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Jsn BMW Bryanston

Jsn BMW Bryanston review: Very bad experience 1

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My Mini Experience

Driving a MINI Cooper S, I consider one of the Top 101 things you must do before you die and I am sure the new one must be under the Top 10 things you must do before you die.

Some people just dream, I bought an incredible all red Mini Cooper S new September 2005. The dealership of choice was Northcliff Auto MINI Dealer. Kim De Ponte the Mini Agent at Northcliff Auto made me feel so welcome and part of the MINI family in SA, brilliant service, I knew I have made the right decision out of all the vehicles that was on my short list.

Today, 58000 km of fun, fun, fun.

Everything the media, the MINI people, surveys proof. I support 100%

The MINI is the best car to drive!

Well-done MINI SA!

Except for the incompetence of the so-called capable hands of a MINI Service partner and their highly trained experts that have screwed up the joy, excitement, entertainment and fun that the MINI and the MINI badge offer, that also have devaluated my MINI to a stand still.

Service plans and Warranties do not cover the frustration disappointment and sincere concern that I have about owning a MINI.

My profession requires me to travel in and out of JHB, cross borders and international, no car no income, reliable transport is my no: 1 priority, one reason why I chose the MINI.

On 15105 km my MINI was serviced for the 1st time at Northcliff Auto. I asked them to sort out a rattle that was in the pillar right by the driver’s right ear where the safety belt goes in, from the delivery date the rattle was there, my solution to the rattle from new was to put the radio volume up, I enjoyed the loud music.

Getting the car back they explained to me what they have done, adjusted all door slots, vacuum seal dash for the rattle problem, changed the micro filter because it was blocked. Happy, off I went and the rattle was still loud and clear right in my ear, nothing was done about that.

I had no time to book the car in for another day. Rattle, not serious. Loss of income, serious, and off I was on my next business trip.

On 18391 km while on business in Newcastle KZN there was a metal grinding noise from the engine coming and going, very concerned being so far from home, at BMW Newcastle they could not help me, my MINI came back to Northcliff Auto on a flat-bed and I drove home with a Imperial rent a car organized and covered by the service plan (1.2L Tata Indigo sedan max speed 143km/h [protected]@@K, what a insult to a MINI driver) Thank you I’m home safe and lost two days of income. Getting the car back they explained to me it was power steering related and fixed it and if I want them to fix the rattle that was in the pillar right by the driver’s right ear I had to book it in again, I just couldn’t, had no time.

On 31081 km I stopped at Northcliff Auto to have the front right hand side parking light globe changed, the lens of the light was stone chipped and broken, water entered and the globe fused, right in the beginning of ownership of my MINI. Enlightened that they offer to help me straight away, half an hour got my MINI back they changed the globe no charge to me, explained to me it’s a big job changing the broken lens that I must either book it in or wait till next service, had no time to book it in, happy off I went. Stopped at Steve’s Spar 1.5 km away from Northcliff Auto to buy myself a Coke. I don’t know why, but I switch the lights on to see if the parking light is working, it was not, made a U-turn, back at Northcliff Auto ten minutes after I left the first time, they said it is electrical related and have to book my MINI in. I had no time to do so straight away, so I left.

I thought to myself that next time I need anything done to my MINI, it would be elsewhere. (I was so wrong)

Rattling away in my ear and broken parking light lens and fused globe possible electronic problem, which I don’t believe it was, very loud music, UB40, U2, Vaya Con Dios, John Lenon, Beetles and Bee Gee’s. Get the picture, I enjoyed!

I have relocated in June 2006 from Emmerentia JHB to Fourways in the North of JHB now JSN BMW Bryanston was most convenient for me, and so I needed them.

On 35725 Brake Pads! Phoned JSN Bryanston and booked it in the F1 bay, half a day out of work. Well done, job done, no problem. I was convinced that this is where I will service my MINI in the future. Happy.

September 2006 My MINI One Year Old! Worked hard, played hard, far and fast. An unbelievable motoring experience!

Noticed some pitch-black oil leaking inside the engine area just below left hand side engine mounting, stopped at JSN Bryanston spoke to Sean Workshop Manager? Told me it was the engine mounting leaking oil and need to be replaced, the 2nd service which was around the corner it would be ok to drive my MINI as is till then.

On 41988 2nd Service, I decided JSN Bryanston. Requested them to fix the rattle right by the drivers right ear where the safety belt goes in, replace the leaking engine mounting, replace the micro filter because the air con had a terrible smell, to replace parking light globe and replace broken lens and to do a thorough check on my MINI. They dropped me off at home.

