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If you have gotten a sick cat, from this cattery i suggest you have it tested for the following things ( which were found on ALL of the 30+ seized cats/kittens from this home, earlier this month) Ringworm, Bacterial Upper Respiratory Infections, FIP, Bacterial Skin Infections as well as viral respiratory issues.

This breeder had to sign over her cats to avoid criminal prosecution of animal neglect, they were found to be living in horrid conditions, within cages with litter boxes filled 6-9'" deep of feces, they cats also had no food or water, and had crusty ears, noses and eyes, with weeping discharging eyes and noses.

They were also positive for over 3 types of intestinal parasites, but are not evaluated for protozoans The feral and wild cats have already been put to sleep, and a large majority of the kittens had to be humanely euthanized, as their prognosis was meek at best. If you have had a bad experience with this breeder, please feel free to contact the local Humane Agency, which has received various complaints over the past 2 years @ Mayfield/Graves County Animal Shelter ph [protected] or feel free to post your negative experiences here. This breeder does intend to continue to breed for profit ( evident as the health of the animals she has guardianship over means little to her)


  • I am Kris Young. My cats were none of the above. They were seized due to a complaint for abandonment, which was totally false, when I was on vacation. Four people took care of my animals while I was away! I have videos, photos, and vet records that my animals were very well taken care of! I can assure you that these allegations ate totally false. How I ask you, could I have taken videos of every single new mother and the kittens, and they appear totally healthy ONE WEEK before they were taken? They were taken by a privately owned shelter ran by a board of directors, that unanimously voted to return my Doberman? The simple truth is no one was home when they came to take them. My house was trashed after the shelter workers were there. It is not illegal for a litter box to need to be scooped! They were not in any way in the condition described above! Whomever posted this outrageous slander needs to know that my attorney can supeona the IP address from which this post was sent. I have several very happy customers that would disagree with this statement who had been to my home. As for the cages comment, I don't cage my cats. I had one female with very young kittens in a crate large enough for a Great Dane! That is very common with ethical breeders! Again whomever posted this complaint needs to get their facts straight! In closing, the cats that escaped this shelter by hiding were traumatized but are still very healthy. Call the Animal Medical Center of Mayfield or Lone Oak Animal clinic to see if my animals were ill. A litter of kittens was in perfect health one week before this exceedingly tragic event! Do your research and learn the truth before spouting slanderous lies!

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  • Ma
    Mad N Mississippi Jun 30, 2012

    You must not know Kris or the family very well. She was raised taking care of animals. I have seen that first hand. Those animals are very well cared for, they are part of her family. I saw them on skype the night before the family went to North Carolina, and they were healthy and happy, and very beautiful. Not anything as you described above. She was showing them to my children as a matter of fact. It seems you have some very specific details. I just don't think a shelter would hand you a list of complaints myself. And if they did they need to be sued. You almost sound as if you are an employ at the Animal Shelter, or an jealous breeder. Or just maybe you just wanted some fast cash, being as she had kittens. If you had a personal problem with Kris you should have taken it up with her. I am sure she would have handled it better than posting slenderest comments on here. Did you know this breed of cat can attach themselves to certain people. When their people were not home these strange people came in to their home and began taken them...they were scared and Kris was not there to be able to stop this. They tried to defend their space. Any animal would. If their were litters in the home the older cats/ mothers will try to protect them. Did you know She is very picky about her babies care. You are not only hurting animals but this family with your slander. Thank you...from Mississippi.

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  • Ba
    babybytc86 Jul 01, 2012

    I have known Kris young and her family for a very long time now and i have never seen her animals in these kind of conditions...i dont know where you got your information but those animals are like her children and she takes great care of them even if the litter boxes needed scooped she was on vacation and that is not against the law. As long as i have known Kris ALL of her animals go to the vet on a regular basis and anytime one is sick she takes care of them i have watched her go with out sleep to make sure a litter of kittens survived because the mom wouldnt care for them. These accusations are horrendous and i dont know why you are slandering her name but that is against the law and i hope her lawyer does get your ip address and sue you for this comment. and obviously nobody else has posted anything bad about her. If there really has been complaints for two years then how come and investigation was not done previously? If you were really concerned about the welfare of the animals then an investigation should have been launched at the first complaint not two years later... Also her doberman was returned to her if she is so bad why is that? She wouldnt have been able to get her dog back if they were truly in the conditions you described above. I have never seen Kris sell a sick cat if the kitten is sick she keeps them till they are better and they go to the vet to be taken care of. Thank you from new york

