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Kathleen Mattison Kathy Louis L' Heureux review: Puppy Mill Disgusting Over 200 Dogs

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I don't understand how someone could let their dogs go like this with mats in their hair and fleas and look at their house. How could someone possible spend time with over 200 dogs and take care of them properly much less make enough to not have to work. Kathleen "cathy kathy" Mattison who lives with or is married to louis "louie" l' heureux. They have over 200 dogs. We rented from them for a few months and left because we had no heat or air conditioning. Neither Louie or cathy would fix the lock on the door so we could lock it when we left and they were always coming over late at night which made all of the dogs bark. They took in a buy that was 20 something to live with them but work taking care of their dogs that were mostly on the property we were renting without even asking us first. He would come onto the property unannounced and bring his pitbull. We like to play with and excersise our dogs and since this was 40 acres that we were renting for our 3 horses and dogs we figured we could let our dogs out to play fetch and go potty. Unfortunately we could not because one day the guy came on to our property with his pit while we were letting our dane out to go potty. We asked him to get off of the property with his dog and so did cathy. His dog and ours got into it and the guy left and came back with a baseball bat and his dog. When we came out to see what was going on he said he was going to kill our dog so we call the cops. The guy left a week or so later. Call the local st johns police and ask them it is public record. The policeman said he would move if he was us because they will just bring in someone else. They had over 200 dogs just on the property we were renting. They lost a court battle against the hoa that had been going on for years. The court ruled in favor of the hoa that they could only have 15 dogs on the property we were renting. They said our dogs were not a problem when we moved in. Don't take my word for it call the humane society in saint johns and show low az and look at the public records. She had her akc license pulled years ago in 2003 see the following. Look at her dogs that she placed ads to try and sell. She wanted us to use her 6 dog hunting dog trailer to move our dogs up to her property if the hoa came out. Her dogs are all outside on dirt they clean the pens once a week and the dogs always are matted and dirty with algea water. They sat outside all winter with frozen water the only shelter they have is plastic or wooden dog houses in freezing weather and high heat. They raise their pups in a out building also on the property we were renting. They have a fan for air which was never on and an open window. No heat. They put pups in metal hore troughs that are rusted out on newspaper until they put them out in the dirt. The pups stay in crates with their moms while being born and nursing. They put them on newspaper. They don't help the moms give birth and don't keep the pups in their house except the ones they have in crates stacked three high in their house which has no electric and no alternative power since the batteries for their solar system are bad. Kathy and louie are slandering us. Which means kathy can reg her dogs in 2013 if she buys some akc ones and actually spends money. I find it doubtfull since she gets free food every chance she gets from churches and food banks when she dosen't even go to church and does not have a buisness licesce does not pay taxes and does not license any of her dogs. She feeds them as little as possible and the cheapest food possible. I guess they can take pictures of their own house and their own dog pens and post them whereever they want to to slander us. They watched our dogs for a few days and they did not clean out their pens and did not change their water and when we got back they were half starved to death. We offered to watch their dogs in return but the had already brought the other guy in to do it that did not have a drivers licesce b/c of dui, he bailed out on them and they had to call us b/c they did not know where he was or if he was taking care of the dogs. So we took care of them while they were gone. this was on 2/5/09 akc 2003

Check out her ad placed in craigslist. She was wanting someone to help them move their dogs off the property we were renting onto her other property right up the road in the same hoa. She posted this b/c the hoa only allows her 15 dogs on the property we were renting.

Help Relocate Dogs and Earn One (St Johns)

Date: 2010-11-26, 9:28AM MST
Reply to: comm-mtkba-[protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

We need help in relocating the yards and housing for several rescue dogs.
We have lost the lease on the current location and need to move them about 1 mile
If you have been wanting a very good dog this is an opportunity to select from several
and help other dogs that will still need homes.
We will make sure that you get fed a good lunch too!
Location: St Johns

These are pictures of their dogs that they posted on the internet and my akc inspection report. She has poodles, buggles, labradoodles, pugs, english bulldogs, dashounds, [censored]zus, just to name a few

$400 Private Bath Close to CGS & SGS (St Johns)

Date: 2010-11-22, 7:57PM MST
Reply to: hous-n2jha-[protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

This is her ad trying to find someone to rent a room for them and help take care of their dogs.