Day one, no car no income. Day two, no car no income. Got a call end day two that my MINI is ready. They picked me up from home.

At JSN the service advisor explained to me what they have done, replaced the engine mounting, fixed the rattle, treated the A/C with a anti-bacterial deodorant and that it will no longer smell, that after a 101 point check by two independent experts my tyres need replacing because of low tyre thread, and the reflector on the inside of the passenger door was missing and they need to replace it at my cost R86-00 I paid, signed and walked to my MINI

Now I don’t know what to say because words cannot describe how I felt and what went through my mind, but I will sensor the words and give the short version.

· I approached my MINI from the rear noticing that the Northcliff Auto dealership sticker on the rear window of my MINI was removed and that ugly JSN BMW sticker was stuck right above the rear window wiper, thinking as I was walking closer I’ve been out of business for two days and they had time to put that ugly JSN sticker.
· On the driver side as I was about to open the door I noticed black grease finger print marks on the inside of my MINI where they have fixed the rattle, where the drivers safety belt goes in on that almost white plastic cover
· Getting into the MINI curios to see what reflector I have paid R86-00 for on the passenger door, there were nothing, just a big hole, where a reflector is suppose to be. Thinking to myself Carte Blanc loves these kinds of stories and so do the Police this is criminal.
· In front of the Mini the broken parking light lens and fused globe were not replaced or reported even after the so-called 101-point check by two independent experts. Now I was thinking aloud so let your imagination roam with very ugly words!
· Opening the bonnet of my MINI the grease/oil mark where the engine mounting was leaking oil on the chassis was not cleaned up.

Getting hold of Sean and Nicholas from the workshop pointing the above mentioned out to them, Sean dearly apologized and on the spot offered his car for me for the next day so they can get my MINI in first thing in the morning to sort everything out.

Driving home with my MINI after this ordeal the “my MINI” feeling was gone, I was very upset and very disappointed. I stay 6km from JSN, halfway home the bad smell of the A/C was coming back.

Next day I was at JSN Braynston in the morning told them about the A/C as well, took Sean’s car for the day, late afternoon and my car was ready and now;
· After I have pointed out the ugly JSN BMW sticker the day before and removed it in front of them they had the odacity to stick another JSN BMW sticker at the same spot, if I wanted the [protected]@@king Ugly JSN BMW sticker on my MINI I would have bought my MINI there, why do this dealership go out of there way to upset there customers, is this a disease, they should be closed down and put under quarantine, until they know how to deal with motor cars and their drivers, it is sick, they are obsessed with stickers but can’t do the job right in the workshop, or is it the dealerships insecurity in the business world to see other dealerships stickers as a threat removing them and replacing it with theirs. Who ever is the “Boss” at this shop have lost focus. I removed it again, after all it is just a ugly sticker
· The A/C they explained to me must be treated with the special deodorant which they got very little left of and need to do another car, I must come in at a later stage to get my treatment.
· I opened the bonnet and was shocked to see that where the grease/oil mark was looked like they have cleaned it with sand paper and sanded it down till they reached the metal under coat grey/white in color on the left side of the chassis, It should have been red body color, it look like my Mini have been in a major accident and been repaired by a unqualified panel beater who had no red paint there goes my MINI secondhand value for a bowl of ###, thank you very much JSN BMW Bryanston. Nicolas tried to take a photo with his cell phone.
· The reflector, lens and globe were correct.
· They gave the MINI a inside valet to clean up the black grease finger prints marks where the rattle was and made me believe that they did me a huge favor doing so.

Whatever the future arrangement was that Nicolas was explaining to me I was no listening I just had to leave.

The “domino effect”, have kicked in unconsciously now if I think back. I have told people of my experience.

Time went by, now it is just going from A to B no more fun driving the MINI.

On 55865 Brake Pad warning light came on day before, booked it in at JSN BMW Bryanston I thought the worst thing that could go wrong was for them to put another ugly JSN BMW sticker, which they did, I removed it as soon as I’ve got my Mini back.

March, I’ve been working out of JHB, hectic schedule.

About two week after the brakes was done by JSN BMW Bryanston I notice a very strange mark on the bonnet of my MINI the size of three R5-00 coins on the left hand side of the air in-take, to cut a long story short, it was brake fluid damage (photos available on request), JSN BMW Bryanston have done the brakes and were the only one’s that had brake fluid close to the MINI.

On 58572km I explained to Sean and Nicolas at JSN BMW Bryanston and pointed out the damaged paintwork on the bonnet they agree to repair after the paint technician had a look and confirmed it was brake fluid damage, same time in the workshop I asked them to please change the A/C micro filter because of bad smell the mini technician pulled the filter out believe me nothing good or clean could go through that filter, at last my MINI will smell good inside again. The technician viewed the damaged paintwork on the chassis area, and it will also be sorted out plus a whole list of new things.

