole my identity and social security number and used it to take out loans. I just looked this up online and found that I'm not the only one. I am a little relieved but also pretty angry! Who the hell are these people??? I will defiantly give them a piece of my mind if I ever talk to them again!

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  • He
    heatherparks Apr 08, 2010

    same here, they called my cell phone 4 times today and left messages saying that either me or my defense attorney needed to call them back immediately because it was a time sensitive matter and that if i didnt all they could say is good luck as the situation unfolds on me. i had my sister answer the last time and tell them they were scamming. they just kept saying they were a private law firm. she told them not to call back, we will see...

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  • Jl
    jllom56 Apr 08, 2010

    I got this call today from "John Conner", I made them REALLY MAD when I said that I was "going to wait for the summons to come." I also asked him how his T101 was holding up. (he didn't get the joke.)

    Apparently either SKYNET or the Resistance needs my money to help win the war against the other.

    Quote of the day:
    "If you think that what is going on is a scam, have fun with the person, and don't back down."

    By Jon (that's me)

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  • Te
    Tennessean Dec 09, 2009

    I have received many "RECORDED" calls from this foreign "DIPS***T" stating that a warrant was out for my arrest unless I gave him my personal information. I have two words for this worthless excuse for a human being. I believe you already know what they are! For one, I am not that stupid! Secondly, how did this guy "Victor, Alex Smith, Alex Walters"...get my info. Some company out there has a compromised security breech OR is willingly selling our information to these "FINANCIAL TERRORISTS"...
    How about we ALL stand together as Americans and stop these people from ruining our lives. He must have a pretty pathetic life to prey on innocent, hard-working americans instead of getting off his LAZY ### and get a JOB!!!
    Go to IC3.GOV and file your complaint so a task force can be formed to catch this guy and put his ### in jail.

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  • El
    ellen w Nov 04, 2009

    I have been getting calls the past few days, same crap. I told them off and begged them to send me summons for court and I couldnt wait to go and that I was keeping the messages they left for evidence of harassment. [protected] is the #. Even after that they left another message at work for me about 10 minutes long. I cant wait to call them when I get home from work to mess with them and give them a taste of Ellen...LOL! I did report them to the FTC and my NYS Attorney General. Even after I told them my bank statement would prove no payday loan deposit was made for $300 they insisted I was lying... I am sure Chase would agree with me...SCAM!

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  • Ma
    Madtmm Nov 03, 2009

    The same thing happpened to me. Some jerk identifying himself as John Smith called and said that he worked for Lanphier and Associates--and that he could not send me paperwork concerning the "legal complaint." He went through the International Debit Card baloney, saying that I should go to WalMart and send him money. Fat chance!

    Someone called the next day (same voice as Alex Smith), with a foreign accent, and informed me that he was John Smythe. He, too, demanded payment--but told me that I could wait for a week to pay.

    These people do need to be stopped. What are the Attorneys General doing about these scammers?

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  • Ni
    nita2009 Nov 03, 2009

    This is crazy b/c just today i get a call from these same people...he told me his name was David Jones. The first message i got is when he said that either i or my attorney needs to return his call because this is time sensative and if not, then all he could say was good luck... So when i called back, [protected] he's telling me all of my information...My address, last 4 of my SS# and my email address. Said this is in regards to a payday loan from someone affiliated with National Payday loan for $300. I've never gotten a loan before. Then he names 3 references that i supposedly put on my application?! Said either I can settle this out of court by paying him $1092 or i'd be arrested on friday at 11am. He also stated that i would need to fax them over an authorization letter authorizing them to take money out of my debit card. I told him before I pay anything I need verification of any funds being deposited into my account as well as an application that I supposedly filled out...he then told me that unfortunately, he couldn't provide me with that. Then i said can i have the number to the creditor that forwarded my information to you and he says "unfortunately, the creditor only wants to see you in court, they told us not to give our their number" WTF???!!! I just politely cursed him out and asked him not to call me ever again...then hung up. I think this is totally crazy and these people need to be stopped.

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  • Bt
    btown Oct 30, 2009

    I just received the same call from a [protected] number which when I called it back it was a nonworking number. I spoke with a guy by the name of Eric Johnson who said that if I didn't pay them ($750 today for a $350 loan I got from National Payday and did not pay back) with a credit or debit card then they are going to come to my job tomorrow and arrest me. He said that I have been charged with three charges and that if I didn't have a credit or debit card then I can go to Wal-Mart get a pre-paid card and that it needed to be International in order for them to process it I asked him why does it have to be International if you are located in Califronia he told me that California is far from Texas so it has to be International. He says that they will take me to court if I don't take care of this today. He also asked that I write an authorization letter to my creditor stating that I authorize them to take my payment. When I asked for a call back number he gave me [protected] and a lady answered it "Law Firm". He gave me a fax number to fax the letter to [protected]. I couldn't understand nothing they were saying it sounded like he was India or something and it was a lot of noise in the background. I hope someone gets these people because they are calling me at work and this is not cool. They have gotten me all scared and nervous thinking that they are going to come to my job and arrest me. They need to be caught this is ridiculous we are going through enough already without scams like this.

