KickSole.comUnder no circumstances deal with this site


I ordered sneakers from this website back in January. After ordering I noticed that I never received a confirmation email with a order number or anything of that sort. I decided to go ahead a reach other to them through the site’s twitter account and noticed that I wasn’t the only user having this issue.

Many people ordered and didn’t receive a order number or were charged for the product. Since I wasn’t charged for the sneakers there was nothing I could do at that point. At the end of February my card was charged for the product and I received a package from China at my door at the beginning of April.

I was not expecting that at all and it turns out that they shipped me a pair of counterfeit sneakers. Since then I have reached out the site and never received anything in return. I finally had to call up my credit card company and file a complaint.

UNDER NOT CIRCUMSTANCES DEAL WITH THIS SITE. They did a good job of making the site look legit but it’s as shady as it can get.


  • Ni
    NickDeLuca Jul 24, 2012

    I am the owner of NOT and apparently they don't have a phone number on file and when peoples credit cards get charged they are calling me!! I'm a website development company and I have nothing to do with and i have received about 7 phone calls so far about this company. This company is definitely a scam if they don't have a phone number for you to contact them regarding your order.

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  • Ja
    James245 Jun 03, 2013

    I place this order on 5/13/13 for $245 my card was charged on 5/15/13. It has now been 16 business days and the Company is not answering any of my emails, I also tired to contact them by phone and left plenty of messages but no one calls me back. I have emailed them everyday for the păst week and still no answer. When I places the Order I received a email saying that I would get a tracking number. I honestly Think this Company is a scam, they are taking customers money and not șending anything in return. They will not return any calls or emails. I also went to the website a few times and the webpage is inactive. Warning do not buy from SCAM SCAM

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