Joe PapayDo NOT get involved with these people in any way, shape or form

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Joe (and Sheila) Papay have been running scams on many people for years. They have active, outstanding warrants out for their arrests. Just look at the Maricopa County, AZ. court records (superior and justice court records plus Sheriff Joe’s maricopa county website) if you have any doubts about these 2 clowns. They have numerous judgments against them for all kinds of things such as “contracting without a license”, bilking people out of money, fraud, drug use/possession, breach of contract, defacing public property and failure to pay rent (just to name a few).

They have to live a nervous life always looking over their shoulders because they have conned so many people and no-showed so many court dates.

These people created a life of hell for themselves. They can’t answer their door or their phone for fear it will be somebody that they conned ready to give them what they deserve.

Do NOT get involved with these people in any way, shape or form! These people are toxic.

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  • Mb
    mbclark Jul 11, 2012

    Stay as far away from Joseph Papay as you can. This man is a scam artist. If you want details on him get on AZ Supreme Court, AZ Superior court and sites and plug in his name (plug in his wife’s name too -Sheila Papay- as she is the mastermind behind all of the scams Joseph Papay has pulled off. The court records speak volumes about these two clowns. Take the time to look at them. These two have a scamming track record that is a mile long. Stay away from both of them –they will use you and abuse you without a 2nd thought.
    God created Hell with these two in mind!

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  • Ke
    Kelse E Aug 04, 2012

    I whole-heartedly agree with the above commentary!

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  • Gc
    G. Chisolm Sep 18, 2012

    Joe Papay (aka: Craftsman & Design Services Chandler AZ.) will bilk you out of your money without a 2nd thought and he will smile while doing it. His wife (Sheila) will laugh all the way to the bank. DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE THE MOST SELF-CENTERED, EVIL PEOPLE YOU COULD EVER COME ACROSS!!! THEY FEEL FOR NOBODY, EXCEPT THEMSELVES!
    Do a background search on these creeps online (including court cases in the state of AZ) You will see why it would be foolish to do any sort of business with them.

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  • Le
    LE Ward Nov 02, 2012

    I definitely agree with what is written here about Joe and Sheila Papay. These people are NOT to be trusted. These people THINK they are smart but in actuality they are about as dumbass as people can be. It's true that they have successfully scammed people out of significant amounts of money. I am sure they smile to themselves, thinking how clever they are. But really, the irony is that by screwing others over, they have permanently screwed themselves. They both have criminal records. They have about the crappiest credit anybody could have. They will NEVER own their own poroperty because no financial institution would ever lend to them. They're both in their 30's now. They will hit their 40's, 50's and beyond and always be renters. They will never own anything because of the choices they have made in life and the things they have done to other people. Stay away from Joseph and Sheila Papay. Don't be another one of their victims.

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  • Jp
    JPapay Nov 07, 2012

    None of the negative comments or posts referencing me or my business have been written by actual customers. Please notice that there are no specific details related to a project- what I was hired to do, how much I was paid, what work was done or not done and how they were ripped off. Additionally, how or why would a customer know what property a contractor owns or rents and their credit rating? The same couple of sentences are slightly reworded and reposted every month under different user names. I can say with near 100% accuracy that these comments are being posted by a couple of neighbors that we have had some contentious relations with. This is their attempt to smear my name and the work I do. Again, a CUSTOMER with a legitimate complaint who harbors as much anger as the people project in these reviews would have a very detailed story to tell. So like the saying goes, don't believe everything you read on the internet. I won't be surprised if I have just tipped them off on how to 'properly FALSELY' complain. So, maybe after this post some magical complaints with fake details will be posted so they can at least attempt to appear to be true.

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  • Cs
    CS Lewis Nov 17, 2012

    Click Here:
    Need I say more???????????

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  • Jo
    Joe Papay Nov 22, 2012

    Actually, more needs to be said. Again, no specific complaints. Ironically, all of these "customers" live in Tempe. Click on the profile names and all are registered as living in Tempe. One of the posts says I'm a dumbass, yet anyone reading these are supposed to believe that since June I've only pissed off customers that reside in Tempe?! Well done, neighbors. Well done.

