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I am/was a client at La Weight Loss center in Duluth, MN and they suddenly closed giving me a 3 day notice, which I got through another client. They did give me information to be able to contact a counselor by phone, fax, or email, none of which has worked. On this program I was to get 1/2 of my initial fee back, a 1/4 at 26 weeks of maintenance and the other 1/4 at the completion of maintenance. I did receive the first refund, but I am still in the second portion of maintenance with no way to contact a counselor to complete my program. Thus not allowing me to receive my final refund which is over the amount of $150.00. Please help me to resolve this issue. If not resolved properly I will be going to the Better Business Bureau.


  • Bo
    Bonnie Swift Aug 08, 2008

    I started last year with LA. After a few months I was dissatisfied with the program. I was not loosing the weight that I should be. I am a single person and my money is hard to come. I work seven days a week and I found that it is very hard to go to Greensboro to weight in twice a week. I really do not think that the program is for me. I am on medication that they say will not cause me any trouble is loosing the weight. I paid 1400.00 for this program and that I should not have done. I will not recommend LA to anyone anymore. With the price of gas and having not any time off and it being 30 miles for me to travel to weight in, I believe that I should get my money back. I have not gone in for several weeks. I need this money for
    medical reason. Can you help me? I plan on going to the TV Station if I do not get any answer from you.

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  • Valerie Nov 25, 2008

    Back in March of this year my wife joined the LA Weightloss center in Lawrencville GA. She had been a previous customer of LA Weightloss when they first got started when we lived in New York and had a great experience with them and lost a lot of weight. So when the finally opened up down here she decided to join and continue her weightloss. So she joined in March and paid over $1, 000 for the program and the bars and other items. Probably actually paid well over that amount. Anyway, after a couple of months they started changing the location hours where she could not make it to way in regularly and then all of the sudden the location was closed and would not return her phone calls.

    I have contacted the LA Weightloss Corporate office and they gave me the run around about sending me some kind of home program for her since they were forced to close all of their GA stores due to current economic conditions. I refused this though since this is not what we paid for I asked for a full refund and they haven't called me back yet.

    I have since learned that the GA stores have known since January 2008 that they were closing and they were told to keep signing up new clients up until the day the stores closed. As this is what happened to my wife and countless others throughout several states.

    Basically we just threw our money away and were trapped and lied too. This company should be forced to pay back every penny to all of its consumers that it lied it too and I hope bad things happen to every person responsible!! Beware LA Weightloss or Pure Weightloss they will take your money and the only weight you will lose is the weight of the money that they take out of your pocket!!

    Please contact the GA Governer's office of consumer protection and file a complaint as I have if you have experienced the same problems or similar problems.

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  • An
    Anabel Dec 03, 2008

    I am in the same situation as your wife. I was reading that you have a corporate office #. All the offices in San Diego closed and they have hundreds of dollars worth of bars that they owe me. I have found it imposable to find a corporate # or e-mail address. Was giving to me by someone in the office I was attending and I lost it. Go figure.
    So if you can provide me with it I will VERY much appriciate it. Thank you

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  • Mz
    MZ.GRAM Jan 29, 2009


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  • Su
    Suzan Henry May 28, 2009

    I transferred my membership to a new town and had just got settled in when I learned the center was closing. This was June 2008. They had me fill out paperwork to receive my FULL refund as they could not uphold to their end if the contract. I'm still waiting on that refund...Corporate office number is now just busy all the time, at first, you could at least leave a message. Now the dirty dogs don't even have the decency to let you do that.
    I just want my money Back!!!

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  • He
    Heidi Lorene Jul 03, 2009

    I also lost a lot of money to LA Weightloss in a similar situation. Did you ever find someone to talk to?

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  • He
    Heidi Lorene Jul 03, 2009

    I also lost a lot of money to LA Weightloss. I started the program and then got pregnant. They told me to come back 6 weeks post pardum. When I went back to start the program they were closed. That was in October. i'm still waiting to ehar back and I call and email regularly. Any suggestions?

