Joshua and Crystal TessmerThey scammed a 71 yr old Widow woman out of her RV

Feb 20, 2020 Review updated:

Joshua Tessmer, 10/29/1980 and Crystal Tessmer, 03/28/1982 from Waukesha, Wisc. please do the right thing and return the RV or call soon.
They were living in their car for months, we figured about 6 months to a year. An old run down Bonneville with two dogs, squashed in this little car. We all felt bad for them and helped as we could.
One person really felt hard for them and she had this RV for sale for 10k OBO
Josh had just gotten a job at Hertz and Crystal just got a job at Domino's pizza.
They told the lady they could pay 1000.00 at the end of the month then 500.00 the next month then 300.00 a month until paid off. The lady said that would be too hard for someone who is starting over so just pay me 300.00 a month until you paid 6500.00.
They said OK, the lady took them to the DMV and said to give you dignity and respect the lady paid for the title to be put in their name, temp tags, a full tank of gas and took them out to celebrate.
These two worked that week but on a Saturday went to work but just kept driving to who knows where.
Stop working and ran like a thief in the night.
To add insult to injury, they told people we were all fools for trusting them, and we deserve to be taken advantage of.
The lady is just lost her husband and on a fixed limited income. Please share this.
2000 TIOGA, AZ TAGCCB3999, VIN 1FDWE30L8XB6443
The Tags DO NOT BELONG to the RV, and they have NO INSURANCE to add to this, caution, they carry a gun.

They scammed a 71 yr old Widow woman out of her RV
They scammed a 71 yr old Widow woman out of her RV
They scammed a 71 yr old Widow woman out of her RV


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    WIlson188 Feb 24, 2020

    I find it sad that today world is so upside down. When someone is helping and being kind and someone abuses them, that the good person gets negative post and they seen no wrong with bad people. SHAME SHAME SHAME

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