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Julie Zwemke-Trahan review: selling sick kittens with ringworm 2

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8:02 am EDT
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I have been talking to Julie for about 3 mos. ready to buy a Siamese kitten from her. On June 13, 2015 she e-mail me and said the kittens had ringworms. How would your cattery have RW if you are cleaning your cattery each day Julie. she said that it came from the stud breeder. I ask for pictures from her. and have all e-mail from her. Please BEWARE of this BREEDER. She also got mad after I back-out from buying them. this lady is a nut case shouldn't be selling ringworms on kittens. when a person is buying and paying top price for CFA kittens should be health and disease free. I have all correspondence from her on the fungus and etc.

Update by nwa320
Mar 08, 2016 4:34 pm EST

That breeder email me with pictures of sick/ringworm kittens. I have pictures from her and all emails that she sent me. so it you would like to see pictures from her and statements to show.

Lakeland, US
Jan 02, 2016 3:58 pm EST

Wow! What a nutjob! Even though the internet search on Douglas Royster speaks for itself, I want to add here that I purchased a healthy, beautiful, and loving Siamese cat from Julie Zwemke. We communicated via email and phone prior to my arriving at her home to pick up my cat. I found her to be pleasant and knowledgeable and her cats were obviously well taken care of in a clean, healthy environment. I strongly disagree with this complaint and hope this person gets the psychological help he surely needs.
JTW Florida

Charlotte, US
Jul 20, 2015 7:08 am EDT

My name is Julie Zwemke-Trahan. The gentleman’s name that posted this is Douglas Royster from Atlanta, GA. Before his word is taken against me, please google his name. He has put multiple breeders, both dog and cat, in horrible situations as you can see from internet complaints.

As for my retort, I do not sell sick kittens, and all kittens come with a health certificate from my vet if requested. I also provide multiple pet buyer recommendations, including the kittens this gentleman is referring to. I spent 3 months of time dealing with this person who was supposed to be at my house two days in a row and could not be contacted via phone or text when he was to be there. I actually thought he was dead on the road, and when I found out he never intended on purchasing the two kittens he wanted for months, and saw he was listed as a scammer on the internet, THAT is when I got upset. The only action I took was warning other breeders on Facebook to beware. He posted on some of the Siamese Facebook sites, which were immediately removed by administrators, then he posted this complaint on the web. This is the last I statement I will make on this subject, enough of my time has been wasted.