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Review updated: is a scam website. All the pictures shown there are taken from the internet. They play on people’s emotions and use their love to animals. The prices they put are not real. They will ask you to pay twice more during delivery process. Don’t use this website!

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  • Wi
    William 2013 Mar 29, 2013

    Free adoption from a local city turned out to be a a delivery charge from a distant state. You can kiss off any money sent to that guy.
    [email protected]
    It was nice reading from you regarding my lovely kittens.
    I am so happy with the information you've provided, this really proves that
    you are really a pet lover. One last thing i will love from you is to assure
    me that you will take very good care of this kitten.
    Well since i am located at Norfolk, VA.
    then i will need to have the kitten delivered over to you there.
    In other for me to do so, i will need some
    information from you to have the kitten registered at the agency for
    shipment and home delivery at your door-step.
    I will need the following;
    Your full names:...?
    House address:...?
    Zip code:...?
    Mobile and land-line number:...?
    Here are items and documents this kitten will be coming alongside with

    # Health guarantee
    # Vaccine record
    # Registration papers
    # Microchip Registration
    # Pedigree papers
    # Nutrition supplement
    # Traveling Crate
    # Ownership paper

    Once, i have the above information, i will then take the kitten to
    the agency for registration against urgent delivery over to your home
    address. when i am done with the registration, the agency will then
    contact you with more detail and information about the delivery of this
    kitten and also on how you will be making the payment of $150 for one
    kitten or $250
    two kittens to them so that they can change all paper and have your
    kitten delivered over to you at your home address at your door-step.
    Waiting for your swift reply.
    Best Regards

    Definitely a scam - I am not sure if all the listings are scams however.

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  • Ni
    Nicola Stevens Jan 18, 2015 is a SCAM!!!
    This is the correspondence I received from them. I applied to numerous different advertisements offering free kittens and the replies were all in the same vein as this:

    Nice reading from you in regards of my Exotic Shorthair kittens .
    I still have available for adoption two kittens a boy and a girl .I call the
    boy Miki and Winnie the girl .These babies have been trained since
    they were a kitten to never scratch on furniture because they were
    taught how to use a proper scratching post. They have not been
    declawed. My babies have not been spayed. They are strictly a house
    cat and have been living in a smoke free and very quiet home.They are
    very friendly, very gentle, very playful and well behaved because that
    is i raised them and when you meet these yourself you will fall in
    love with them. They aren't too demanding of attention. they’ll follow
    you around and show an interest in what you’re doing .My babies get
    along with everyone, including dogs and other cats and they adjust
    well to multi-pet households. they enjoy playing fetch and are willing
    to learn to walk on a leash, making them a great choice for anyone who
    travels frequently and would like to bring a feline companion along.
    They are very intelligent and used to some tricks such as fetch and
    even to shake hands. My kittens are handled from birth, monitored and
    given the attention needed for them to thrive. They are used to their
    litter box The kittens are raised underfoot, not kept in cages and
    are in constant human contact on a daily basis. When my kittens leave
    my home to go to yours, they're ready to be a loving member of your
    family. They had their first vaccines at 7 weeks for distemper,
    calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, at 10 weeks they had their 2 vaccines at
    10 weeks for Feline Leukemia .They just received their 3rd vaccines
    for Rabies. Their parents are purebred Exotic Shorthair and are registered . I
    do give out my kittens for adoption to those who love and have a
    great passion for this breed .
    I fell in love with this breed and want others to learn about them.

    Am wondering if its your first time to adopt an Exotic Shorthair Cat ?

    Where exactly are you located ?

    I am hoping that a pet-loving and caring person or family will accept
    my babies into your home and make them part of your life. I am are
    not selling them for money because for me that does not feel right, i
    am genuinely care for them and all i want is for them to be truly
    happy and well taken care of .
    You will get all their accessories such as litter box, automatic cat
    water fountain, pet food storage container that holds a large bag of
    pet food, grooming brushes, pet shampoo, toys, and so much more!