I’ve forgot to remove my Bluetooth devise when I gave my MINI in for the brakes; it was not there when I got the MINI back, stolen out of the MINI. Now let that be an expensive lesson for me, mentioning that to Shaun the workshop manager he was very adamant that that is very strange and does not happen at JSN, never heard of that before. I did not ask him for another one, attitude.

Now for two weeks my MINI is in at JSN BMW Bryanston to sort everything out, loan car I’m driving a BMW 320d got it empty and dirty. I just don’t appreciate anything anymore. I don’t know what to expect this time when I get my MINI back, that ugly sticker and what else. I’ll get violent!

Now this has started to interfere with my professional and social life, unacceptable!

I do understand the cost and implications involved when it come to normal wear and tear on a motor vehicle, this is not normal, its the incompetence of a MINI Service partner and their highly trained experts that have went out of their way to screw up my MINI experience and also have devaluated my MINI to a stand still.

I did not expect or demand anything more that what have made all the 100 000’s of MINI drivers out there so happy to vote it “Best Car to Drive in the World” Now that my MINI life time with me is coming to an end, will I ever experience anything good?

I know there are things that I have forgot to mention; I have written this to the best my memory could serve me now.

There are not enough words in the English Oxford Dictionary to describe my disappointment, anger and frustration.

BMW SA, MINI SA and JSN BMW Bryanston don’t expect any mercy from me.

What must your sales force think of you? I am turning them down, with my concerns, when they want to sell me the new MINI or BMW.

I’m dying to have a good look or to test-drive the new MINI (top10 things you must do before you die) and for that matter some BMW models as well, but in aid of what, for this episode to continue. Your competitors are preying on your incompetence.

Do I speak to the;
· Dealer Principle
· AA
· Media
· Legal Advice
· Police
· The walls
· All off the above

Whoever is concerned about the business, or have a passion for the BMW & MINI brand, have got very little time left in responding to the above.

The following people have received the above e-mail on the 9/04/2007 and this was the address list:

Addressee Position
JSN BMW Bryanston Stravros Neophitou MD
JSN BMW Bryanston Sean Montgomery Production Manager
JSN BMW Bryanston Bryan Fernandez Service Manager
JSN BMW Bryanston Martin Breytanbach Business Manager
Northcliff Auto Gary Alge MD
Northcliff Auto Kim de Ponte Mini Agent
MINI SA Karen Valle CEO
Synovate Pro-active
Customer Care10/04/2007 BMW/MINI SA Ref no: [protected]

The Response was pathetic on the 10/04/07:

At 08:15 on 10/04/07 Northcliff Auto Gary Alge MD Northcliff Auto phoned me, apologized, and was shocked about my experience, Gary didn’t need to apologize things did not go wrong at his workshop, thank you Gary, apology accepted by me.

At 08:30 no 10/04/07 Northcliff Auto Kim de Ponte MINI agent phoned me, disgusted of my experience over the ownership period, and now understand why I don’t want to buy a new MINI, sorry Kim. I’ll be a fool if I spent R300 000-00 for another experience like this.

At 16:40 on 10/04/07 JSN BMW Bryanston Sean Montgomery phoned, confirm that he receive the letter, and that my MINI will be ready on 11/04/07 at around 10:00 that he will phone me and we can both go through the MINI and see if everything is done.

The BIG DAY have finally arrived 11/04/07 I’m getting my MINI back!

At 10:00 on 11/04/07 no phone call.

At 11:00 on 11/04/07 no phone call.

At 12:00 on 11/04/07 no phone call, I have rearranged, moved, and cancelled some of my appointments for the day to fit JSN BMW Bryanston in, [protected]@@K lost income again.

At 12:10 on 11/04/07 Hallelujah! My phone rang JSN BMW Bryanston Sean Montgomery asked me to please come in to JSN BMW Bryanston to come have a look at my MINI that have been involved in an accident in the workshop at JSN BMW Bryanston during the morning of the 11/04/07

45 minutes later I was there. Now do not expect me to explain to you what went through my mind, that at JSN BMW Bryanston I stayed calm I did not murder or assaulted anybody is true, that I could is true as well. Sean and Nicholas was with me, Sean to old, Nicolas haven’t got enough weight behind his fist to give me a blue eye, the MINI mechanic fair fight I would have saved the MINI nation. The MD, boss of the shop was not there I would have saved the BMW/MINI nation.

