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Jiashan Yong Feng Electronics and Jiashan Liyinda Electronic Co., Ltd*

Jiashan Yong Feng Electronics and Jiashan Liyinda Electronic Co., Ltd* review: Buyer Beware 4

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9:34 am EST
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Jiashan yong feng Electronics
Address:Sanli Economic Development Zone
Jiashan County, Zhejiang
Contact person: Mr. Leon One
E-mail: [protected]
Tel: 86-573-[protected] [protected]
Fax: 86-573-[protected]

Jiashan Liyinda Electronic Co., Ltd*
No 50, Yinxiu Road, Weitang, Jiashan, Zhejiang, China.*
PC: 314100.*
Tel: [protected].*
Contact: Leon.*

Buyer Beware of the above company/companies.
• Production units will different from sample
• Production units will differ from each other by over 15%
• Poor workmanship
• Poor Customer service
• Months of Delay in production
• No Responsibility
• Poor Company Back ground
This company only wants your money, they will never back their manufactured goods.

I am a loud speaker designer and have lost over US $ 10, 000 trusting this company. I advice those never oem or odm from them. They will just sweet talk you and rip you off. They will give you the highest quality parts you request but their workmanship is not up to the standard. My speakers utilize highest quality parts e.g copper ribbon vc, aluminum former, copper short rings, ndfeb magnets etc. but due to their workmanship these speakers differ from each other by far numbers and thus cannot be offered to customers as it can affect my company reputation and brand image.

“Besides high quality parts and Remarkable designs, excellent workmanship is the key factor in building a high end loud speaker” Quoted by audiophiles

“A speaker is a speaker. It doesn’t matter if it sounds different as long as it can play sound” Quoted by LEON ONE. Owner of the above company

If you are looking for low cost speaker US $1 to $3 there are still better manufactures out there.
• They can’t position a voice coil or phase plug properly
• Untidy Gluing of speaker surround, dust cap, voice coil
• Speakers will have different sensitivity, le and ts parameters over 15%
• Poor Packaging
• Rubber surrounds have high risk of being damaged because they don’t measure their gift box.
• They will give you 110 excuses and will promise to do better next time even offer 15% discount. But no refund no return. You pay again but no guarantee that it will be better or worst.

I have learnt my lesson.

Update by Power up
Feb 15, 2011 10:57 am EST

Thanks Simon,
I really appreciate your attention, right know my friend is handling the case and if he needs assistance i will contact you for sure.

I have to agree with your quote "Factories with no solid foundation".

I fell into his trap not once but twice.

1.When i ordered the 1st batch of speakers i ordered in 3 different models.But received 300 pcs all in one model and that too after delayed period of 4 months.

these are high end, high cost speakers but the workmanship was very poor and untidy.They will not have a value or attract customers eye.And if it doesn't attract customers eye how will it get a chance to play for them.

I complained about this and they said sorry and will do better next time.I also complained regarding shipping me 300 pcs of the same model.they said they will give me compensation of 50% the next time I order .Heres the catch, This is the second trap, I just didn't realize it, thought to give them another chance and sent them 30% down payment to process another 200 pcs.

After a another delayed period of 4months i received the 200 pcs and believe me "Not just the price of the speakers were compensated but the quality was also compensated by 50%".LOL

The funny part was the manufacturer quote about his definition on a speaker.

“A speaker is a speaker. It doesn't matter if it sounds different as long as it can play sound” Quoted by LEON ONE. Owner of the above company

a speaker can sound different my friend, if they are of different designs.Not the same speaker of one design, with the same parts, Tolerance maximum 5%.if they exceed this level its means your workmanship standard and quality control has to be improved.

Now i just complained to him showed him the proof and measurement of his speakers.He doesn't want to accept the fact.

He tells me no refund no return

"You order again 200 pcs and i compensate 80 pcs ".

Do you think i should fall for this trap again?

The second trap was the quality dropped by 50%. I wonder the outcome of the third trap

Update by Power up
Feb 16, 2011 3:12 am EST

@Simon Maybe Simon just maybe .

@Ronald.Thanks Ronald, I hope my posts can help people make their judgement before purchasing from this company/companies.

, DE
Feb 15, 2011 12:27 pm EST

I remember this company, I give some them some business years before.We don't now.They are very slow and like "power up" mention very poor quality.I really like your post "power up", very helpful for us audio fanatics. I also feel very sorry for your problem and loss.Hope a good out come can be achieved.Some companies just ignore, that these type of complaints can taint their company's reputation forever.Once Again Thank you for posting :)

Simon Wong
sydney, AU
Feb 15, 2011 11:17 am EST

ROFL Perhaps 280 speakers with no sound?
Better yet 50% DISCOUNT on the SIZE of the speaker LOL.

Simon Wong
sydney, AU
Feb 15, 2011 10:08 am EST

If you need support, I know an agency in china that deals with these kinds of problem.They have a high success rate

Simon Wong
sydney, AU
Feb 15, 2011 10:05 am EST

This is the problem factories with no solid foundation, they tend to eat up customers hard earned cash to make a living.Very sorry for you loss.Have you reported this to police?

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