Kmart Storesbad service/bad management

I didnt think there would be any store worst then Walmart, but this KMART is the worst. Staff from the employees to the manager everyone was unfriendly and very unhelpful. What brought me in to Kmart today was a coupons for $10 off on any $25 or more purchase...which is a lied, lied and lied!!! I purchase a total of $29.09 to be exact, but the the cashier said it was not enough, she said I need to spend another $16 in order to use the coupon. I asked her why she said she does not know, I asked to speak to a manager, an older lady came over. She too could not tell me why. She said there is exclusion on the coupon which we both read the coupon, but non of the items I purchased was part of the exclusion. She started to say it is "Shop Your Way" coupons fault. I told her it was a Kmart coupons not Shop Your Way, she said well she does not know why and there is nothing she could do about it. She told me to call Shop Your Way and talk to them(that is another horror story). Talk about lousy service and lousy attitude. With service like this, no wonder why you guys can't stay in business. Keep your coupons because I will not be shopping at KMART again, although I will go back to return what I purchased to day so I can take my business somewhere else.

Oct 08, 2019

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