Just TiresInstalled wrong size tire


On December 1, 2015 I noticed a bulge in my company's truck tire. I purchased a replacement for it at Just Tires in Tustin, CA. They assured my that they had the correct size which was LT225/75R16. Just this week (March 28, 2016) I was contacted by my coworker, who sent me a photo of the tire, which had only 6, 000 miles on it. That tire, and the one next to it, were completely bald due to Tires Plus installing the wrong sized tire - they installed size LT245/75R16. As a result, BOTH tires wore completely bald in 6, 000 miles of driving (see photo). Most troubling is that they falsified the invoice to reflect the correct size tire, then mounted the wrong size.

Installed wrong size tire
Installed wrong size tire

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