I was shopping around for an engagement ring when I came across Juelia. They showed some really nice products on their website and advertised some of their rings as being Rhodium plated, which is a high end metal compound that protects rings from fading and scratching easily. As their prices showed the product to be on sale I bought it, only to find out 2 months later the ring is a normal sterling silver ring with NO Rhodium plating on and it is already showing signs of scratches and dullness. They refused to give an explanation on their false advertising and only sent a short apology for my 'inconvenience'. The ring is worth less than 50% of what I paid for it but they refused to give me a refund and said they also can't take back the ring. I want to warn everyone NOT to but anything from this company as the chances that they lie to you about the specs of the product is almost certain. Don't waste your money on them!!! It is a scam and they are selling cheap Chinese imported crap to you. When I checked into this I found the parcel was actually sent from Hong Kong so that shows you the quality you can expect. BE WARNED!


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    John Dornan Oct 20, 2016

    They ripped me off too. They shipped me a ring missing stones. I even paid to send it to CA and they still never fixed it. So wrong! What can we do? Order number 100125837
    This is where I shipped it back.
    (First Name): WNZAK
    (Last Name): xia lin
    (Address): 20275 Business Parkway. #Y2832
    (City): City of Industry
    (State): CA (CALIFORNIA)
    (Zip Code): 91789
    (Tel): 626-415-4695

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