    So if you always wanted a new family member like my babies please
    contact me back. Am located in Atlanta, GA. I live in a small one
    bedroom and with little space for a litter box, I guess I want to have
    my life bit easier more cleaning up after fur balls and
    dealing with cat hair...I know it sounds horrible. I also have to
    adjust my schedule for them. Also, I travel a lot and will be away in
    some few days and have no one to care for other words, I
    feel that they might receive more love and attention from someone
    else! I can't travel for more than a month because of them...I can't
    bear to leave them alone for more than that...and it is difficult for
    me to find a sitter and i tried calling a cat adoption center but feel
    it would be cruel to leave them caged in such a hectic cold setting.
    It would be frightening for them to be left there !!! So i was told the
    best way to give them out its through a cat adopting website .
    I do love them but for a while now, trying to maintain them has been
    getting in the way... of my life...if that makes any sense. I know I
    must sound like a terrible owner. I would feel better about giving
    them up if I knew they were in a loving environment. I have been
    struggling with this decision for some time now...I have given their
    mother best home I could for 7 years and now I would like to pass the
    kittens along to someone who would love them even more and possibly
    give them a better home. They are extremely adorable, its going to be
    easier for you to adopt them because of their beauty and because they
    are so affectionate.

    Attached to this mail are some pics .

    Best regards .

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  • Io
    Ioana Todor Sep 24, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer is definitely a SCAM!!! I received 3 different emails from this website from these addresses: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    All similar to this:
    Hi there,

    We are glad reading you in regards to our Birman kittens on adoption . We still have 3 kittens available they are 13 weeks old and we are left with 1 male we named Mika, and 2 females we named Bella and Shana, their both parents are Birmans as you can see with their perfect fur. The kittens are very healthy, they have all their shots and vet records up to date. We are giving the kittens out now because we moved to a new building where the landlord sets a restriction to animals and we are really busy with our new jobs here in Maryland, since the babies are part of the family we prefer giving them out on adoption to reasonable, knowledgeable and cautious people who can offer them the lots and love of care they will be missing from us rather than selling them to people interested in breeding and making money on their backs any of these babies will be the perfect match for your home . The kittens are well socialized and use to children since we have 2 children and other animals since before we relocated we lived in a neighborhood with several animals . As for their individual characters I will describe each in two words, Mika-naughty and playful, Bella-lazy and loves hugs and Shana- a little aggressive and feeds much . Any of them will be the best playmate and companion which will fill your home . Also, I would never like that my babies should end up in a shelter or animal rescue, feel free to mail me back If you are willing to get my kitten(s). I would like to ask you some few questions before we proceed :

    1) Are you familiar with pets/ever had one before, if yes what breed ?
    2) Can you send me updates & pics of the kitten if I let you have any ?
    3) How soon do you want the kitten(s) and can you tell which one(s) you fall for ?

    I am sorry for being so inquisitive we are just being concerned about the kind of place this babies will be going to, we love them so we don't want to get rid of them their welfare matters much for us . So if you have the chance of taking any home you will just have to pay for their shipping in case you can't get to us at the address below ;
    7034 Chadds Ford Drive,
    Brandywine MD, 20613

    The kittens are up to date with the following;




    We could organize transport for the kittens to get to you in the shortest time through a secured pet travel agency the same one which got the kittens here and it will cost approximately 250$. Here attached are pictures of the babies .We are hoping to hear from you soon in order to conclude the adoption .

    Best regards,

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  • Ly
    Lyubov Gozman Nov 21, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SCAM!!! [email protected]
    >> Since i am indeed giving the kittens for free adoption, you will only
    >> have to pay the upfront home delivery charges of the kittens in-order
    >> to get the kitten a valid flight ticket for delivery to you at your
    >> home door step address today with no delays and it is going to cost
    >> you $100 for one kitten and that's all you will have to pay.
    >> After the registration i will provide you the Kitten 's registration
    >> number OK.
    >> The litter of these Kittens were six but i have succeeded in given
    >> four of them for adoption and among those four three of them were
    >> delivered to their new destinations by this courier service beside it
    >> is very possible for you to have the cute kitten/kittens delivered to
    >> you today at your home door door step address.
    >> So i shall be needing your full delivery information to proceed with
    >> the registration process of the kitten/kittens for delivery to you at
    >> your home door step address today.
    >> The details needed are:-
    >> -Your Full other to change the ownership
    >> transfer papers to your name.
    >> -Home address... so the agency can locate your home
    >> -City...for the delivery Van to your direction
    >> -Zip back up your address
    >> -Mobile number... ..for direct communication with you
    >> As soon as i have the details, i shall take the cute kitten/kittens
    >> to the courier company for registration and delivery to you at your
    >> home door step address today.

