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CB Driving Schools Review of Ladybug Driving School
Ladybug Driving School

Ladybug Driving School review: worst driving school in burnaby, coquitlam rip off

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Save your money

Don't use this company as the owner is a cheat and a liar.

Ths owner is on drugs or smoking something. I asked her for my money back and she started to scream at me.

Overpriced and really expensive. I could have got the same service from another driving school for half the price

She claims to treat anxiety and helps you get behind the wheel yet this old fart is full of anxiety herself.

Kaniz Dhirani really needs help making excuses took my money but never gave methe service and then kept asking for mor money

She does not even look like the photo on website. This picture is more than 30 years ago

Time for you to retire you dumb fool Kaniz Dhirani scam artist

Stay away from
Ladybug Driving School also the address is a fake home address not a school address

Ladybug Driving School

Kaniz Dhirani
Ladybug Driving School
113-918 Roderick Ave
:Coquitlam, BC


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