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Hello. My name is Janet Fort and I am writing about JMC Auto Sales & Leasing Co. located at 13206 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, OH 44111, phone number [protected]. I purchased a used car there on June 19, 2008 for $3300.00 cash. After having the car only 2-1/2 months the oil light came on. I took the car to a garage and they put it up on a rack and found a crack in the engine and advised me to park it and not drive it and to contact the car lot since it appeared that the crack had probably been there when I purchased the car. I contacted the owner of JMC, Abe Barhouma and he told me that the car was sold "as is" and basically it was my problem. He insinuated that I had been driving the car with no oil or water and that caused the crack. I had two oil changes done. One as soon as I bought the car and another one about a month later. I am 52 and disabled and have been a licensed driver since I was 16. I know how important oil and anti-freeze is for proper function of an engine. Mr. Barhouma was not willing to provide any assistance to me other than contacting his mechanic friend to see if he could find and install another engine, at my cost of course. I even asked about getting another car and he said I could trade it but I would have to pay cash since I paid cash for the car when I bought it (he has a big "financing available" sign in his office but said I didn't qualify since I paid cash prior). He never bothered to do a credit check or anything. He was very rude and disrespectful when we (me and my daughter) tried to talk with him and basically told us it was not his problem. As I said before, I am disabled and had received money from a disability claim because I was stricken with Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) in 2007 and was hospitalized from April 28, 2007 until February 12, 2008. I understand what "as Is" means, however I feel that I was sold a "salvage", parts only-- not a car. I asked him how he could sell such a car and what type of business morals he had and his answer was the he didn't manufacture the car. Can you help me?


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    DEJAWNTE Apr 27, 2010

    him and his company are just scam artist who use the poor to expand there business get all we have at the monent then change there name and move to a new location abe aka ahab barhouma same guy he say he is not the owner but his name is on the company as the owner just a lying as rip off NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM J.M.C AUTO SALES INC OR J.M.C AUTO SERVICE

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