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CB Sports and Fitness Review of Kettle Creek Calls
Kettle Creek Calls

Kettle Creek Calls review: Curtis Houser RIPPED Me Off 5

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5:29 am EST
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Waited 3 weeks for a predator call and contacts were ignored. Finally reported complaint to credit card processor and after contact was made, owner Curtis Houser still refused to give money back saying item may or may not have been sent and told me he is not going to give me my money back and go on with the complaint for non-receive of item.

In subsequent emails, Curtis Houser of Kettle Creek Calls mocked my attempts at getting my money back. This man is a thief, plain and simple. A thief. I paid for a product and it was not sent out 3 weeks later.

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Billings, US
Feb 23, 2013 10:11 pm EST

There are to sides to every story but mine is the same as Matts i got ripped off as well don't buy from kettle Creek Calls

Philadelphia, US
May 12, 2011 2:13 am EDT

I think
Kettle Creek Calls just showed us just how much they worry's about his customers in his 2 reply on this page .
((Mention KCC RIPPED ME OFF and receive $5.00 off a Backstabbser ICE.))

Nice slap in the face there Mr kettle creek calls!
way to make a customer satisfied.

Ann Arbor, US
Mar 23, 2011 2:41 pm EDT

I got suckered by his over-priced, over-hyped, over-drilled plastic woodshop projects. You might say I was Backstabbed. My call came with the voice piece installed backwards. Duhh!

Chambersburg, US
Jan 01, 2009 9:17 pm EST

Mention KCC RIPPED ME OFF and receive $5.00 off a Backstabbser ICE.

You can see the quality and shipping that Kettle Creek Calls is proud of each and every day!


Curtis Houser
Kettle Creek Calls LLC

Chambersburg, US
Jan 01, 2009 9:12 pm EST

As we all know there are two sides to every story. I'm not suggesting that everyone or anyone will rule in my favor that's not my intent. I have made a decision based on the actions of the accusor and I am simple stating my side.

I received two emails minutes apart, the first from Paypal notifying me of a claim filed against me for a $21.00 for a product that I did not ship. The next was an email from the accusor demanding that I repay his money NOW.

Now which is it?

Follow the Paypal rules as the first email stated. I believe Paypal will deduct the money from my account in 10 days. Ok, if that's how the accusor wishes to do business then so be it. I won't fight the charges because I do believe I forgot to ship the accusors product. Shame on me, lesson learned. I guess I'm human, I made a mistake.


Do I now follow the second email from the accusor... PAY NOW!

Now let me tell ya. Anyone out there is more than welcome to check my Ebay feedback or request references, I can send hundreds of them that have not only been satisfied with my shipping but with the quality of my products.

So if the darn accusor would have simply sent me an email first and stated that he didn't receive his product I would have bent over backwards to make him happy, sent an extra product at no charge, returned his money then shipped the call, or whatever, it's a whole $21.00. I would made it right any day of the week.

Mr. Accusor, you rightly filed a report with Paypal, now you can wait the 10 days to get your money back.

The world if full of me, me, me, greedy people like yourself that require instant satisfaction. I am a small business owner, I make very very little money. This is a hobby business to me not a award winning profitable business. You are the first person in 3 years that has been so rude to me. You will not make a make me feel bad for making a mistake that I would have made more than right.

I take great pride in my fine reputation as a game call maker and with my same day/next day shipping.

Please tell me Mr. Accusor, why haven't you stated your REAL name in the emails you sent to me or in this or the other complaints you have filed? Something to hide?

Thank You,

Curtis Houser
Kettle Creek Calls LLC