Have I insulted the JSN sticker or the boss off this shop, I hope I did, crimen injuria, no, maybe the next best thing, speaking the truth, yes.

Stavros, does your mother know about this or are you afraid she will pull you by the ears if she does?

Some Greek Wisdom; ‘give somebody power and you’ll see there character”

As a proudly SA Consumer do I deserve this, NO!

Business is buying 6 cokes paying R5 selling 6 cokes at R6 taking R1 profits correct me if I’m wrong the more JSN BMW stuff up my MINI that is under maintenance plan repairing it claiming from maintenance plan the more money they make, exceeding the “Harvard 4”, master minded and screwing BMW, well done JSN BMW Bryanston, now I have figured it out, you should have let me in on your plan I would have not complained, now I also understand why you have the most mail-functioning unqualified, under paid personal in the workshop, its part of your business plan an observation by a layman.

The economics of this business doesn’t make any more sense.

Every time you got an unhappy customer your business is at a crossroad, go research the ‘domino effect’ and if you don’t know what I means ask me I’ll tell you and show you where to do research, may I remind you that customers are perishable and dangerous, as well as your bread and butter.

I also know that in the history of MINI my case is the first, and I expect it will be handled in that way to.

On the 12/04/07 I left 3 messages in the morning for the MD Stavros Neophitou to phone me, because at this time I really wanted to speak to the responsible person, eventually he phoned we setup an appointment same day for 14:00

At 14:00 on 12/04/07 JSN BMW Bryanston, MD Stavros Neophitou apologized for what have happened from the beginning to end and that they’ll repair my MINI and have it ready on Monday 16/04/07 that it is only the door that is damaged and they will fit a new one, that it won’t be done by a BMW Body Technician, that my Mini service history won’t be affected and he personally will see to it that no notes is recorded, and it will be as good as a 110% fixed, my MINI will be as good as new and my MINI second hand value will not be affected. He also offered me a New Mini at cost on a normal trade-in deal with my MINI. I did not except do you think I’m a fool.
I demanded a replacement vehicle brand new Mini similar specs I gave him the spec sheet.
He explained to me in his mind how a replacement vehicle works and that it won’t happen from his side FOR ME IT IS UNACEPTABLE!

All I hear is sorry, sorry and fix, fix, fix, it is fuelling me with anger and frustration beyond imagination, now they should consider me dangerous.

Late afternoon on 12/04/07 BMW Customer Care, Pumza Menzi called me. She called it feedback, told me that they spoke to the Dealer Principal that had a meeting with the client and that everything was sorted out and that the dealership will repair the vehicle and that the problem was solved, FOR ME IT IS UNACEPTABLE! Is this the best excuse for this brutal incompetence BMWMINI SA can come up with?

Fact; no paint technician can mach color 100%, where Stavros Neophitou MD JSN BMW Bryanston get his 110% from I don’t know, I don’t think he know he is in the motor industry cosmetic, make-up?

A little bit of law:
· A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another intending to destroy or damage any such property or being reckless whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged shall be guilty of an offense


And further more what about

Lost income and everything else mentioned in the letter above.

I have given nobody permission, right or reason to [protected]@@k me around like this.

I’m a reasonable man with no unreasonable terms and conditions.

As in a court of law, applying the reasonable man test, I am a reasonable man.

Consider all the innocent passionate caring BMW MINI dealers and BMW MINI customers out there as a time bomb, and how they will react to the ignorant way that my complaint was handled and dealt with.

I do know and understand that MINI SA Head Office do not deal with customers complains they are not geared or trained for it, neither do they getting paid for it. I also know of the Durban KZN new MINI launch last week and that the office was busy beyond comprehension and that they have got family lives as well, but as have explained; I know that in the history of MINI my case is the first, and I expect it will be handled in that way to, you have distant yourselves from me in a time when one of your biggest fans and supporters have needed you most and up to date 16/04/07 not a single phone call, not even a secretary to tell me to be patient. You can stop launching new MINI with that pathetic approach, looking after potential New Mini Buyers.

I’m not going to go away, I’ll be there till the end of your miserable career.

Focus! A story, have always got two sides to it, the beginning and the end. No! JSN BMW Bryanston, BMW/MINI SA and Mine. I can’t wait.

I don’t get influenced or prescribed by no one my thoughts, requests and demands is of my own.

My demands are non-negotiable, and will be an expensive lesson to you; the some way my MINI is an expensive lesson to me.