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  • Vy
    V York Nov 23, 2012

    Actually, more does need to be said Sheila: who cares if the comments come from people in Tempe or not???!!! The FACT is that anybody who does their homework and looks up Joe Papay (or you for that matter) will see for themselves that you both of you have rap sheets a mile long. Yes, all they have to do is look up AZ court records on you two losers. You can try to combat all these negative (and true) comments with dumbass arguments like "all the comments come from Tempe" but how can you combat the criminal records that exist out there on you and Joe??? Well done Sheila...well done...hope you enjoy being a renter because that is all you will ever be. No financial institution will ever loan to you with the rock-bottom credit score you and Joe have created for yourselves.

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  • De
    DenZen Dec 19, 2012

    I don't know anyone involved in this pathetic back and forth, but here's my take on what I've seen so far:
    According to the above link, Joe Papay has been arrested for engaging in contracting without a license. It could be true, or it could be a simple clerical error. That needs to be addressed.

    However, it's quite obvious that the negative comments here and other places are left by one or two disgruntled neighbors. I see the same wording, grammar, and spelling everywhere. By doing so you've destroyed any credibility you may have had.

    I also saw in the Republic that neighbors are angry with the fact that the Papays are raising chickens and the neighbors don't like it. That's fine, but if you're out to ruin someone's reputation by pretending to be many people because you don't like something in his personal life, well, that's just childish.

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  • Do
    DontBelieveIt Dec 29, 2012

    Clerical error? Seriously? There are actually 2 instances of Joseph Papay being caught for contracting without a license. Are both of these instances a "clerical error"??? Highly doubtful. The Papays have a documented hisory of all kinds of cases against them. Just do a little research on them out on the internet (search court cases/documents in Phoenix, Chandler, Buckeye and Maricopa County and also look at for their mugshots), it doesn't take long to find their rap sheets. They have cases against them for everything from failure to pay rent (many times) to contracting without a license, to defacing public property, to fraud, to stealing water from the City of Chandler, to failure to carry auto insurance. Plus they have numerous liens against them.
    Who cares who is writing these comments??? (only the Papays do) The point is to warn people out there about these criminals. The message here is DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH JOSEPH AND SHEILA PAPAY or CRAFTSMAN AND DESIGN SERVICE. Numerous people have been screwed over by Joseph and Sheila Papay. Thanks to the internet, people can now be forwarded about these manipulative scammers.

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  • Hd
    H Dubois Jan 08, 2013

    Go Here: and put in last name "Papay, First name "Joseph, DOB 10/1979, leave it set as"ALL SEARCHABLE COURTS" then click "Search". A list of Joe Papay's court cases will come up. Click on case M-0741-3844195 and case #M-0743-CR-20110544 (both of these have to do with contracting without a license).

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  • Hd
    H Dubois Jan 08, 2013

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  • Jp
    JPapay Jan 12, 2013

    Actually, the details of your postings do matter. You are trying to discredit me by creating multiple alias' and posting vague bogus claims about poor quality work or out right scams. The reality is that you are the one's without credibility. You can't back up any claim you've made. All you do is post links to public records. So, let's address those. Contracting without a license means working a job that is above a certain dollar amount. It doesn't mean anyone was scammed or ripped off. Sheila's case was dropped, so there is no drug conviction as you claim. There's also no cases involving defacing public property or water theft or fraud. It's clear, as someone else posted previously, that this is just a ridiculous and juvenile exchange. Obviously your posts express your deep rooted hatred towards us that's not based on any real issues. We have moved past this and I hope you can do the same. It makes me sad to think that spending so much time on this posting board is the best thing to can do with your time.

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  • Th
    theaboveistrue Jan 13, 2013

    I lived with the Papays while under their employ. Simply stated Joe contracts without a license. Sheila sets up the job. They hire people from Ohio like myself under the promise of a good salary, A place to live - not with them and a vehicle. Needless to say within the first 8 hours of being on the ground of AZ I was put to work.I was made to move into the Papay Household the same day. I was paid for 2 weeks and then the money stopped. I worked for no pay and some of the above my have been our customers. Some may remember me. I wore the cleveland indians hat to your homes. We ( me mostly) posted on Craigslist offering our services( I still have the original posts). I have been party at one instance where Joe said he had a license and he did not. As i made the decision to leave AZ and returned to Ohio I was working with one of Joes old clients. Joe stole the check made out to me and dumped me off at the airport with $25 in my pocket. If there is any question to my credibility I have copied and pasted an email with full headers written to me from Sheila after i demanded payment for my services. The admission to guilt is in her own words. Also submitted is the pictures Sheila herself sent me, informing me that she could not pay me.