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  • Ti
    Tinker12 Jul 01, 2012

    You guys must really not know Kris. She has never treated her animals bad in anyway an wouldn't let anyone do it to her animals either!! I think who ever posted this is just jealous of her and what she had. I have seen first hand that she takes extra care of her cats and kittens they never went with out anything.She would stay up hours with a mother cat just to make sure she didn't have problems having her babies. She would check each kitten to make sure nothing was wrong after they were born. Y'all really need to get your facts straight about things and about her. I have never seen anyone have a problem with one of her kittens or cats they may have got. Like some of the other people said why hasn't anyone posted bad things about her if she was such a bad person!! Thank you from Kentucky

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  • Ab
    abp243 Jul 02, 2012

    I have the honor of having three of Kris' adult cats in my home. One of the cats did not fit in well with the family and she happily took her back. Another one of the cats she bought as a kitten to breed and as she grew Kris began to have concerns with breeding her, she was very petite and Kris worried that birth would be too hard on her. She did not even try to breed her, does this sound as if she doesn't take care of her animals? She lost money on a cat she bought to breed because she didn't want to chance the cats health. With each of the three cats she told me when they needed their next set of shots and the last time the cats were wormed. While I was there I saw all of her animals and NONE of them were malnourished or sick. Some were outgoing, some were shy. The kittens curious. They all had food and water and none of them were caged. What I saw with my own eyes was a house was a home to her animals, and a breeder who bred for the love of the breed. AS a side note: if the poster of this complaint is from the Mayfield / Graves County Animal Shelter it doesn't surprise me that you took animals to put them to sleep. You rescue/adoption rates are horrid. You have a lot of room to talk about the way an animal should be treated. Shameful. Keep your head up Kris.

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  • Am
    AmeriCelt Jul 02, 2012

    These allegations are completely untrue. Kris has been breeding Siamese for over a decade and her cattery is well respected among other breeders. No complaints have been made to any of the registry associations which which she registers her cats and kittens. Other breeders, after verifying conditions at Kris's home, have continued to be willing to sell kittens to her to be used as breeding stock or to buy kittens from her as pets or as breeding stock. Recently Kris's animals were seized following the filing of a false complaint and taken to the Mayfield Graves County Animal Shelter, where several of the kittens became sick after being exposed to illnesses at the shelter. Neither Kris nor the friends who were house-sitting for her on the day the seizure occurred ever signed any papers to convey ownership of the animals to the shelter or anyone else. No charges of neglect, criminal or otherwise, were threatened or in fact filed; however, the shelter has failed to return the cats in their possession and Kris has been obliged to take legal action. I am forced to wonder if the person who posted the complaint works for the shelter, or otherwise has some sort of agenda -- nothing else would seem to excuse the posting of false statements which can be checked out so easily.

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  • Si
    Siamese010203 Jul 04, 2012

    I don't know all the facts of this "case" nor is it really any of my business. I can only hope that all of these allegations are not true, and if it is true... it would break my heart... BUT what I do know is unless you personally have gotten a cat from her, or she has some of yours it really is not your business!

    Bottom line is if you suspect your cat or kitten is sick, no matter what cattery/shelter it is from, get it checked out. Take care of your cats, and allow her to take care of what cats she has left, and move on with her life.

    Avante Siamese

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  • Di
    Dik Jul 28, 2012

    This woman should not own animals. Does. Nothing but hoard animals.

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  • I have not EVER hoarded animals! Whomever posted such a total outlandish lie has obviously never been to my home. Four litters of kittens, two different breeds I might add, we're taken. Only five adult females, two Siamese breeding males, and our family dogs were taken. That quite honestly is not a large number of adult cats considering I have been a registered Siamese breeder in good standing for years. Before throwing stones and having the absolute audacity to say that I never need to own animals, do your homework. I had a very small cattery compared to most breeders from all over the world. Also call my veterinarians that I use Lone Oak Animal clinic or Animal Medical Center of Mayfield to verify that my animals were indeed very healthy. Quite honestly the only thing terrible about this situation is the Mayfield Graves County Animal shelter had no right to enter my home when I was not in and confiscate healthy, well maintained animals. This "shelter" severely neglected my Doberman who lost a staggering amount of weight while she was in their care before I was allowed to have her back. This is documented by the Animal Medical Center of Mayfield. I, unfortunately, was not home and this "shelter" took complete advantage of that fact. I have always adhered to the breed standards of the registries that I use to help preserve and promote the traditional Siamese and Snowshoe breeds.

