KinderCare Educationpoor work conditions

A Oct 08, 2019

As an employee at a Milford Connecticut Kindercare I know we are treated poorly and unfair by management. The director spreads everyone's business around (ex if we call out for illness or family emergency, she tells parents and other staff members). The director always takes sides and plays favorites with employee conflict, which has been constant since she started as director. She openly talks badly about employees and families. The director openly talks about families who are in debt and owe Kindercare money, humiliating them. We are never given time off for doctors appointments, planned or otherwise as we have been short staffed for months now. The employee turn over has been awful since the start of Sarah being director. When we call out for illness or otherwise we are always met with a nasty attitude and scoffs. We never receive bathroom breaks on time, having to hold our waste for over an hour. Sarah has said to use "reverse psychology" on employees to manipulate them into submission. Nobody feels comfortable addressing concerns with Sarah or senior because they go unnoticed or brushed off because they have "more important things to do". Sarah is very good at putting a good face on to corporate and making it seam as though nothing is wrong with the center. Something has to be done, most employees including new arrivals are looking for new work and are EXTREMELY unhappy and unsupported.

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