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1:07 pm EDT
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Like many other parents, I booked a driving lesson for my daughter's 17th birthday ( 2 weeks in advance). She was excited about the lesson and organised the day around the lesson. The Driving School did not turn up. Om enquiry they realised they had made a mistake and booke the lesson for the 21st April instead of the 1st. The person who had made the mistake had already been sacked. I understand mistakes happen, I dont care whether someone is sacked, but for me, my daughter's birthday was special and they really tainted the day. To add insult to injury they couldn't offer a lesson for another week. They promised to come back to me with their best offer, but didn't bother.

My warning is, book, double check but dont go with a school like this, who are offering cheap prices and are over extended. I was very disappointed in Kan Kan and I cant put right my daughter's day. They let me down bug time.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 02, 2016 2:46 am EDT
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Booked first 10 lessons for my son, they had advertised a price of £99 which they said wasn't available in my area and agreed to pay £114. These lessons were booked on the 7th of July and it's August and no one has bothered to get in touch with us. My son received a text message on the 27th of July asking him how his lessons were going and he should leave KANKAN a review. It clearly showed the admin side of the company has no clue what the drivers or the pupils are up to. Requested a refund and spoke to Natalie on their team who said it's company policy that refunds take 14 days. That was fine, asked her to send me an email to confirm a refund and that I had spoken to her on the 29th July, I am still waiting for one. Moral=KEEP AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE.

Jan 06, 2016 11:21 am EST

All very helpful and straight forward to take my money but when i tried to get lessons booked in i found them very hard to deal with and impossible to get lessons booked in when i wanted them

Oct 11, 2015 4:55 pm EDT

the lessons were too far between (9 days apart)
customer service is appalling
the drivers don't turn up and when eventually you had enough of their nonsense you won't get anyone to complain to
and you never get a refund!

Sep 05, 2013 1:09 am EDT

Totally agree that this the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with, office based staff rude and do not respond to complaints. I booked £99 deal for my daughter and in the end stopped the lessons as all she seemed to was same thing every week and at this stage we were in the 2hr lesson slot, lost some money but worth it to not have to deal with such an awful organisation. Would not recommend this company on any level.

Jul 11, 2013 3:01 am EDT

Don't use kankan ... My daughter booked lessons through them, the instructor turned up late, tried to charge over the recommended price for a lesson made derogatory comments and smoked in the car, when asked for a refund he agreed a partial refund, and qoute "doesnt mind doing his bit for charity" then ignored all calls from us and kept us waiting for 3 weeks then in an extremely rude phone conversation said my daughter would only get half the agreed refund when he can be bothered to pay, which I doubt we will ever get oh by the way the instructed is called Peter Michael and he is based in Milton Keynes

Jul 09, 2013 1:40 am EDT

i work as an instructor for them not only do they rip off pupils they also rip off instructors

Jun 07, 2013 2:49 pm EDT
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One of the worst company on earth honestly don't go there they are thieves they will steal your money I had very bad experience with them I booked a lessons for my wife and I paid the money for them over the phone and they told me the instructer will call you today I waited 7 days no body called us I phoned them and told them they said we going to call the instructer and we will let you know today I waited again no body called me next day I called I was so angry I told I want my money back they told the money I paid non refundable and they put the phone down on me . Please do not use them Honest to god am telling the truth .

Apr 16, 2013 8:01 am EDT

DO NOT BOOK WITH KAN KAN NORTHAMPTON! I booked 10 lessons for £99 I paid through the phone to the KAN KAN office and I had six lessons at the start and then paid £34.50 for an hour and a half lesson every week, I did my lessons with WENDY at first my lessons were ok. Then she stopped picking me up, her phone was switched off. I rang KAN KAN office and they said that they didn't know where WENDY was and that they hadn't heard from her, they kept saying they would ring me back but NEVER did, it was always me. WENDY always wanted me to pay in advance for a lesson even though I didn't agree with that. U explained when I rang he KAN KAN office that she has £34.50 of my money and I also have 4 lessons left remaining that I had paid for at the start to have a week before my driving test, KAN KAN said they can't get any of my money back as 'they've already paid WENDY what I had paid them at the start'... I think that KAN KAN have taken the absolute pi** out of me and many other girls like me! PLEASE DON'T BOOK WITH THESE! I know I will never get my money back, but I am going to write to panorama and I'm calling the police to mark this as theft. WENDY has taken all my money that I had saved up! SHE'S PATHETIC DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM!