1. That JSN BMW Bryanston workshop close down for a full inquiry compiled by 3rd party paid by BMW/MINI SA as to what is going on in there, it’s a business they going to lose money and sue BMW SA for such drastic measures, so BMW can sue them for losing clients, it’s not about that, it is protecting BMW and Mini enthusiasts and owners who have brought both to where they are today.
2. That BMW/MINI SA give JSN BMW all credits or money paid for training or courses attended by workshop staff back in cash, Because BMW/Mini SA did definitely not do a proper job off training these individuals that can’t be blamed for there incompetence at JSN and have wasted the owners money, and I can witness for that, and they will be retrained before the workshop can reopen.
3. That all workshop staff go for k53 driver license training, even if they have got their legal drivers license before ever getting behind the steering wheel of a customers motor vehicle.
4. All JSN staff goes for a house holding course (not to cut your fingers when you cut bread)
5. That the business practices and dealership status being revue, even if it is a family business since 1975, in order to remain a BMW Dealership.
6. Give me a written apology of my experience at this dealership by dealer and BMW/MINI SA.
7. You had a charge where I would have excepted a replacement vehicle similar specs, now I will not even consider, now I demand a NEW MINI FREE my specs I will own a collectors item and keep my old one, it will come from your expense and marketing accounts. You can give me a dozen MINIS for free and it won’t dent your accounts, this is marketing worth investing in.
8. Kim de Ponte to get the agent commission on my new MINI as in a normal sale because I would have done the deal their under normal conditions.
9. To keep my red mini with an extended maintenance plan for another 58000km, because the first 58000km screwed up by JSN BMW Bryanston.
10. That all previous complains and claims from other customers against JSN BMW Bryanston be reinvestigated.
11. A reasonable independent survey is done no the secondhand value of my MINI, with only three questions to six unexpected motor dealerships, three BMW/MINI dealerships and three others of choice.
· A normal trade-in, on a new car, do not mention anything bad or history on vehicle, determine trade on my MINI.
· A normal trade-in, on a new car, do mention to the valuator that the MINI was in a small accident repaired 110% by a private Panel Beater and not by a BMW Body and Paint Technician and that is why nothing was recorded on the history of this MINI, determine trade on my MINI.
· A normal trade-in, on a new car, presents the valuator with a copy of this letter determine trade on my MINI.
· If there is as much as R1-00 difference in value between the three questions from the six dealers, that all my demands will be adhere to, which is fair.

Addressee List:
3. BMW MINI SA Customer Care
4. BMW MINI Germany
6. All BMW MINI Dealer Principals countrywide whose e-mail is on the web.
7. All your competitors whose e-mail is on the web.
8. Autodealer
9. Top Gear UK
10. Top Car
11. Car Magazine
12. The Star
13. The Citizen
14. Every Magazine & Newspaper that have published the results of the 2007 Synovate Quality Award for Service and Sales Satisfaction with in South Africa’s Automotive Industry.
15. Carte Blanc
16. 3rd Degree
17. Summit
18. 94.7
19. 94.2
20. Metro
21. KAYA
22. 702
23. SA Consumer Board
24. RMI
27. AA
28. Mini Owners Clubs local and international.
29. Chat Rooms, Blogs, copy and paste where ever I can.
30. JSN BMW Bryanston

This list will also grow as I get new ideas.

Do not under estimate me as I have got consumer rights, freedom of speech and whatever it takes. I won’t give up.

I will bring you to your knees for the way you deal with customer complains and change the way you will deal with customer complains in the future, because this complain is passion driven as well.

Who ever responsible have got 5 days as from 23/04/2007 to respond back to me, and 3 months to deliver my NEW MINI!

The BIG DAY finally arrived again 16/04/07 I’m getting my MINI back!


Another BIG DAY have finally arrived 20/04/07 I’m getting my MINI back!


Another BIG DAY have finally arrived 23/04/07 I’m getting my MINI back!

At 09:00 I’m to meet with BMW/MINI SA representatives and MD & Management from JSN BMW at JSN BMW Bryanston to inspect my MINI after repairs and bodywork and to get it back, I hope?

Jan van Rooyen
Cell: +[protected]
E-mail: [protected]
My MINI registration no: SRL 518 GP

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Hello .
Last year I purchased a "highly tuned AC Schnitzer" BMW X5 from JSN Motors Sandton. After a years time, I took the car for a service and found out it was not tuned AT ALL. This cost me R137, 000 and I drove around for a year thinking it was highly tuned with AC Schnitzer. When I confronted BMW and JSN Motors, they basically just offered to put it in now when I complain. I want a full refund for the car because this is fraud. It said on writing that it was there but it wasn’t. Please watch the YouTube Video I made "" . I warned them that I will blast the media if they did not even remotely try to help or compensate for my loss.
What would any of you do in my position? Would you react the same way?

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