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Iq Data International Collection AgencyHarrasment

Do not rent! Do not sign contract! Check everything and take pictures if ever you have to move out! Put everything in writing and continue follow - up! And think twice! Don’t just shrug your shoulder and think that—this is only one bad review, anyway!”… it means a lot to save you from headache! That’s what dave ramsey said.

Put all collection agencies out of work by using cash so we don’t have to deal with ferocious leeches companies. It’s not impossible! That’s how we get rich! So they will feel the pain when they can’t pay their bills anymore. Karma… karma… karma…

For heaven’s sake… please do not rent on lakemont orchard apartments in issaquah washington 18305 se newport way, issaquah, wa [protected], [protected] under holland residential apartments: http: / / www. We are a good tenant, never been late on our rent. We move out november 21, 2009 and were charged a hefty move - out fee of $600++ for cleaning fees, carpet change, etc. , normal routine that other apartments do so they can extract money from the tenants. Their apartment is stinky anyway. We contacted collect global for two months trying to get our account no. , so we can settle the bills and get done with it. Collect global said that they can’t find our account no. , so i gave them our name, last name, social security no. —to help them trace our account. I follow dave ramsey law; pay it off and get over it! So… i contacted lakemont orchard, spoke to glenda or brenda – the manager, (Beware of their lovely smile!, it will give you trouble when you move out!) and john—the new guy in the office, and they said they will contact collect global and forward our file. Collect global can’t seem to find in their system. Unfortunately they can’t find our file. So i called john again and i said, “john, better get in touch with this people because i don’t want to receive call from collection agency”; he said he is going to call me back…. So we waited… and waited…. Hoping that we get a call from collect global.

Today, september 15, 2009. I received a call from i. Q. Data international collections agency, a parent company of collect global as the lady named michelle in the agency tried to explain to me when i ask her - why it’s a different collection handling this matter. I. Q. Data international collections agency demanding an immediate payment of $737. 90 as you can see the payment already accrued interest, and they do this in purpose so they can get more money, giving excuses that their system is slow and not updated—give me that crap 20th century technology. This is exactly i am trying to avoid—that’s why i was so eager to contact this people myself to settle the amount that the lakemont orchard apartments is claiming.

I am the person who barely has credit record as i hate getting credit; so i am not making this up! I am just trying to save people for getting into this kind of trouble dealing with this vulture, money hungry suckers people! I don’t know what values they are teaching to their kids, and hope they can swallow the food they are putting on their tables because they know how they work to earn money. There is more to it! I will post more detailed report, but for right now. I have to post this immediately to save people, who are looking forward to move to this apartment, because at the end you will be dealing with crooks in i. Q. Data international collections agency. Well for the record. I paid my bills $737. 90 the moment i. Q. Data international collections agency contacted me, rushed home while i was enjoying in the park with my two kids.

Take note: we are not the only family who experienced this cruel manner. I have talked to previous tenants and they have said the same thing!!!

As for now, mr. Ryan nee, the manager from i. Q. Data international collections agency promised that he will update my husband’s credit record and my record; otherwise i will relentlessly talk to ftc and attorney general’s office. We will see from there. I wish all people in america will follow dave ramsey rule, so crooks and leeches like this will not interfere in our lives at all. People like this are the reason why america is in bad shape right now.


  • Ka
    KaDeee Sep 02, 2016

    I.Q. Data International just took money directly from my bank account without my permission and is trying to convince me that they can't do anything about it. They are thieves! I made a one time payment weeks before and they used my information to close the account. They tried to convince me that if I didn't pay before the 1st of September the account would be lost to another company, I said I didn't care who I paid so if the account is moved so be it. Three weeks later my money is gone, no letter no phone call they just stole it. I called to find out how to get my money back and got the run around until the offices closed...even management ducked my calls. I can't believe these people stole my money and think that's the end of it. I'm starting with the BBB and after the holiday it's all out WAR for my money back. First, they harass you with calls and don't respond to your answering the phone then you try to do the right thing and they steal your money.

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  • Jo
    JonnyAlaska Jun 17, 2016

    I keep getting calls from these people but when I answer the phone, no one ever is there. So I called their [protected] number, the same on that keep call my home in Alaska. I own my home out right and have never rented in the 40+ years I have lived here. When a young man answered my call to them, he refused to give any kind of reason why I was receiving these phone calls at my home until I gave him my home phone number. Well, Alaskans are just a little different, I told him to have a nice day and to F__K OFF. Hope they get the message and stop harassing me.

