Jason KatzSHAME On Attorney Jason M. Katz for his horrible business procedures


I am on my daughters checking account in Cincinnati, Ohio she put me on her account because she is in the military and I need to take care of her affairs for her. She also works full time. I have not and do not put any of my money into her account. However Attorney Jason M Katz has filed for garnishment of my daughters account and has a hold on it and will not let it go he said to prove that was her money only we did every thing he ask and he still refuses to release her money.

I live in Cincinnati, ohio and she lives in fairborn, Ohio one hour away.We sent him bank statements showing the direct deposits of her job and from the military and gave him check stubs and he still refuses to be hard nose. as a result My daughter is facing eviction and can not feed her self and her unborn child as a result we are now seeking to report him to the Attorney Grievance Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. We think this is in bad taste and shows unethical behavior.

This is my debt and I should pay for it, I have already made arrangements, so why is my daughter paying for a debt that was made when she was a baby?

SHAME On Attorney Jason M. Katz for his horrible business procedures.

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