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3:19 pm EST
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I would like to share my experience with this supposedly "management" company.

It is so sad that such nice apartments are not taken care of. I have no complaint about the apartments itself.

There are three managers and a secretary in charge of the King Plaza apartments. The female, Nelly, is so rude and disrespectful!

One of their elevators had vomit for weeks! their garbage stays there for so long that you run the risk of having flies in your apartment when opening your apartment door. Not only that, they don't recycle. They don't clean their halls. If you have children you better not let them use the elevator or they are gonna end up smelling like cigarettes.

And the supermarket, yes the "supremo supermarket." The pedestrians run the risk of being run over (because they have no place to walk). Multiple times I have been afraid of running someone over when getting off that parking deck! They have no stop signs... so if a kid gets loose and you are not paying attention... I don't even want to imagine what would happen!.

Also, apparently the management office has been late in their payments. So they made me pay $30... they were charging for sewage... the dates were from before I even occupied the apartments!

Oh, but don't dare to ask them questions... because you will be scolded worst than a five year old. You will even hear profanities coming out of their mouth... and bad looks when walking on the street.

And if one of them makes a mistake... don't dare to correct them.

If you are interested in the gym... i feel bad for you... because I have been there for over six months... and they still haven't opened it!

Need a tenant committie
Perth Amboy, US
Aug 24, 2010 2:48 pm EDT

well for starters the management has got a little better. The serious problem is parking. There is a parking deck that has 4 floors. just about all the tenants park on the 5th and 4th floor so there is ample parking but there is no visitor parking. How do they expect people to live like that in a downtown area. You already have to pay $30 for an extra space. The parking down stairs of building 271 is 1hr parking. Which could me an half an hour to the tow truck company since i have witnessed them tow people car before an hour. Legally this is theft, its your word against theirs since they carry chalk and no camera. I just want to know how the hell do you have a coffee shop with 1hr parking, can we have more than 1 cup maybe turn on our laptops before our car is towed. Also 270 has a grocery store Supremo ok again 1 hr parking, have you saw the lines in this store. At least a half an hour when is there time to shop. The store never stays open to the time on the door wow! The apartments inside are nice grant it. Vistor parking is a must so you know what i pay $30 for an extra space so my visitor will park there and I pity the fool that tows that vehicle im going straight to court on that note. I would not advise anybody to move here unless you are loner and have no family or friends that plan on visiting you. I wouldnt blame management its the owner who is the crook.

highland park, US
Aug 15, 2010 8:47 am EDT
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I moved out of kings plaza 2 years ago. I couldnt deal with nelly or victor with all the lies and disrespect. the fire alarms constantly went off for long periods of time. that building is def a fire hazard. i lived in 408 there is no way they would be able to get us out if there were a fire. the key swipe wasnt set up for the longest niether was the gym. no one wants to put stores in there open store fronts becuase they are A-holes. the buildN will soon be filled with roaches becuase garbage piles up for days in the waste room. ppl piss in the elevators like their in the projects.the wash room suck its a ripp off. nelly still her fatt [censor] in the office and watches ppl on camera all day even tells tenants that they can be watched from her home computer GET A LIFE girl bye. heat n hot water is not included.. smh where they do that at? those are the amboy projects. they are really nice but ran by slum lords. my aunt still lives there i dont know why. when i 1st moved in my shower was broken n the water was going down to the next apt they told us we would have to pay for it. after arguing with nelly for days the fixed it becuase that was not our fualt. mind you when the guy came to fix it he just walked in didnt knock. there always slipping rule change notes under ya door. they let everyone move in without putting down a sec deposit LOSERS! at one point they lost every1s rent money orders so i went back to the bank got my money back moved they are dumb.

dissapionted tianit
, US
May 07, 2010 10:41 am EDT

i curently live there. im very unhappy with all the notes and rules that they send every other day. the elevators are always down and for ex. if you have an emergency you cant use the stairs because they give you a fine just for opening the door. also if you walk into the garbage room there's garbage all over the floor.the management sucks and in the parking garage they check for cars without a resident sticker to tow away. also if you arent on the lease or are under the age of 15 you cannot get a swipe key to get into the building. i have a 12 year old and when she gets out of school or goes anywhere she cant get into the building because they never corrected the phone number to your apartment and the old tenaits name still appeirs in there system for months. also someb0ody is always moving out. ihave lived here for 4 months and im ready to move out because i dont have acess to the gym and many other things that are supposed to be included in my lease. DO NOT MOVE HERE ITS NOT WORTH IT!

Property Manager
Bloomfield, US
Mar 31, 2009 2:37 pm EDT

Maybe all of these complaints need to be directed towards the Management Company? Their main phone number is : [protected] or 8611. Surely in today's economy, this management company and these apartments cannot risk losing their tenants. Every tenant pays rent just like all of the other rent payers in the country. They should always be treated with respect and dignity !

T. Brown
Perth Amboy, US
Feb 12, 2009 1:00 pm EST

I agree Nelly is very rude and disrespectful; she gives you attitudes and is not helpful in any way. She acts like she's doing you a favor when something needs to get done. Every other word out of her mouth is profanity. She scolds you as if you were a child and has very little regard for people as humans let alone as tenants. She acts as if she was God sitting on her almighty throne and has the power to do as she pleases with people. I know many tenants that will not be renewing their leases because of her (and neither will I), and many more that moved because they do not feel they need to deal with her. I do not blame them for feeling this way.

I put in a complaint for them to fix something in my apartment, something that they damaged before I moved in (mind you, they were not even supposed to be in there with out my permission in the first place because I had already signed the lease and gotten the keys). I put in the complaint 2 weeks before moving in it has been 2 weeks since I moved in and it still has not been taken care of. Yes, the elevators smell like cigarette smoke. They implement ridiculous rules that you are supposed to follow with out even knowing that they exist. For example you can not bring up furniture with out asking them for an appointment before hand, ok, so maybe the rule is not too much of a big deal, only that they don't tell you this until the furniture people are outside with the furniture, and now can not come up to deliver it.

Nov 18, 2008 3:32 pm EST

Wow! I am glad I found this. I am currently looking for apartments in the perth amboy area.

Maybe they are so bad because they get paid so miserably that they are very unhappy with their jobs.

Pennrose should hire me. I need a new job.