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just a little piece of advice to you guys… Do Not put too much trust on this company. Leads we provided say they were forced to take expensive and seemingly useless classes prior to working in the agency.
I'm a media buyer for a local ad-agency that has been ripped-off by Kim Brooke group and Jennifer Conley or Curry. They reversed credit card charges on us without notification and violated advertisements. We provide new modes and actors ready to seek work and or training to start the industry via post-secondary educational programs.
You will know if you have met Jennifer as she comes off as highly uneducated with serious lack of understanding of the industry. I have had numerous complaints come back to us from this company. Reports from unsanitary conditions to extremely questionable sales practice. They will go to any extent to get ONLY what is in their interest and that’s your pocket book. They need to be shut down. They lack credentials to be operating as a professional company in this industry. MODELS/ACTORS BEWARE

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Jun 01, 2021 5:24 am EDT

And I would never trust an anonymous "VP of corporate marketing with over 25 yrs. experience in this market / agency professional" who goes on a complaint board to do damage control for Kim Brooke.

May 10, 2011 12:57 am EDT

As an agency professional, who worked with this company, placing/buying "media" & generating leads to help them grow their business, I have a couple of questions for you: 1) Are you truly an ad agency media buyer or an ad-vehicle rep who works for a company like ValPak, Valassis or Off the Wall? 2) Did you tell THEM your feedback and outline the concerns you've written here? As a VP of corporate marketing with over 25 yrs. of experience in this market, I would NEVER trust an “ad agency” whose inline staff would post a BEWARE complaint about a client. YOUR ethics should be held in question here.