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As a customer for the last four years, I can genuinely say I liked your service. In the past six months I have seen a drastic change in quality of customer service and call quality. I seriously do not understand why some costs have gone up 210% per minute overnight. I understand after reading the terms and conditions word for word you as a company can change prices anytime. As mentioned in your generic email templates, "in order to keep up the quality the prices need to go up." Those words are quite laughable considering the call quality has gotten much worse when in fact prices should go down and call quality should go up. I called on several occasions to address the poor quality and unsatisfactory service. I really do not care for the credit to be put back on my account for calls lasting less than a minute. If you are going to increase prices the quality should go up as well. I really do not understand why prices go up when call quality goes down. The worst part of your business model is the larger your company gets the less you care about the customers. No offense but no one cares about you having an office in Romania, Bolivia, and USA. You should be embarrassed for having three offices with substandard call quality and unhelpful customer service. I can see why the minimum purchase is 2 dollars.

I do understand the internet has been proven to entice a lot of people to commit fraud and make unauthorized charges. Because of the fact I have been a customer for four years I am still supposedly randomly selected for a security check which is extremely frustrating. Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of sending screen shots of the pending transactions posted on my accounts. The more you ask for screen shots, the more I grow a dislike and lose credibility for your company. I am starting to believe the employees responsible looking at the screen shots are unethical, unprofessional, and deceitful. Oddly enough, I have experienced unauthorized transactions on my credit statements after sending KeepCalling screen shots.

The customer service lines need to be improved. I have spoken to several customer service representatives in the last few years. I noticed I have made more calls in the last six months due to the poor quality of the call duration and connections. The customer service associates with the worst impression includes Johnny, You-ana, Susie, and Ricardo. I want to say kudos for those who did a fine job and represented the company well especially Tayo, Naydeen, Veronica, Gordon/Jorden/George (I don't know he speaks fast, the one with an American accent), Georgiana, and Miguel. I really do like the professionalism and courteous behaviors of them all.

I hate to say this KeepCalling, but you lose a dear customer. I can tell you over the years I have converted over 5000 thank you points throughout my entire business with you. Do yourselves a favor and rethink the strategy of customer relations. Rather than bettering your services you have been doing the complete opposite.

Up to you whether or not you want to take my advice. Do me a favor and do not ask for my name, the last thing I need is someone from your rude and unprofessional service people to convince me otherwise. I would not use your service even if you gave it to me free for life.



  • KeepCalling Jan 26, 2015

    Dear customer,

    We do understand your frustration and we highly appreciate you took the time to review our company.
    As you already mentioned, our calling rates changed - a fact that nobody tries to hide, and that, unfortunately can not be prevented or foreseen. If our telecom partners change their rates, we are forced to update our prices. Even if we send an email to all our existing subscribers, we do understand this might be frustrating for you.

    Unfortunately, these cases can not be prevented. They are rare and are always a consequence of a third party decision. The least we can do in these cases is offer you bonus points as a reward for your loyalty, points you said you used frequently.

    When talking about transaction security, you must know by now we take it very seriously. We apologize if our frequent checks upset you, but the security of your billing details is very important for us. We take all precautionary measures to stop or prevent internet fraud, as security and privacy are two aspects which we value deeply.

    Another aspect you mentioned was the quality of our calls. I am not sure if you know, but customers can influence their own connection quality. By rating each call they make, they will influence strategic changes in our system and improve their calls. In your case, I understand you were refunded for all the calls you were unsatisfied with. We do apologize if there were any call interruptions, but we promise our specialists are constantly looking for new partners to improve our calling routes.

    Last, but not least, we want to thank you for the nice words you addressed to some of our Customer Service agents. Our CS supervisors already looked into this and we honestly hope that from now on all our agents will rise up to the most demanding customer expectation.

    Thank you very much for being our customer! And, again, we do apologize for any inconvenience you suffered. Team

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  • De
    deanandsammy Oct 06, 2015

    The quality of the calls is Getting worse to a point that I switched to a different company

    Despite that they even charge you for time when you don t even have a connection

    Good luck with those business practices

    Greed is not getting you anywhere

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  • KeepCalling Oct 07, 2015

    Dear customer,

    We apologize in advance for any inconvenience you suffered.
    Whatever happened, we kindly advise you to contact our CS team available 24/7. They can help you solve this issue and refund any unconnected calls, if this is the case.
    We are confident this was just an isolated case and we will do our best to improve the situation as soon as we have enough details to investigate what happened.

    Please contact us anytime on our Support page or directly by email at: [email protected]
    We apologize again and hope to hear from you soon. Team

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