Jeff Hillgoss & Ryan Dalechartwell saint cloud state university, minnesota

R Jan 01, 2020

Terrible company to work for as long as these two individuals are involved in any forum. If you happen to be in food service and come to cross paths with these two serpents then be weary. This company does not follow any module or have any company incentives. There is no pay-scale and no yearly review system. A billion dollar company that doesnt have a pay-grade system. Meaning you can be hired at 12.00 and hour and remain at 12.00 for the next 10 years or however long you decide to stay around. You can be the most loyal and hardest worker, they dont care. They dont care about the people that really make the difference and work hard. This account in particular likes to hire only International students that are only allowed to work no greater than 4 hours (you know, so you don't have to give them breaks or allow them to eat) while not providing training hours. They pocket all the funds the food contracts provide for specifically training hours to employees and rather you train and learn on the spot. Not entirely bad sounding, but the kicker is for most of these student worker employees its there 1st week in America. They are then tortured trying to learn currency, food safety, restaurant standard, and flow of concept all during service hours. Guest get confused and so do employees. Jeff and Ryan dont give a [censored]. They dont know how a real restaurant works these two alcoholics are slime buckets who manipulate the company and its employee's. They are the type of people the bible tells you to be cautious of. Its all about getting the most done for them and getting totally nothing in return. No recognitions. BUT if you happen to be related to someone who is a salaried employee your chances of having a great career are alot more likely than someone who does not. Lots of favoritism goes on here. New employees fresh out of high school with no experience or background that have family in the company usually start at a higher wage. Sad situation. Lots of good people have left because of such reasons. I hope Jeff and Ryan get ran out of town. Jeff use to run the company that was contracted there before Chartwells, which was called Sodexo. This POS got that multi million dollar contract taken from the school and is now wondering why Chartwells has a 300% turnaround rate!?! This guy should wear a red wig and nose when he comes to work. Do yourself and your family a favor nevvver give these two scum bags a mili second of your time. Any job is better than working for these.

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