Jackson Health Systemincompetent mri tech natasha proffitt

S Dec 09, 2019

Her lack of care for patients caused her to completely miss the seizure that her patient was suffering while under her care in the MRI bed a few days ago. Her constant flirting with male techs/nurses takes her focus off the patients.
This all started in August 2018 when Natasha Proffitt started inviting male techs/nurses to drive up to Jupiter (where she lived) to "hang out". I will not speculate on what she did with them over there, but she increasingly became lax on her actual job duties every time she came back. One male nurse got divorced because of her advances, so this is obviously serious.
Illicit sexual encounters aside, I am more worried about possible injuries to patients in her care while she is busy going after her next male preys.
Just watch her, and please, protect the patients.

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