Nice furnished room with King Size Bed and attached private bath.
Whole house privlages include WIFI and DirecTV.
$100/weekly or $400/monthly.
Double Occupancy is negotible.
Share home w/2-adults and our small dogs.
Recent remodel to interior of home.
Close to SGS & CGS
Location: St Johns
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

They never let their dogs out to play with them they feed and water if the dogs are lucky and once a wekk they scoop their poop. They always have algead water b/c their water dishes are so old and they have no shade in their pens. These dogs should be taken away they had no water all winter for it being frozen. They raise pups in metal cages stacked three high like rabbits. The humane society came out one and they gave them a bunch of their dogs. Here are some pictures they posted on the internet and some we took while taking care of their dogs of their dogs and home.

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Jul 26, 2011 5:41 am EDT


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Jul 26, 2011 5:19 am EDT

So you admit to at least some of the photos of your mutt dogs huh to bad they are all photos of your dogs. Trusting Fool Kathy Mattison Louis Louie We NEVER HAD OUR DOGS TAKEN BY FORCE EITHER and we do not run from anyone obviously there is our akc inspection which is more than you can say. Excuse us for want central heat and air conditioning that worked through the winter. The fact that we had a home that was paid for and had heat and we wer only renting month to month with you made for the wise choice of getting away from the crazies that you are and would bring on the property we were renting. Sorry if we did not want to put our babies in jeoperdy of being taken away since you were only allowed to have 15 of you family pet dogs not breeding dogs on the property since you breed all of your dogs good luck we were renting from you and you told us to find another place. Well since we already owned another place we got away from you. You can choose to have people renting rooms from you that carry baseball bats and beat your dogs but I prefer mine stay in one piece and if you want to keep yours out in the freezing cold all winter and desert heat all summer you have fun. oh I know your pugs and buggles and dashound and bulldogs can take it you left them outside all winter when you have a building you could have put them in and airconditioned or found them homes before they die of exposure. Oh wait I know you rescue dogs that is why you have over 200 of them so many you POA property owners association sueed you, and you have two 40 acres spreads of that that you hide them on. You can't possible build a kennel for yours like we did no that would cut into your profits yours have to live on dirt most cannot even get off of the dirt because they do not have shelter and if they do have shelter it does not have a floor. Your dogs are so nasty and skinny just look at the pictures you run a "grooming buisness" but do not groom you own they are matted and dirty with filth. you feed them feed store garbage and ol roy we feed iams and eukanuba and yes i have reciepts for the last 3 years to prove it.

You are trying to trade your property and move to OR go ahead i have family there that would love to meet you. Yeah good idea staying away from fl and ca they hate puppy mills.
She is trying to sell puppy mill mutts here
Collie poos mutt dogs

Go slander someone else or we will give you a lawsuit how does that sound to YOU!

Update by DogPeople
Apr 21, 2011 2:38 am EDT October 26, 2010 hoa won limiting number of dogs to 15


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Many years ago (nearly 7 in fact) I worked for Louie and Kathy. I know for a fact that the things said in the complaint, even though poorly said form a grammatical perspective, are true. At that point they had 157 dogs on the ranch in the large dog runs, almost 40 in the small dog runs, and several more (well over a dozen) in a house in town. They did come in and out at all hours of the night, picking up puppies from the small dog birthing building, to transport them down to a townhouse they had in Kathy's name (in the northern part of Phoenix). Several rooms in that townhouse were converted to cage rooms for puppies to be held while waiting to be sold in the valley.

While we were there at their ranch in St Johns, Maricopa County animal control/Humane Society officers were investigating Kathy under the suspicion that she was running a puppy mill and they sent an officer up (he arrived with several Apache County Sheriff)and examined the property and found it to be dangerously neglectful. They ordered that the population of dogs be reduced before they returned to re inspect the operation. Louie and Kathy complied by shuffling many of the dogs to friends ranches in the area. After the inspection of course the dogs were returned to the ranch and their horrid living conditions.

