[Resolved] JNT CargoDelaying and Cheating

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Mustafa, an Egyptian Manger of this JNT company ( has taken all my house furnishers and promised me that this cargo will move out of Dubai by 7-10 days maximum even if it is a groupage and it will reach to your house at Canada (Vancouver) by 45-60 days maximum.
He said that they are very reputed company and not cheap company like some others, after 40 days I sent him an Email asking him about the news of the shipment arraival, he did not reply for that email and for the next 2 emails as well, and after my 3rd angry email, he replied me saying it has departs from Dubai after 45 days and not 10 days, because it was groupage, and so I replied him and I told him but you said early that even if it is groupage that will not be late, and then he did not reply.
I made a complain against him and his company to the Consumer rights in Dubai, and he said to them that he dose not have a contract with me. So he is not suppose to fix a date for the arrival.
I replied to him and told him that I asked you for a contract and he said we work in trust and no need for it because it is a long procedure to do it and by the time the cargo will reach to you.
I trusted an thieve unfortunately, but I warn all about the contracts and take the insurance papers of your cargo always because even though I paid for the insurance for my stuff but he did not give me any papers.
JNT company is the worst ever I heard and dealed with particulary that Egyptain Mustafa.

  • Resolution Statement

    On January 5th, 2016 resolution done by paying me a compensation for the lost items while cargo moving.


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      Mar 31, 2016

    we try this company . they are really professional and they deliver on time. the have a good reputation in UAE

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      Sep 03, 2018
    JNT Cargo - Re: Reinstall windows, Lost settings

    Some error with me please help me

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      Dec 09, 2019

    This is the worst service I have ever seen in my entire life. I am in a nightmare for a whole year. In November 2018, They took all my furniture worth 25K AED, (including big iMac, and valuable appliances, some are priceless life memories), plus 6K AED fees, to deliver from door to door (sharjah to cairo) . After one year of no delivery, but excuses, they have offered me 4K as a compensation, to forget about my stuff. when I refused it, they have blackmailed me that it is me who is not cooperating. During a whole year of horrible communication, they kept promising me of delivery dates, and failed to meet any of them. And when I communicate my frustration their reply was that they are doing me favor by not escaping from the UAE, and leave the commitments behind as suspended, in addition to endless excuses. lately, they even cut the communication and now, I know nothing about my stuff and money... They are just a bunch of unprofessional losers.

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