    My customers were very well satisfied with the cats they have received from me. Read the previous posts in this complaint! The posts listed under the original complaint are by majority CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN TO MY HOME! It is very sad that after years of an excellent reputation in the Siamese cat world and hard work can be so damaged by one slanderous false complaint.

    As a side note, while researching "neglectful animal facilities" check out the Graves County Animal Shelter or get out your phone book and call a citizen of Mayfield, KY to ask about company. It will be very illuminating.

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  • Ju
    JulieBruno Aug 06, 2012

    My name is Dr. Julie Bruno. I bought a female Siamese cat from Buttercup cattery 10 months ago. I had to put her down today 8-6-2012 because she had an extremely rare genetic disorder called congenital porphyria. This disorder causes liver failure, severe anemia, renal failure and neurological problems. Nookie (my little angel) came with ringworm and what I thought was an upper respitory virus but it appears this was actually the emergence of porphyria. I spent over 4000 dollars on Nookies care in her short life and I don't regret it. What I do regret is that she was born so sick and without any chance of a full life.

    You can contact me at [email protected] put nookie in the subject line.

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  • In response to Ms. Bruno's post. I have a congenital guarantee for my kittens for up to one year of age. Sadly, we can not predict the future of our kittens. That is why reputable breeders have this guarantee. I once purchased a Siberian Husky with a congenital heart defect. She passed away at 7 months old. No animal, like humans, are perfect. I have checked with the other customers who purchased kittens from this litter after reading this post, and none of the other kittens are ill in any way. They did not have ringworm and have showed no signs of the illness described. I do not doubt Ms. Bruno's post but this kitten was not returned to me after being purchased within the 48 hour time period after purchase nor was I contacted that this kitten was this severely ill. It states in my contract that I will take a kitten back for any reason if the owner can not care for them. Breeders need to know this information to insure that their bloodlines are indeed free of congenital illnesses to prevent this from happening in the future. Quite honestly, had I been contacted in any way when this condition arose, I would have replaced the kitten immediately. If anyone would like to see my agreement or statements from the other kitten owner's of this litter, I will be more than happy to provide them.

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  • Ad
    Addy Up Aug 18, 2012

    Congenital porphyria is a disease that is recessive so it means both of the parents carry the gene, Hopefully both cats have been sterilized, or are not bred together again., nor hopefully any of their offspirng are sold as breeders.

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  • The mother of this litter was spayed and retired after the litter containing the mentioned kitten. It was due to her personality that became increasingly "alpha" after her litter was born. She just stopped getting along well with the other females. Her dam was retired earlier this year due to her age. The sire has showed to have very healthy kittens to date, including the other kittens from that litter. He was also retired before this incident was reported. Those kittens were placed in pet homes only, no breeders.

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  • Ri
    RichH Oct 06, 2012

    We have three cats that we purchased from Kris. Both are magnificent examples of well bred, well cared for apple-head tradtional Siamese. The first kitten was a young female, Kinsey, that is the "queen" of the house. Kris told us she wasn't going to be a "lap-kitty" - and she wasn't. But to the other kittens that we have brought into the house, Kinsey has been the perfect "mom". She is just a doll.
    The second kitten we got from Kirs, after 8 months developed cancer that was not treatable. Kris replaced the kitten with another male (Dare) that has done very well and is as healthy as you could ever ask for.
    She made people sign a contract, requiring certain things which, to be honest, were simply responsible actions any pet owner would do. I sort of found it amazing, but it was a testiment to her love of animals.
    I have seen enough pictures of the young kittens to know that the decriptions above are false. I don't know what the agenda is of who ever started this, but its blatantly false I can assure you.

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  • Ty
    Tye1320 Oct 27, 2012

    Kris hand delivered the cat that i bought, he is beautiful and healthy, passed all inspections from the vet, i don't believe she is like that, she was very nice and spent allot of time on the phone with me before i even purchased a cat. He is an awesome animal and very loved in this household and very well taken care of. She didn't even want to ship him and it saved me money and i felt better knowing she was delivering it by hand! This very much upsets me that someone would put this on the internet. I would buy another cat from her if i was ever going to buy another one. My fiance has never even owed a snowshoe/siamese and is now in love with this type of cat and states hes the best one in the house! ---North Carolina

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