Mar 17, 2013 7:15 pm EDT
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I had the same problem in liverpool with gayner my driving instructer all she wanted to know was about your personal life always on her phone ide cancell a lesson she would take it off me, shed cancell me all the time it didnt effect her thoe, always late and takin me home 15 mins be4 my lesson was up. NEVER EVER GOT MY FULL HOUR shes a rip off merchant money money money doesnt explain nothing to you, if u giver her money in full for a couple of lessons she give u a lesson once every 3 weeks wen i wanted two a week i wasted my money on her cant belive it IVE LEANRT KNOW NEVER BE FRIEANDLY WITH UR INSTRUCTER THEY TAKE U FOR A MUG!

Apr 25, 2012 6:18 am EDT

The solution to this problem if for all the customers of KanKan to get together and sort KanKan out legally. We need to get together and discuss this issue! If you agree then respond to this comment and I will post my email to be contacted so we can sort them out. Strength in numbers! They are cons - I too want my money back. They can't keep doing this to people and get away with it!

Apr 21, 2012 11:40 pm EDT

The best way to get a good service and a decent instructor is GET A RECOMMENDATION, my pupils pay on the day AFTER the lesson and if they want can book for a block of 10 hrs for a small discount.
Driving instructors aren't poorly paid if they charge a decent lessons fee, however you're always going to get those instructors that offer ridiculously low lesson fees to entice pupils in and to be honest if customers can't see past these stupid offers WELL! after all if they were decent enough would they actually need to off these kind of discounts at all !

Feb 20, 2012 10:08 pm EST


Aug 26, 2011 2:56 pm EDT
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I have just called KanKan with a view to organising some lessons for my daughter. Their £99 for 10 lessons offer is not all it is cracked up to be. One of those hours needs to be for the test, so when I queried this with the call centre girl who took the call she was adamant that this was classed as a lesson and it is not £99 for 9 lessons but £99 for 10. I was also offered a male driving instructor despite the website saying it is a female only driving school. I found the girl at the call centre most unprofessional, she just answered the phone with 'hello', not with the name of the company, her name or a more professional approach. To be honest her response to my queries put me off the company straight away and I have now gone elsewhere.

Aug 23, 2011 3:00 pm EDT
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We bought driving lessons for our daughter for her 18th birthday, she did loads (20+) lessons with KanKan here in London and they seemed Ok. Then we booked the driving test lessons (2 hour slot) plus 2 * 2 hour for the days beforehand. The driver instructor did not turn for any of the lessons beforehand and did not call us; we chased him and then KanKan. They said the instructor had left the company and we should chase him for the refund. As it was only a couple of days before the test and KanKan could not supply an alternative driver, we also lost the cost of the driving test.

Kan Kan did not respond to any requests for refund etc, just said it was the fault of the driving instructor and we should chase him (they are not all female!). So whilst we pre-paid to KanKan they refused to refund. Do not use them this pattern continues as they do not know how to manage a franchise / driving school / or any customer facing business!

Aug 23, 2011 12:45 pm EDT

I am also registered with Kan Kan had few lessons in Sheffield with Louise. Since i have moved down to London for my work, i have been asking her before i left Sheffield in May to recommend me instructor in London and tranfer the money i have already paid her £140. Called and text her number of times since then but not answering my phone calls and my text messages. In the last i called today to Kan Kan Driving School for asking her whereabouts and they told me that she left 2 months ago. They gave me Louise's home address and email address, but do not know how that is going to help me to resolve the issue as someon has decided not to reply to any of my call or emails.
I strictly ask Kan Kan to help customers to resolved the issues they have. Afterall they are the one hire drivers so they have liability towards them.

Jul 28, 2011 10:55 pm EDT

I agee with babsM, I am also an honest driving instructor, i work for kankan and have many issues with them myself as a customer, with them not telling me about lessons and supplying cars that are not fit to drive, screaming and abusing me over the phone when i have complained. I am afraid to say that they have taken on too many instructors to be able to manage them properly and i am soon leaving them but not without argument.

It is sad because when I first started they were very good and did supply me with a lot of pupils, however as they have grown they have not hired the office staff to cope, and quite often have not trained them very well. The managers are very protective over their business because they have worked very hard to build it and i think that they know that things are not going well but are too scared to admit it to themselves.

most driving instructors are hard working honest people who are just trying to earn a living, it is a stressfull job with long hours and low wages, so if you don't love the job then it can get to you. However this does not excuse the agressive behaviour i have sadly heard and read so much about.

I agree that you should ALWAYS ask for a tester lesson, i also offer them at an hr and a half normal rate, i give people 3 lessons to decide if they want to come to me and still offer the intro rates for upto three lessons in. All i ask is that the student is honest with me if they choose to go else where. I get messed about a lot though, i make sure that i warn students that all lump sums are non refundable unless you are signed off medically by a doctor and i review each case separately.

