J & J Investigations, Inc.Slander


Jimmy Alvarez will slander anyone that get in his way and he even con his on family out of their life savings. Jimmy was born on 07/01/1958


  • Ri
    rightaway Jul 15, 2013

    I guess to know one know this scammer.

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  • Ri
    rightaway Jul 15, 2013

    Just found out Jimmy go by his AKA PRESTON M RODRIGUEZ

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  • Ba
    baddeal555 Jul 15, 2013

    We had dealings with Jimmy Alvarez last year and he did mess up the job we gave him.

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  • Sa
    sandpiperr Jul 16, 2013

    Is this the Jimmy Alvarez that was a rogue cop in new York?

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  • Pu
    puddingtang Jul 19, 2013

    I live down the street from Jimmy Alvarez and early one morning. He attack his wife and starts throwing things at her. Jimmy Alvarez is a very unstable person.

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  • Ho
    honeywelltoday Jul 19, 2013

    Please beware of this person below he is a con artist.

    Jimmy Alvarez

    President at J & J Investigations, Inc.

    Greater New York City Area
    Security and Investigations

    ID Number: 11000115895
    Business Name: J & J INVESTIGATIONS INC
    Business Address: 59 31 58TH DR

    County: QUEENS
    Expires: 10/31/2014

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  • Jo
    johnboy9000 Jul 21, 2013

    Jimmy Alvarez is a con artist and a scammer.

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  • St
    starrtrack Jul 22, 2013

    Is this the same Jimmy Alvarez that took brides when he was a beat cop for the NYPD?

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  • La
    larrybuttercup Jul 23, 2013

    Jimmy Alvarez is the same cop that took bribes in New York.

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  • Ju
    justwrite Jul 23, 2013

    J & J Investigations, Inc. scam my mother last week and now they are screening their calls and want talk to my mother after they got her money.

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  • La
    LaPresaCanario Jul 24, 2013

    All these postings are false and as can be seen none have their real names are attached. All the complaints posted here come one week after I filed complaints in both Montana & Texas with law enforcement and with federal agencies.
    No evidence is shown as to the bad reputation of my company or myself.
    What has happened here is that last week my company & myself files complaints with law enforcement against Tina Berry out of Montana, who claims to be employed by MDI, Verify, Inc. & James Moore out of Texas, who claims to own Data Services. They scammed my company / me out of $800.00 and refused to refund this money. Now it will cost them more than $800.00 to defend themselves against the scam.
    I am not hiding and as such have no need to worry about false allegations. My current and former clients know that my word as good as my money. As for these postings they seem to be from James Moore who cannot put a sentence together and also speaks with an impediment as if he was drunk or was dropped on his head. His email is: [email protected] so Google this con artist and see who is the con he is using several manes and runs peoples credit reports when they complain about his scams.
    Call or run his phone number and see for yourselves: James Moore, 972-357-5887

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  • La
    LaPresaCanario Jul 25, 2013

    Some of these postings are so dumb as the posters. Why wait one year to start complaining about this and all of them within a one week period? Sad day for these ### heads and anyone who listens to these losers / scammers.

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  • Jo
    Johnny Hargrover Jul 29, 2013

    Jimmy Alvarez,
    It looked like you tried to scam someone, and they caught you at it, and now you are upset about it and start bashing people. If you need attention to go to the zoo.

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