Just TiresDidn't do Service correctly


Beware of the scam at this Just Tires location in fairfax. Last week I brought my tires there to get a flat fixed. The guy at the desk said it would take approximately 45 minutes to get it fixed. It took the mechanic 2 hours to fix the tires. When he was done, the mechanic told me that I need to get the serpentine belt replaced, the coolant flushed, the cabin filter changed. I said I don't have time today and would bring it back next time. Two days after driving my car, the same wheel lost air. I brought it back to Just Tires and they said I must have gotten another nail stuck in there. I had to go to work so I didn't leave my car with them, but later that afternoon I decided to remove the tire myself and inspected all around, it was only that nail and no previous patch, which means the mechanic had never removed the nail, but just inflate my tires.
This place is made to rob your hard earned money. They tried to suck you into fixing other unnecessary things and improperly fix what you were intended to fix. Again, becareful with this JUST TIRES place in fairfax.

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