Kwik Kar Saginawwindow regulator repair

Ta Oct 05, 2019

I had the worst experience here. I talked to Anthony on the phone made an appointment for 8:30 and got a quote. I made it there at 8:25 only to find out that Anthony wasn't even there and they didn't even know I was coming. Sitting there for a good 30 minutes before anyone even talked about what was going to be done with my car or anything else, I had to go up to them to find out what was going on. Left my car there at 9:05. I was told I'd be called in 30 minutes for what was going to be done, never heard from them until I, MYSELF, had to call them at around 3. Only to find out that they were charging me nearly $200 more than the agreed price. I was told that they had not even started on my car! (A process that averages about 3 hours to fix) I'm annoyed by now so I cancel and I was told a call would be made to let me know whenever it's ready so that they can put my parts back on and a half service fee was charged (no big deal) once again, no call was made. I called again and went to get my car. Worst service ever. Can't believe this happened to me. Called around found out that the car part I needed was way less than they said it was after looking at the quote I was given. Found service at Service First Automative, way cheaper and faster.

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