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  • Cj
    CJS1202 Apr 17, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had a similar incident with Broadstone at Arrow Canyon in Las Vegas. We gave our 30 day notice like we were supposed to per rental agreement. At the time when we initially rented, I had excellent credit and was told I only had to pay a cleaning deposit. When we moved out, it was after hours and we had to be at work the next day. I left one key on the counter because the office had no where to drop it off and took the second one with me. We did drop off the other key and were told there was nothing else we needed to do. The apartment was left spotless except for some unraveling from cheap carpet. Approximately 3 months later, both my husband any myself started getting harassing phone calls from IQ Data as well as other members of my family. When I called the number, the representatives were extremely rude and threatened to sue stating we owed one more month of rent and security deposits totaling just over $1000. Like others who have experienced them, they wanted full payment upfront or they would put us down as refusal to pay. It has been three years and we are trying to but a house. We are currently renting through a property management group with excellent payment history with them. Keeping my fingers crossed. Agencies like IQ Data need to fall of the planet along with all of their rude, belligerent staff!!!

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  • Bo
    Bonjouraime Feb 18, 2016

    I had a similar experience as most whom have previously posted. I had lost my job and as a result went through an eviction. A month later (June 2015) they called and asked a series of questions, which I answered, but I was called "difficult" because 'Nicole' didn't like my answers. She said she would mark my account as a " refusal to pay". I told her it wasn't a refusal that I would call back when I had income and make arrangements. She then became belligerent and started calling me names before hanging up. I actually shrugged it off and called back to speak to someone different and let them know I would call back to make arrangements when I could, but I would Not do so with 'Nicole'. October 2015 I called to make arrangements to pay whatever the amount was at $100 per month and was told they wouldn't accept my payments, but I could "settlein full", I let them know I didn't have that kind of money because I had just started a week before I was told to get a better job and my account would be marked as a refusal to pay. It's now February 2016 and 'Nicole' and her supervisor are having the worse day ever. I was told again that I would be marked ad refusal to pay & the supervisor said I could go wipe my @&*# with my $100. I called Winthrop Property Management to let them know on two separate occasions I tried to make arrangements to pay in full over time & twice I was cursed at while they attempted to belittle me by refusing any sort of payment. Winthrop Property Management simply said to call them back because everything was referred though IQ Data and it's parent company.

    So, if you're renting through Winthrop Property Management these are the people that they have aligned themselves with and they do not denounce IQ Data's practices, and it seems that they don't accept payment arrangements either. Which is interesting because I would think that the owner would want their money.

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  • Sh
    Sheilajanusz Feb 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid iq data off in November 30 2015 and it's nown February 5 2016 and they are still reporting to the credit bureau we are open and owe them money. I've been fighting with them for the past few months to take it off of me and they haven't. Due to this I was dined to buy a house. I don't know what more to do. I disputed it with the credit bureaus and at the mercy of them. I'm just tired of losing out on a new home because they can't do there job.

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  • Um
    UmeshP Jun 05, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people have no attitude. They dont allow us to talk. All they say is you have a balance due and please get your card and pay. And I told them I would like to receive the bill in mail before I make any payments, so I have the evidence for what I am being charged for and what my total bill is. They said no. We will not send you a bill, you can pay us on the phone with your card. But why would someone pay not knowing what all they are being charged for. You dont just pay because someone calls you and says you have balance due from this appartment and you have to pay with your credit card.

    I clearly told them I will pay once I get the bill and I know what my total is in writing, so they dont come back again later saying, you paid $X amount but your total is $Y amount. So, I would recommend everyone to receive your bill in mail and find what all you are being charged for? what your total amount due is? before you make any payments. And incase you do get the bill and make the payment please ask them to send you a receipt. These people are just making money out of us for free and ripping us off.

    I even asked them if they are not willing to mail it, can they email me ? and they said no. I asked do you have an email address I can send an email to and they replied no. These people are very clever that they dont want to have any written interaction because if they do they know that they wont be able to collect free money from us.

    If i ever have a problem in future with my credit because of this TP collection, I swear to god I will rather spend the money on hiring an attorney and sueing them for ruining my credit, harrasment and asking me to pay the bill without sending me the bill in written.

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  • 12
    123s Jul 15, 2014

    Same thing happened to me with them. I had with Texas Gables apartment and they started calling me 10 times a day . They don't even listen or pay attention to what I was talking. I am ready to pay what I owe but they demanded 900 $ first and now 1200 $.my credit went so bad. The apartment was renovated and they are asking me to pay for it for no reason, which ma not responsible of.

