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KIA Finance review: Customer service

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To Whom this Concerns,

I am very disappointed with the service that I received today November 10, 2023 a little after 8 am. I called kia finance twice and they hung up the phone. I asked for two of my payments to be applied to my principal. The first guy hung up the phone so my request was never completed. I called again and the lady name "Sorrsa" claimed to file my request to have two of my payments applied to my principal but she never sent me the service request number. That lady also hung up the phone when I asked her to help me navigate the website to see my payments and see how much money is applied towards my principal and interest. I gave her my telephone number at the beginning of the conversation and she did not call me back when the phone was "disconnected." Which further leads me to believe that she hung up the phone. They did not help answer my questions. I plan to leave Kia Finance if the issue that I am having isn't resulted. I called to find out why I can no longer have the option to drop down on my payments to see how much money goes towards the principal and interest on each payment I make. My name is Christina Cooke and my email is cooke. [protected] Please contact as soon as possible. Thank you

Desired outcome: To be contact back with more information.

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