    Money Back to Messages
    From: Sweet Cherry <[email protected]> Add to Contacts | Invite Sender | Block SenderFull Header
    To:"[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    Sent: Wed, Jan 05, 2011 08:42 AM,
    You know this is really sad. The way you are acting is very hurtful and wrong. I had
    planned on sending you money. Joe's court date is tomorrow and the charges are being
    dropped which means the bond money will be released. I planned on sending money to you
    from that. Cash is still tight here. But I made you a promise and I planned to stick to
    it. When you started demanding and posting ### on FB (you know it is wrong) you will get
    nothing from us. You lost our friendship and you will continue lose in many other ways.
    Please delete what you are posting on FB about us. You know it is wrong. If you want any
    chance of things going right for you, you should do the right thing.
    Your ex-friend,

    Sent from my iPhone

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  • Gr
    Gregrey Feb 02, 2015

    I am opening a restaurant where Joe Papay was contracted to do my epoxy floors, build cabinets and tile. Joes craftsmanship is shotty at best. He did finish the tile in his defense but, did not build the cabinets to our specs, he was 3feet short on one end. He also only completed 35%of the epozy floors and skipped town. Supposedly all the materials wwre on site but when we tested the materials, it was water mixed with chemicals to resemble the materials he said they were. He knew from the begining he was going to commit fraud. If that wasnt the case Id say screw it, I dont need the stress in my life, but he planned it all along. I went to the manufacture he bought the material from and he bounced a chwck there. I gave her all his details. He is a liar, a cheat, and someone needs to kick his ###, to drill into his head he cant do tHings and get away with it. If I ever see him on the street I will do that, and I hope he will press charges, that way when the cops run his name those warrants will do him in at the end. Good Riddance Joe Papay and his dreadlock wearing ### of a wife.

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  • Jo
    Joepapaysux Sep 07, 2015

    I fully agree with ALL the stuff above!!! I have a complaint out against this scammer fraud. I get a check here and there as restitution reimbursement for All of cash up front he demanded to do the jobs we agreed upon, but there are MANY MANY more checks due back to me before I am paid back. The state of AZ sends them after they arrest him and part of his bail money gets sent to me. When will enough be enough and the courts just arrest his ### for good?!?! I call the county courts monthly to keep the case 'alive' so he will always be on the police radar for warrants and arrests, as he has NUMEROUS in SEVERAL counties! It's a sad life he must live, but I will get back what is owed to me that I worked for! He is the lowest life form and a POS!!!

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  • Fe
    Fenix Rentals Dec 27, 2019

    Posted Dec 2019 - Hired in Nov 2019 *** Joeseph Edward Papay III (Joe) - Hepheastus Construction (absolute BS name) according to Google, Hepheastus meaning is Greek god of fire and metalworking, HUH! - - NO license, NO LLC, only a Trade name with the Arizona Secretary of State was hired for interior remodel work for a small apartment. He camped out in the vacant apartment without consent and made jarred honey while he stayed there. Illegally cut the lock of the Gas meter that had no account. He was pirating the gas service to turn on the heater . LOW LOW character just like a thief. This guy poses as a contractor. Who may know very little about the craft but just enough to fool people into thinking that he can actually build something.

    Over a 30 day period, I paid the deposit he asked for, and I got no work, NO visible actual true contractor work done, NONE!. He's faking it! Seems like a nice guy at first and seems honest. With deadpan expressions he can look you straight in the eye, but it is really an empty shell of a person. So he charades his way through it and gladly wastes your time and takes your money so you can further his day by day existence. The nice guy, kinda quiet, clean looking guy, is the best disguise I have seen yet to rip YOU off!!!

    He doesn't drive a truck like real contractors do! He drives a Silver Nissan Cube! That's a RED Flag! Hopefully anyone considering to hire him will see these testimonies and stay far away from Joe E Papay III - Another RED Flag - his personal name is not listed on his paperwork. Paperwork is not on professional looking stationery, another RED Flag. He uses computer printed estimates and so there is no reason for him not to have his name and contact information on the estimates or invoices, or receipts. Get a pre-printed receipt for your payments or type one up and have them sign it as receipt for each payment you make!


    GET pre-printed receipt for your payments OR type one up yourself and have them sign it as receipt for each payment you make!

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