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  • He
    Heidi Lorene Jul 03, 2009

    I contacted the GA Governer's office of consumer protection and they said that they couldn't help me since the company is no longer in GA. Is there anyone else I can call?

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  • Ke
    kellyhyun Jul 01, 2010

    I also lost my money at LA Weighloss in Lawrenceville, GA. I am so mad because I have tried to contact the 800 numbers, talked to one lady but she said that they company they have now will no re-imburse what we paid because they are a different part of the same company. I can not get the bars that I paid for. Now, the 800 number is closed also. This company should have a major lawsuit brought on them. If anybody knows what to do, let me know! I have lost over 1000 dollars by them closing their doors.

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  • Du
    DuganA Nov 21, 2011

    I signed up for a program and bars. Due to health issues which I kept the center informed of was planning to continue 1/1/09. Unfortunately, they shut their doors with no notice and I'm out over $600. Is there anyplace to contact to try and recoup some of my losses. I had also told a friend about the program because it was successful which is why I re-upped and so she joined. Unfortunately she as well as many others are also out of several hundreds of dollars.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen OHanlon Jun 13, 2016

    I joined their program, but one week later I became ill. I had a heimlich maneuver, then one week later a positive stress test sent me to the UPMS Shadyside for a Cardiac Catheterization. Please help me to recover me money. I am on a limited income and this is unbearable.

    Also, they knew they were hemorrhaging money, and deliberately did not refund my money, when a company who was a good faith company with ethical business practices, did not refund.

    GE was defrauded,
    I was defrauded.

    White collar crime deserves 5 years jail time

    Kathy O'Hanlon 412-464-1901
    [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Charly Jun 13, 2016

    I was totally shocked to find out my LA Weight Loss Center closed without any prior notification to their customers. I had had nothing but great things to say about my weight loss center and the counselors that supported me there.

    I felt the money spent was well worth the progress I had made. I believe in the products and the program because they have worked for me.

    Now, I'm devastated... I was doing so well. I hope I can get the LA weight loss bars somewhere.

    I now question the people in charge and their honesty.

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  • El
    Ellen Domeir Jun 13, 2016

    Helen I urge you to google the attorny general of your state click on consumer interests and file a complaint against them -this will not cost you anything as the attorrny general, s jop is to protect us against fraud.if enough complaints are made they will pusue the case
    the state of oregon, Washinton and Pennslavania have sucessfully sued this company.
    also make a complaint to the Federal Trade Comission.
    La weight loss has since 2006 until now made a practice of openingand then closing stores with no way of contacting them and of course no refunds!


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  • El
    Eliza Jun 13, 2016

    I signed up for the program on 8/14/2007 and paid for 26 weight loss weeks, 6 stabilization weeks, and 52 maintenance weeks. Initially, I paid a total amount of $401 just for the program. I also paid for a bulk supply for LA Lites.

    Starting around the end of September 2008, the center I went to for maintenance (as I was in the maintenance phase at this point) had started cutting back hours. It would be a wait for more than 2 hours to be seen, making it impossible for me to get weighed in and impossible to retrieve the LA Lites I had paid for because I could not be seen.

    In November 2008, the last time I tried to go to the center, it was closed. No one was there. I did not receive any notice to let me know they were closing and, naturally, had not been in to see anyone in quite some time because every time I stopped by there were tons of people there and with them cutting back hours and me having a job, I just couldn't get there.

    LA Weight Loss owes me for my LA Lites I paid for and, at the very least, they owe me the rebate they promised at the beginning of the program. I was supposed to get $63.00 after 6 months of maintenance if my goal weight was maintained and another $63.00 after one year of maintenance. Really, they should refund my money entirely for not fulfilling the contract. Not to mention they owe me money for the LA Lites I never received.

