Kartellas Pomeraniansunethical behaviour - bad dog breeder

L Oct 13, 2019

On September 22, 2019, this breeder named Maria Clark with Kartellas Pomeranians agreed to sell me a dog and gave me the o.k. by phone and via text that I could book an airplane ticket to purchase her dog and that the ticket would serve as my deposit to hold the dog. She said she could not meet me until October 12, 2019. Once she agreed this date worked and I could purchase the ticket I immediately purchased the ticket and sent her confirmation of the ticket purchased. Three days prior to my departure I texted her to remind her about meeting me at the airport and to tell her how excited I was. She said she would take him to the vet the next day for his rabbis shot which is required to fly. The next day (2 days) before my flight she bailed on the sale with no explanation just texted, (sorry probably not going to meet you because he needs his teeth cleaned! I apologize.) I sent repeated texts after that with no response. She never said anything else!!! I tried calling her multiple times and it went to voicemail. How can someone do that to someone? She changed her mind on selling the dog and was ruthless about it. I am now without a dog I had my heart set on and am out $300 for a plane ticket. Here is a google drive link to our correspondence through text msgs.

How would I like this to be resolved? 1 of 2 ways
1. She should refund my plane ticket that took off Saturday 10-12-19 with an empty seat.
2. She should sell me the dog she agreed to sell me and she should pay for the next plane ticket so that she doesn't back out again.

Kartellas Pomeranians

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