Kobian Pte LtdWhere's my rebate?


Well, the 8 to 10 weeks specified for reimbursement have elapsed. Now comes the tedious task of chasing the bandits. My buying choice - Hip Street 1Gb MP3 player - was influenced by the rebate on offer.

Now it seems that it may not have been quite such 'a good buy'! Is this a deliberate deception? I'd say that 30-50% of rebates I've applied for have been either problematic in one way or another. How many other folks just 'give up' and let these bandits get away with it?

Back to 'Kobian'. How many else of you out there have/are experiencing problems with these guys?

UPDATE ............ 1/8/06 (same day as 1st. post)
Would you believe it! ..................... just got my mail after faxing details to the retailer (Fry's) with letter of complaint and having a good 'moan'. A REBATE CHECK FROM KOBIAN !!!

I don't feel too bad my complaint 'cos it's nearly a month later than their stated max time. Curiously, the check is dated November 23rd. and the letter 'franked' Jan 2nd 2007 and came from Markam, ON, Canada. I know that the skiing's been great at Whistler so I guess they've had an extended winter break!

I guess I'd suggest hanging in there for your rebate.


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    mtnman Dec 27, 2007

    This is still a scam for anyone in the US. The 1GB players had a $10 rebate and the 2GB players had a $15 rebate. It will cost you $15 to cash each of these checks anywhere you go (even at your bank where you have an account), becasue they are issued from a Canadian bank. I'm sure they are issuuing these checks knowing nobody will be cashing them!!!

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