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  • Bl
    blit Dec 18, 2015

    Definitely a SCAM!!!
    I have contacted about 15 ads from, and they all had these in common
    1) They just "happened to" relocate somewhere else just a few days/months ago
    2) Most of them just "happened to" have a medical condition or something that forced them to move to another state
    3) Delivery Charge of 200+
    4) Appeal to emotion & even when asked about being a scam, "swore" they were not and again, appealed to emotion.
    5) Similar strange way of talking on most of them (used "ok" weirdly)
    6) Made it seem like they cared a lot about their kittens, but all of them literally asked "the same, word-by-word" questions
    7) They all came with the same documents & etc.
    8) All the emails seemed like they were sent by the same person twicking it a little bit.
    9) When said that you couldn't afford the delivery fee, they all said that then "you would only have to pay $100, and that they would cover the rest".
    10) They claimed that they could see you're "a real pet lover" although you've only said like 5 sentence.
    and the list goes on and on...
    I wish I could attach ALL the emails that had been sent to me so that you could see the ridiculous similarities.

    [email protected]
    I am very happy to read from you so soon, sincerely I am impressed
    with your response. I will like to add some more qualities of the kittens
    that was not mentioned in the previous mail I sent to you.
    -They are house trained .
    -They are socialized with kids and other house hold pets
    -They get angry when you shout at them, so don't do that.
    -They are 12 Weeks old
    -These kittens are not for sale they are for free adoption so you are
    not paying me any money to have any of them.
    They will be coming along side with all details of vaccination,
    de-wormed and microchip. Since we have made up our mind to let the baby
    into to your home, can you promise to us that the kitten will be well
    looked after and you guys will keep us updated with monthly pictures so we
    can know how the kitten is doing with you.
    My dear I used to live at Anderson County (Texas) but recently I was
    transferred to Palm Springs (California). Since my relocation the
    kittens have not got my care and attention as they used to. So I feel
    it is time for me to re-home them.
    I wish to give them for free adoption to any interested person.
    If you can come over for a view of the kittens and select yours,
    it will be most perfect. My address is 2291 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm
    Springs, CA 92264. However, distance should not be a barrier. Thus, if
    you are not so close to my location, we can use a pet courier service
    and they will get the kitten
    delivered to your home address in less than no time. I don't know if
    you have any other
    idea, if yes then I am open to listening to it. If no, then the
    delivery agency would be
    the best option.
    These kittens were originally four but last week one female was
    flown to Brookville to her new home. In less than seven hours her new
    owners sent pictures of them receiving the kitten from the courier
    men. From this first
    experience I can say without much reservations that the service of the
    delivery agency is quite fast and efficient. If you finally settle for
    the courier option,
    then I shall need the following information to register the kitten for
    subsequent delivery
    to your location.
    The required information include;
    Full names...
    House address...
    Postal code...
    Home number...
    Mobile number...
    email address...
    As soon as I have the details, I shall sort out the necessary paper work
    before taking the kitten to the courier company for registration
    and delivery to your home. I will bear the cost of the registration and other
    paper works, while you will pay $250 which is the delivery fee of the kitten.
    The payment would be made upfront directly to the delivery agency and not to me.
    My main objective is for these kittens to have a lovely and forever
    family, so the money you will pay is for the delivery fee of the kitten.
    The kitten also come with the following papers;
    # Health guarantee
    # Vaccine record
    # Registration papers
    # Microchip Registration
    # Pedigree
    # Nutrition supplement
    # Traveling Crate
    Regards and waiting for your kind respond.


    [email protected]
    Thanks for the interest in regards to the bengals i have for adoption.
    There is a male and female available and are pure breed bengals. They
    are vet checked and will come with all papers needed. The kittens are
    very playful and are all of absolute temperament as they also love
    playing with kids and other household animals . They are 11 weeks old
    and are brothers and sisters. I am giving the kittens out for an
    adoption with no adoption fee, this is because we just relocate to a
    non pets apartment and we can't keep them any longer. I will be very
    willing to give you these kittens if you can promise me of never to
    sell them, also do get back to me with the answers of our question
    below so i can have an idea of where our kittens will be going to
    -Have you own a pet before?
    - Do you have a vet doctor?
    -where precisely are you locate
    - Are you a breeder?
    - will you take both or just one? if one what sex?
    -Do you have pets loving children at home?
    - Give me a Brief Description about your Environment?
    -Will you take good care for the babies like your own child?
    All i need is just a very caring and loving home for our babies where
    they will be well loved and spoiled to rotten.
    Thanks and will be waiting to read from you again

    [email protected]
    About my Cute adorable Persian kittens.
    They are still available and ready for free a pet loving home.
    Attached to this email are pictures of those i have left.
    They are presently 11weeks old and have very good temperament with kids and
    other pets, very playful love to play around with toys, they are very
    obedient and socialize and kids come with a health grantee of 2yers.