If students have complaints about kankan call center i take them on myself and deal with them, even if they don't end up being my customer.

Remember we are all self employed and most of us are very honest people who love our jobs. And we do not all try to rip people off, i myself am so paranoid about ripping people off i have lost a lot of money. But please remember we are only human.

Also we do get a lot of abuse from other drivers so whenever you see a learner please keep your distance, be patient and don't use your horn, it only makes them more nervouse and prone to crashing into you.

I would encourage everyone who has had a complaint to write to kankan their address is on their website under contact us. or you can look on companies house. They have the potential to be such a good company but they need to realise that they need to do something about the way they treat customers so please write to them about your complaints they care about their reputation they need to know they are ruining it.

Jinni x

May 04, 2011 6:46 pm EDT

What kankan are you talking about? Is it UK based or USA based? Many thanks

May 03, 2011 11:55 pm EDT

Please remember that all Driving Instructors are self employed - we pay a franchise fee to a company for their service, but we are responsible for running our own businesses.

Sadly, with any job, you get the odd bad apple, but there are many more of us out here who work hard, respect our pupils and don't cheat you out of your money.

If you are unsure as to whether you will get on with any instructor, ask to book a taster lesson. I do one hour taster lessons at my normal hourly rate, and at the end you can either join me as a pupil and still take advantage of our introductory offers, or walk away.

Please don't tar us all with the same brush - even if we are Franchisees for a company which you've had problems with in the past.

Apr 28, 2011 4:05 pm EDT
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I had very bad experience with Kankan driving school as well. I booked for driving lessons and paid full price in advance towards the lesson. on the first day of the lesson the instructor never turned up, i phoned them up and they said they would find out what the problem was. after chasing them up for more than one and a half hours, they told me that the instructor went on HOLIDAY! so then they reconmmended another male instructor, and will contact me that afternoon. But, i never got a reply. so i phoned them up for a reason on why the instructor never replied, they never gave me a reason. because of all this chasing up, i was completely fed up with their service and demanded a full refund. unfortunately they decided to have an arguement with me over the phone. finally, they decided to refund my money, but not all of it, they decided to keep some of my hard earned money to their profit!
My Advice, Don't use KanKan driving school because; bad atitude towards the customer; unorganised and careless, jaw-droppingly bad service and they cheat our money.

Apr 16, 2011 8:52 pm EDT

I started lessons with KanKan are for a time things were fine, then suddenly my instructor didnt turn up for a lesson, and then the folowing two the same, she hasnt replied to any texts and doesnt answer any calls ! ! im now trying to find another driving instructor for a different firm my advice -DO USE KANKAN!


kan kan did the same to me first didnt show up for first lesson for my daughter then after chasing around she was given another instructor male even tho it states its a all female driving school. My daughter had 6 miserable lessons with this man he shouted at her took phone calls through out and out of a 2hour lesson she was lucky to be on the road for an hour. I complained about the instructor and asked for my money back for the 4 outstanding lessons as she had moved out of the area and they had no instructors in our area pluss she had started having fits so was told not to drive.
the woman at kankan was rude (leanne ) she gave me the instructors mobile number and told me i need to ask him for the money back.
The office had called him and had told him what i had said about him he went mad at me on the phone swearing and threatening me even called my 18 yearold daughter a [censor]. I called kankan and said i dont want him calling me at home and dont want him knowing my address so i asked them to forward the refund onto me they said fine. 2 weeks later no refund i call up leanne at kankan she said if i want my refund i need to talk to the driving instructor i reminded her how abusive he was and how i didnt want him talking to me she said tuff i said well im going to complain to trading standards she said do it. trading standards have told me to put it in writting to them but guess what kankan have no address and no email people be warned its put my daughter off ever driving again. whilst writting this i have just had another abuse call of the instructor im not happy this is so illegal.

Aug 29, 2010 3:19 pm EDT

booked driving lesson with abbie A from leeds kan kan driving school. i have alot of lesson with her then she told me am ready for the practical test, so booked the practical test.the day of my test she she didnt turn up plus she didnt call. when i rang her & finally get hold of her. she told me she had some other job to take care.she had my deposit she didnt pay me, she ows me. she wasted my time my money. abbei is the wosrt person i can name in this world

Apr 19, 2009 8:10 pm EDT

Cheap prices for driving lessons aren't always bad, as they are getting more expensive than ever, (as i am currently learning).

What i'd do in that situation would be: when booking, get the person on the other side to repeat the date, time, price, etc of what you just arranged, as most mistakes can be resolved then. Then give them a quick ring a few days before the lesson to confirm a lesson.

Hope your daughter is getting the hang of driving, and sailing through them lessons.

Sam - England.