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  • An
    Angry_Soldier_In_GA Oct 30, 2009

    I just received the same call, and was offered to settle my mythical debt today or a lawsuit would be filed against me. He gave me the names of references I used when i suppossedly took out this payday loan for $350.00 in November of 2008 with a Company called CASHNET. Well one of the references I was said to have used back in November 2008 I didn't even meet until January of 2009. Well that gave it away right there. The number the call came in on was [protected] which just rang and rang. When I received the call it was initially a woman on the phone, she quickly put a man on the phone. He gave me the whole rundown and said I was being charged with 3 criminal charges, unless I of course settled out of court. He said is name was Senior Attorney Douglass Brown from Lanphier Associates and gave me a call back number of [protected], which is a working number. The lady simply answers it law firm. I asked her the name of the law firm, and she became kind of angry and wanted to know who I was calling to talk to. I asked for Senior Attorney Douglass Brown, and informed him I was aware of his scam and was going to file a police report. He instantly became angry and started saying "Did I ask you for Money?" I told him that him offering me to settle to avoid court was an attempt to illegally solicit money, as well as attempted Identity theft. He then became more angry and said I was going to be taken to court for the mythical payday loan and the Judge could decide. I am sure we all know this is never going to happen...Well unless he is a judge when he is not busy with his job as a lawyer. I am seriously considering contacting the FBI since he called me while I was at work for the Federal government and the attempted scam crossed state lines. By the way both he and the female sounded like they were of Indian descent. I truly hope this guy gets busted before someone or more likely someone else gets taken by this ###!

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  • Hw
    HWB in Virginia Oct 14, 2009

    I just received the exact same phone call. I was called at my job and was told that I had received a $300.00 payday loan and had never made an attempt to repay it. All of this was ###. They told me that if I didn't pay 750.00 with my credit card over the phone today by 5pm they were filing law suite tomorrow. Someone needs to stop these ###s before someone unsuspecting gives them personal information.

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  • Pt
    ptcruzinmama Oct 13, 2009

    I just had this happen to me as well. He threatened to call my grandmother and my best friend. Then tried to tell me that i worked somewhere in December that I didnt! That for one is a red flag because i hadnt even been hired there yet much less had they had an opening at that place in december. The Phone numbr they gave me is a working number its [protected].
    They said i had to pay over a thousand out of court to settle a payday loan that i received for $300 which was not true. I dont even know the last four digits of the bank account number that they gave me.

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  • Do
    don'tfallforit Oct 08, 2009

    There is another company by the name of Lanphier and Associates. I called both listing of this company which showed up when I googled. One is in Oragon and they are a marketing company. They were very curious about this scam and would be checking into it. The other one, which I believe the scam is actually using, is in CA. They have had many calls about this and confirm it is a SCAM. They have filed a police report and are asking others to please do the same in their states.

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  • Me
    Meaux83 Oct 07, 2009

    having the same problem they called and threated y wife's job etc but here are some numbers we manage to get from them if they help any really getting sick of these people calling 20 times a day and calling her work etc

    says his name is mark hewy and call back number is [protected]/[protected]

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  • An
    angry_in_georgia Oct 07, 2009

    I just received a phone call from them todayat work. They said that they were going to take me to court and that they were going to have their investigators come to my job tomorrow by 11:00 am if I didn't pay them. I don't like that they have a partial social security number. These people need to be stopped.

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  • Cr
    CrazyTexan Oct 06, 2009

    DITTO. Same thing happened to me, today. Does anyone have any info on if the "scammers" have called back or anything? I mean it really seems like this is a pretty advanced scam to have all our info, which this caller even had the last four of my social and was trying to get me to fill in the rest...of course, as verification, LOL.

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  • Po
    p.o biker Sep 24, 2009

    angry biker husband 9/24/09

    Your right these guys are a sure piece of work they have called my wife employment more than three times this week. They call my personal cell phone two to three times daily and leave the same message that you guys have talked about. And angry dads right they do need to be stopped if this information is to any help for anyone please use it
    they are leaving a return call phone number of [protected] witch comes back to a cell phone and a address of 1423 houghman rd cambell Ca. We have contacted our local tv station to try to inform our comminity of what this scams artist is doing. It seems to me that they are targeting women from what i'm reading here hoping that the going to jail and fines will scare them enought to try to clear the problem and then get to thte bottom of it. Also be advised these people have all correct address's on the people that they are contacting.

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  • An
    Angry Too Sep 15, 2009

    The same thing just happened to me. I just got off the phone with someone claiming to be from a law firm, saying I was being sued for not paying a payday loan. They told me I needed to settle out of court or risk being fined over $5, 000 for not paying on this loan. She also told me it was "National Advance Payday". She gave me the phone number for the law firm; I tried to call it back but it wasn't a valid number. This is obviously a scam. How do we stop them?

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  • Ma
    Marandali1 Sep 14, 2009

    Wow! This is amazing, I just got off the phone with a person feeding this same crap. Supposedly he said his name was "Victor", could not understand his last name. They told me that I would be arrested tomorrow by 11:00am if I didn't pay the loan which I never even got! This is a HUGE scam. These people have got to be stopped. I did ask for the law firms name and it is also "Lanphier and Assoc." They stated that the name of the payday loan company was "National Payday".

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  • Gl
    glboone Sep 14, 2009

    The same thing just happened to me. Calls were made to my home and work. I called them back because they would not give my husband and identifying information about who they were and what they wanted. They threatened me with a lawsuit because I supposedly haven't made payment on a payday loan. TOTALLY NOT TRUE. Said I have received many email messages from their "client" demanding payment. Also, not true. I even checked my junk folder. I'd like to know how to stop them.

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