    They are health guaranteed and registered, vet checked.
    They are up to date on all her shots and will be coming along side her
    health papers
    and vet records.

    A little about me!
    My name is Sandra Bill.
    I am a devoted humanitarian and i have giving my time, life and
    dedication to bring hope to the under-privilege and the lust world by
    spreading the gospel and giving out the best of my supports to them,
    morally, spiritually and financially.

    I work with the UN(UNICEF) as a volunteer, and I am a very God fearing
    person, raise
    from a God fearing and christian family(background) and this is the
    reason why i insist to re-home this cute kittens for free adoption
    only to a God fearing person, some one i can trust and a family that
    can give them love and care since I do not even have the time to
    play with them simply because i am very mobile and busy at work.
    I hate lies because we have to tread each other with honesty, positive
    thinking, loyalty and trust beside, those who tell lies as a christian
    shall perish in hell when they die so i am trusting you.
    I am a married woman with three children and one grand son and i am
    presently 44years old.
    Since you are interested in adopting one or possibly two of my
    kittens, i am willing to give them to you but you have to first assure
    me that you will take good care of them and that you will send me
    monthly pictures so that i can see how the cute, lovely and adorable
    kittens is doing in your home.

    I am presently located in Iowa MA - USA, where I will register this
    ADORABLE HOME TRAIN KITTENS at the Animals and pets transportation and
    home delivery agency for transportation and delivery to you at your
    home possible today that is if you wish to have them today.
    Since i am indeed, giving them out for free, you will only have to pay
    for the upfront transportation and delivery charges when i have
    registered them at the Animals and pets transportation and home
    delivery agency, so you shall be making the payments to them and they
    will direct you on how to go about with the payment.
    .It you just $200 for one and that's all you will have to pay, this
    money is in-order
    for the pet agency to give them a valid flight a ticket and activate
    their transportation and delivery to your home.

    It is very possible for you to have them delivered to you at your home
    door step address today.
    Do you want to take two or just one and if so a male or a female?
    So i shall be needing your full delivery information to proceed with
    the registration process of the kitten/kittens for delivery to you at
    your home door step address today.
    The details needed are:-
    -Your Full other to change the ownership
    transfer papers to your name.
    -Home address... so the agency can locate your home
    -City...for the delivery Van to your direction
    -Zip back up your address
    -Mobile number... ..for direct communication with you

    Immediately i have the details, i shall take the cute kitten/kittens
    to the pet courier company for registration and delivery to you at
    your home door step address today.
    Thanks and waiting

    There are so many more that are so much more similar and I also exchanged like literally 10 emails with each of them and they said the SAME exact things and turned out the SAME exact way.
    Waste so much time on this website, don't do that yourself.

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  • Ni
    Nikki34 Nov 29, 2016

    [email protected]

    Another Scam from the same person but with a different email address and location. List a Sphynx cat for fee but want $300 to ship.
    Thanks for getting back to me . Well, i Have this Sphynx Hairless kitten's by names Lucy and Jack and there are potty trained vet checked, current on vaccination and health care, kc registered, up to date on shot and pedigree .There are very good with other animals and will make a wonderful home companion to your lovely family .. What we need from you is good care love towards the Sphynx Hairless kitten's and keep me up dated with monthly pictures . That way, i will know my Sphynx Hairless kitten's is have all love and care she needs . We are located in (Maryland) and we will really love to meet your family so we know who we are given the Sphynx Hairless kitten's out to . i am not interested in the money but i need some one to can take very good care of the Sphynx Hairless kitten's. but if you thing you are very far from me, i
    can get delivery arrangement done for the Sphynx Hairless kitten's to be delivered right at your door step .. The shipping fee is included with the papers of the Sphynx Hairless kitten's is $300 .

    And there will be coming along with:

    1) A 200 series travel kennel (29" L x 19" W x 18" H), Airline approved.
    2) Health certificate and avid micro-chip form.
    3) Updated and current shot and worming records.
    4) 32 Oz. Water bottle

    So we will like to know which of the cat's do you want and also where do you live?
    See the pictures of the cat's.

    Mrs. Bill

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  • A2
    a2b Nov 20, 2018

    Scam website!

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