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I recently had a run in with the Sales Staff at Jim Bass Ford in San Angelo, TX. My wife had gone in to test drive a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport and afterwards decided that she wanted to buy it. She spoke with the Salesperson and he told her that the down payment would be $1000 and the monthly payments would be $200.

The next day, I went down to the dealership to sign the paperwork and get the car for my wife. The Salesperson informed us that the manager now wanted $1800 down payment and $356 monthly payments. When I asked him why, the Salesperson explained to me that it is hard to find a 2001 Montero Sport in such good condition. I asked him if the condition had changed since the 24 hour time frame from when he spoke to my wife last.

I asked the Salesperson for a Carfax History report and the Blue Book Value. I informed the Salesperson that there was some front end damage to the car on the Drivers-Side wheel well. I stayed outside the entire time, as I was upset for the treatment we were receiving. The manager in all this never came out to speak with us.

The next thing I know, I am being told that I was banned from the premises and could never do business with the Jim Bass Ford on Houston Harte in San Angelo, Texas or any Jim Bass Ford locations. I was banned for asking for a Carfax History report, the blue book value of the car and asking the Salesperson why the terms had changed.

Funny thing is that looking for a quality used car in San Angelo, Texas is kinda tough if I cannot go to any of the Jim Bass Ford locations. So basically, if you disagree with the practices of the Sales Team or ask any questions, prepare to be banned. Once again, Jim Bass Ford in San Angelo, Texas, don’t ask questions or they will ban you.

Just received another call from Jim Bass Ford. Seems they just got the online survey that I filled out in regards to another used car. The call was basically to let me know I was banned from doing business with them. I guess they not only wanted to disrespect me at their Dealership but now feel it’s best to do it by calling me at my house.


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    Angelo_Frank Jan 14, 2011

    I have numerous complaints with their service department. They don't want to honor coupons they or Ford send you in the mail, the vehicle is returned to the customer filthy or with scratches, it takes forever for their so called "Quick Lane" oil change service, it's chaotic, and they always argue with the customer. If their goal is to drive away customers for their service department they are sure doing a good job.

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  • Ya
    YAPPY Aug 05, 2011

    Abilene is just a short drive away... It will be well worth the drive to purchase a vehicle! As for service, if it is not warranty, take it to All American Chevrolet. They have awesome advisers and they are very organized... I would even make the drive to Abilene for a warranty issue if at all possible. I know they have been family owned and operated for 50 years but they wont be around another 50 with the way they are doing business since the original Mr. Jim Bass has passed...

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  • Jt
    J. Trosclair Sep 29, 2011

    I was recently over in San Angelo- 750 miles from home. My vehicle was acting up and it was electrical. I took it to Jim Bass Ford and they told me I needed an alternator, o2 sensor, and fuel pump and it would cost $1500. I told them I just needed to get home, what would get me home? They said an alternator. I told them that Sears checked the alternator and battery and that they were fine. They repeated that was what it needed. So, I told them okay.
    I paid $480 for the alternator (which is 1/4 of my monthly income). I got 1 hour out of town at 9pm and my van completely shut down. It wouldn't turn on, the lights wouldn't work, etc. I ended up calling 911 with 4 kids in the car and sitting there for 3 hours waiting for police, a ride, and a tow truck. I had it towed back to JB and they said it started right up and wouldn't fail to start once they jumped it, but now it was over heating and the engine was knocking and I needed to trade it in.
    I told them I couldn't afford to do that out of state. They refused to give me a refund and said that I had signed for the alternator. They're lying about what they said to the BBB. And, as of right now, I'm at home from a rent a car which cost almost $300 and my car is in a drive way in San Angelo.
    I have owned 4 Ford automobiles in my life- I'm only 33. I can tell you that this will be the last one!
    If you need a car, or have car trouble, save yourself a ton of money and heartache, and go somewhere besides Jim Bass Ford!

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    Angelo_Frank Sep 30, 2011

    If I were forced to utilize Jim Bass for any vehicle problems there are only two mechanics in that shop who know what they are doing. One is Ray and the other is Joe. Of course, having to deal with the service advisers is another story. They are clueless. It doesn't matter what make of vehicle one owns. Unless it's warranty work and you are stuck in San Angelo, go somewhere else. There are some excellent independent shops in the city. Even though they recently changed service managers at Jim Bass, it appears it's the same old pathetic story of a 'no' service department.
    Your situation, J. Trosclair, cost you a lot of time, money and heartache. Clearly, another victim at the hands of the service department at Jim Bass Ford. You have my sympathy.

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  • Jo
    Joel luis Feb 05, 2016

    Im a soldier who was gone for 7 months and my wife took my car to be inspected since it started make a wierd noise and driving funny they took it in and said nothing was wrong. Do i told my wife to take it somewhere else and they said the car was not alligned so i asked my wife to take it back where afain they said it was perfect. When she was getting ready to pick me up 5 states away i had them inspect it and again the car was perfect. When she got here it started raining and she noticed that the wipers were broken. And left a huge scratch. And when she picked me up and i started driving back the car had a severe lean to it and a bumpy ride needless to say when i got home i gave it a walk around all 4 tires were bare there was a huge dent in one rim from god knows where so i was concerned. After i wrote down everything that was wrong that i could see and took it to another mechanic i wanted to see what they would say. I drove it there as messed up and i got a green light for everything even though everything was in really bad conditions. I confronted them and pointed at everything wrong with the car and needless to say i was pissed and asked for my money back for these so called inspections. And the service manager said theyll do a real inspection this time and they woulf give me an estimate he said that there 52 point inspection is nothing more than a walk around and that unless something is extremly bad they dont do anything. Then my orders came in to move to north carolina and i had 3 days to fix my vehicle to leave. They gave me a 1800 estimate about things that were not broken. When i asked for my money back the manager said i wasnt getting back anything and that the other mechanics are wrong. So i flipped and said just give me my car back my wife literally spent 400 dollars in inspections for nothing i had to contact my leaders to try to get my money back he debied everything (i had proof in writing) after my leaders said they would blacklist then for the miltary he gave me a "free" alliignment. I got it and was forced to buy 4 new tires and rims since the others were ruined and got my car serviced elsewhere. After i left i gave them a bad review and reicieved a phone call warning me that he would contact my "base 1st seargent" and too take my review down. This is a horrible place do not waste your time and money they dont even respect there veterans.

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