Joanne Nelson (the real one) psychic basher troll liar and cowardjoanne nelson the real one a fraud

P Review updated:

thepsychicreviews. We have looked at the case of Joanne Nelson UK who has lied, stolen imagery, altered text and defamed a psychic threatening empty threats about the police enough is enough you are a troll, a coward, a liar and following fools a typical "sheep" you should be ashamed of yourself any decent human being would remove your fake complaint but you are looking for attention you are a ignorant spiteful woman who is full of bravado hiding behind others and your lies are disgraceful

We the spiritualists are coming together to ban against this forum The Psychic Reviews. The members of this forum, which is small in group have defamed readers and spiritualist to the extreme. Causing defamation, slander and libel. They receive readings and then when the reader doesn't get "it all right for them" they go on their cult forum and destroy the readers business. This site was started by a single 42 year old man, never married, no children. He goes by the member name "Healer." Healer is a good name for him only due to he wants to now date his forum members. The forum is a cult. They are paid by a select few of readers to advertise for them and to slander their competition. Healer is taking donations from the blind sheeples that follow him because he "relates to their pain." Yea right!

I know first hand due to I registered for this forum and took screenshots of all their schemes. Many of these women in this forum are married and wanting extra marital affairs and blaming the readers when they can't lure their lover into their lives. It is pathetic! Names are going to be released of these women on the interwebz of all their scams and their lies. Their real life is going to be exposed due to how they defames numerous readers.

Stay away from this site! Do not drink their kool-aide. They are sick individuals and will stab you in the back when you don't go along with their devious plans!

Follow these blogs where it is just beginning the war against this forum. A psychic/spiritualist/advisor forum is being formed and all names of so called callers will be exposed. They are scammers, cheating not only to get freebies but also on their partners. They rip off continually by making up numerous member names to get freebies. We are onto you all and we are fed up and fighting back. Thank your leader HEALER!

shame on you joanne nelson for defamation of character and bullying your family should be proud of you NOT you are a horrible cheat liar and just seeking some form of attention

Joanne Nelson (the real one) psychic basher troll liar and coward


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