These statements are not slanderous because they can be verified easily enough. After this situation My wife and I decided this type of environment was too dangerous for our children and we moved away. What happened after that is unknown to me.

Aug 10, 2013 6:24 am EDT
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I Just was looking up kathe's grooming business we i came upon this site ! all i know is that ((( kathy Mattison ))) ran a very clean grooming business called blue ribbon in St.johns, az .i have taken my dog Lady a cocker spanal to her more then a few times back in the late 1990's and early 2000's. it's really hard to hear what these people are saying about her and her husband she loves taking care of her animals with tender dog was ever allowed to be groomed without there shots or kennel cough vac.this does not sound like a careless kennel keeper these people are trying to slander.i just like people to treat each other with kindness & gentleness.peace to you all.

Jul 24, 2013 10:46 pm EDT

Just found this post on this site and I can say for a fact that Kathy and Louis are being slandered by these people! I wish I had seen this site back when these false accusations were first posted. I have known these people for many years and they are not a "Puppy Mill"! Not even close! I can't believe people can get away with making such slanderous accusations and the sad part is, I don't think will read past the initial heading of this post but I have never seen more dedicated to taking care of not only their animals but also the many stray abandoned animals that they took in over the years that others dumped on the side of the road like yesterdays trash to wander, frightened and alone until these people took them in. People, think twice before believing these lies posted about Kathy and Louis.

NO Les and Melissa MOST OF the photos you posted are NOT our dogs and ALL of the photos of a home is NOT of our home, it is probably of one of YOUR homes since you move around so

Jul 26, 2011 4:21 am EDT

I bought a puppy from them 4 years ago at 8 weeks old and he was the picture of health then and he still is today. They gave me a full health warranty on him but I have never need to try to use it. The is a chocolate blockhead lab and for what I paid for him I could not have gotten a better deal or better quality. I went to their home and picked him out. I recently bought a 8 week old yellow female to be a playmate for him and she is doing great at 12 weeks old now. I went to their home again to get her. They even microchipped both of them for free while I was there and let the two play together in their two acre fenced play area for an hour or so so I could make sure they would get along ok. I don't know you can say they did all of this stuff when they were still at the same house as when I got my male from them 4 years ago. It has got to be the same people because they were here in SD then and now and their names are les and melissa burke.

Jul 26, 2011 4:05 am EDT

Jul 26, 2011 4:05 am EDT

Yes they (trusting fool) raise a few puppies they have 300 dogs and they breed all of them don't take it from me check yourself. just google kathy mattison st johns arizona and look at the county records or click on the links below or call the local vet here is st johns. I have lived here for years and you would not believe how they treat their dogs just call the humane society. I can give you their address if you need them to rid this town of her puppy mill, I bought a dashound puppy from her and she refused to let me go to her property so I met her in town and got the pup. I had to take it to the vet only to find out it had cocidia and giardia not to mention worms. The vet wanted to know who the breeder was and when I told them it was kathy in st johns they told me it was a puppy mill and they had seen this over and over from her. Six months later the pup had a buldged disc and we had to put her down since she was in so much pain. this was on 2/5/09 akc 2003

If anyone out there knows who owns the publishing rights to photos # 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13I that are shown in this post, PLEASE make a not on this site and contact those people as soon as you can so they can prosecute these people.
Thank you so much!

OK Les, who's pictures did you steel off the internet? You and I BOTH KNOW that MOST of the photos you posted are NOT our house or dogs... Now THAT is what I would call SLANDER! Just keep digging a deeper hole. I, at LEAST have WITNESSES and posted true and accurate photos of YOUR dogs and conditions however YOU on the other hand posted false and no doubt, stolen photos. How do you people even LIVE with yourselves?
You are very sorry people with serious mental problems and my God have pity on your souls.

Jun 12, 2011 9:13 pm EDT

Let people know about this breeder post this on
help protec people from this breeder