    I have called them numerous times and the customer service representatives I've talked to (when a person actually picks up the phone) have been extremely rude to me. At first I could not find my contract, but they knew how many LA Lites I had left, so I cannot figure out how they did not know what they owed me. Then when I found my contract, I called again, and no one picked up. Since the first message I left, I haven't been able to leave another one because the mail box has been full.

    Someone finally called me and left me a message a few weeks ago with a fax number and a name to send the contract to for a refund. My husband has tried numerous times and from two different locations to fax the information in, but their fax machine is off the hook. Yet again, I am stuck without a way to get my money back. I am extremely frustrated and angry because I paid for a service that I am not receiving and have not been receiving since before the center even closed.

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  • He
    Helen Jun 13, 2016

    I dropped out before end of contract, LA Weight Loss closed and didn't notify me that I had to pick up multiple boxes of bars purchased in advance.

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  • Ca
    Carla Minter Jun 13, 2016

    This business closed without letting me know. They owe me product and money. I put myself on hold in November because of work schedule and told them after the first of the year I would start back. On April 2nd I went down to Thierer Rd to check in
    doors were closed. They failed to notify me of this. I would like my money back.

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  • Ad
    Advocate 4 the people Jun 13, 2016

    No one has to notify you of anything is they file BK. You should get a letter in the mail from thier bk attorneys stating that they have closed. If your included in the BK, and apparently you are, then you won't get anything back.

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  • amberlovesrobert Jun 13, 2016

    In 2004 I started at LAWL. I hadn't really read up on it and only joined because a friend of mine was joining. I needed to lose weight, so I thought it was a good idea. The staff was all really nice and helpful. Everyone was concerned about their clients and offered advice and counseling when needed. Then a few weeks later the entire staff changed and with that an obvious attitude change. No one seemed to care as much. My friend ended up quitting soon after, but I stuck with it. I ended up paying about $2, 000 for this program only to have them pack up and leave my town a few months after I began. Leaving me without the products that I had purchased. The only good thing that came out of this experience is that I lost over 100lbs. As much trouble as I've been through with this company, I am grateful for my outcome.

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  • St
    strzchick Jun 13, 2016

    I have been trying to get a hold of LA weight loss in regards of the products i have paid for, but cannot get since they have closed their doors. I cant even email them anymore since the link is gone, and they never return my phone calls. I spent over 1000 for their services for them to only keep my money. PLease help me and hundreds of other duped into this program get our money back. Thank you.

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  • Je
    Jenpeck Jun 13, 2016

    LA Weight Loss is another shady company with dubious management. I had all sorts of problems with them when I tried to cancel my contract. I finally had my credit card company reverse the charges and initiated a dispute resolution with the credit card. Apparently even they weren't able to reach anyone at LAWL so I never did have to reimburse them for anything. Unfortunately, my credit card company probably had to eat the loss, rather than the crappy LA Weight Loss who was responsible. By the way, the bars are a rip-off -- you can get the exact nutritional/calorie value in Luna bars for 1/2 the price. I went to Weight Watchers and am MUCH happier -- they don't force their products on you and only charge $40 a month.

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  • Valerie Aug 04, 2016

    I received a letter from LA Weight Loss stating they were closing down and I should come in to pick up my remaining product and file for a refund. I tried calling the center numerous times before the closing date of Jan 4th, and stopped by on 3 separate occasions only to find the doors locked/lights out. These were all during normal business hours. I could not for the life of me figure out when they were going to be open so I could get my remaining product - I tried calling the main customer service number (only to get a fast busy signal), I emailed, and I called my center... No luck.

    They really made it difficult for clients to cash in what they had left during those last weeks... I think the only way I would have gotten anything would have been if I had camped out! Every lunch break / after work drive by I made they were closed... When were they even open?? 1am when no one is around?? Come on now... Makes me think they had no intentions of giving out product at all to begin with if they made it so hard for customers to track them down... Good luck getting a refund! :/

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