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JEC Nutrition LLLHoodia H57 Guilty of False Advertising and Fraud

I received an email offer from a company that distributes Hoodia H57 (by JEC Nutrition). I checked the website because I had read that the specific type of Hoodia they were offering was effective and beneficial. Before ordering online, I called the number posted on the website to ask for more information. The sales rep talked me into taking advantage of their "buy two get one free specia"that, she claimed, would allow me to purchase two 90 count bottles for $59 each and receive one free 90 count bottle. She mentioned SEVERAL times that this was nearly risk free, because if I did not like the product after trying it, I could return the two unopened bottles for a FULL (I repeat, FULL) refund of the purchase price, minus shipping. I placed my order of the special based on her recommendation and assurance of it's risk-free nature. I received the product, tried it for about 10 days, and saw none of the promised results. No change in appetite, energy, etc., at all. So, assuming that the company had been dishonest concerning the type of Hoodia they used, I repackaged my two unopened bottles, included refund instructions, and shipped the package back to the appropriate address via "signature required" USPS. After about three weeks, I called the customer service number to inquire about my refund. I was told that they hadn't put me in the system yet and to call back in a week. I called back in a week and was told that yes, I was in the system, and would be issued a refund for...$79. Wait a minute! I should be receiving $118 in refund because the bottle I kept was FREE, and the two I returned were $59 each. The customer service "person", told me that his boss decided that the offer I received wasn't really fair to them, as they would be losing money, so they had charged $40 for the bottle I kept. (I'm sorry, do you think I'm TWELVE?!?) I explained that this wasn't the deal I was sold, so to change the "rules" after I had ordered was false advertising and fraud. He said he would have to have someone pull the tape and listen to see what I was actually offered if I wanted the full refund. I told him to go ahead and do that. Of course, I haven't heard back as to the results of the "tape search", and I suspect that I never will. I'm going to call back and tell them to refund the $79 and keep looking for the tape. In the meantime, I'm going report them to the Federal Trade Commision and the Better Business Bureau. And when I'm in New Jersey in a few months, maybe I'll just drop by the address listed and assist them in looking for that tape. BUYER BEWARE! This is not a reputable company, they have tons of complaints, and what they are doing is illegal!


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    Joseph P Mar 05, 2007
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    My name is Joseph. I work for JEC Nutrition, the company that manufactures H57 Hoodia. Ms. Baldasaro did in fact receive a refund for $119.90 on August 26, 2006, right back to the Visa with which she purchased the product

    We do in fact record every phone call in order to endure that we are able to revisit what information was told to individual customers. If operators provide false or misleading information we do everything in our power to make things right by our customers. Ms. Baldasaro's case is proof of that.

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