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I have been searching all over for any complaints about this issue. It appears that it could just be impacting my family's checking account and other credit card account. I have been recently a vicitm of a scam and fraud from Several merchants using this system have stolen money from accounts including my health savings account. They starting by authorizing amounts such as $9.95, 9.99 and by nothing above 30.00 which would cause the financial institutions to notify me. I am an advent consumer. I constantly check my accounts which is why I caught wind of the scam. I have contacted my banks and they have been refunded. I just wanted others to know to check your accounts for This is international payment systems similar to paypal but the companies that are stealing money are using shell companies to filter money out of your accounts with small charges. The companies even have websites set up as though they are doing legitmate charges. However, all of the companies are overseas with address such as the United Kingdom. They have created shell companies that appear to be selling common day goods such as wedding products, coffee, and so on. Please, please check your accounts monthly to prevent yourself from being a victim of these companies. Again the charges will appear as company with a international phone number. If you see these charges, please contact your financial institution immediately to speak with your fraud department to alert them. In addition, run a virus scan on all of your household computers and be careful when using your credit card online. This is one of the fraud charges I saw on my account on 10/19/2010 itepay com wedding (5999), +[protected], GB . I called the toll free number and it goes to a voice mail. It is a scam and fraudester oversea that is probably stealing thousands or even millions undetected.

New Albany, US
Sep 22, 2011 5:13 pm EDT has not scammed you. is a sister company of, a on-line poker site and sports book. When you deposit into, they invoice thru one of the sister companies. Your husband is gambling and not telling you about it.

effingham, US
Feb 17, 2011 4:20 pm EST

ultimatebet use's itepay to filter it's money to them cause its still illegal to gamble online cause it cant be regulated yet

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