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  • Gi
    gina5296 Dec 29, 2011

    I hate this company. I called to let them know that I will be sending them money for what I owe from my old apartment in Sacramento, CA and the guy told me if I am going to do it my way that I should not have even called their office. He wanted more personal information such as how much money I make, where I work, etc...and I refused to give it to him. He told me that they don't take payment arrangements from consumers. WOW!!! So if I start sending money on my own, how am I supposed to know it will post to the correct account. This totally screwed up my credit bad. I just checked my report and it is on all three scores!

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  • 4p
    4peace Feb 10, 2011

    I recently got in touch with IQ DATA aka global rent collect, many more, but you know the scam...anyway they were incredibly rude no respect just your typical greedy heartless what i consider "not a human being". I've been thinking in the couple hours of research i've done that if we all got our papers, any proof whatsoever including these comments and complaints. We can stand up against them and get them put away for scamming honest people and living the rich life. I admit i had a debt that i thought was unfair and did forget about until recently when i saw it on my credit report for over $100 more with a total of $457 and yes my debt is small compared to some, which on the phone i asked for proof and a reciept of payment and that it would be removed from my credit and was told by an employee that he would get slapped by his boss if he asked for proof of payment over such a small amount. Please gather your proof i want to help us bring them down. It is possible, this is a locally run business. thanks for reading. contact me at [email protected] ...i would really appreciate your comments

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  • Ki
    kimmygirl453 Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a co signer at Rock Creek Landing, the signer never told me about him never paying rent, the people in the office at Rock Creek NEVER contacted me ONCE and i did not get contacted by a court date that i was suppose to be at! Than when Rent Collect Global they had NO IDEA what i was talking about, than some IQ Data people called me wanting $5000 in 30 days! i told them i was a full time student, working full time as well and had other bills to pay so they said i could pay 60% in three chunk payments, and i asked why the signer only had to pay 40% and they said it would follow his record but when i talked to my dad he said that i did a settlement and it was in both our names so that stupid guy i trusted got away with all the crap he pulled. SO much for having best friends for 10 years. Now i have to stop driving my car, had to quit school for a quarter and take on a second job just to pay this huge amount. I take responsibility of a co signer, but getting swung across a loop and NOT KNOWING what is going on sucks . I think when you are a co signer you should get a statment in the mail every month to say if the person living there has paid!!!

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  • Im
    Im soooo Done Mar 29, 2010

    I just got a call from this company as well. From the start of our conversation I caught him trying to cover up information. I already had the information but I asked him just to see if he'd be honest with me, and of course he wasn't. He started off really nice, but by the end of our conversation he stated that I should go out and get this money somehow, even said that I should make a payday loan. Yes, put myself into more debt so that he can get his commission. I don't know of this was some kind of tactic to scare me but he kept passing the phone between himself and another person and each time one would say the the other was on the phone with a lawyer. oh boy, I haven't heard that one before. I'm done with these collectors and this has to stop. I am filing complaints everywhere. I've already called for legal advice. They do not have the right to bully us and to ruin our day. Life is hard enough without them. I suggest the same for all of you, file complaints, file, file, file.

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  • K1
    k13baer Mar 23, 2010

    I just got off the phone with these people and I cannot understand why they are still open. I talked with a dirtbag named dale cain. In 2005 I was garnnished by them for $4085.00 which was paid in full, now 5 years later they have come back and say I owe them another $3117.67 for unpaid attorney fees and interest. I have a copy of the judgement and it includes attorney and filing fees. I asked dale for a complete itemized list of charges and interest that he says I owe. He refused and threatened to garnish me for it even though he agrees that he recieved all the money for the judgement. Is this really legal. What a money grubbing slime ball!!!

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  • Su
    SunshineGirl Mar 23, 2010


    Unfortunatly you can be held responsible for your husbands debt in the state of washington, i know this from experience and i also work in a collection agency in Wisconsin. There are only 3 states that we legally cannot talk to a spouse and that is IA. SC. and CT. all other states we can speak with the spouse about the debt. Now with them saying they are gonna pull you marriage lic and put u on the debt, they cannot do. Its in his name thats the way it is, but whatever was inccured during your marriage or before is now also yours. Dont let them walk all over you. Stand up for your rights, read over the FDCPA and state laws. They have broke several FDCPA laws with me and thats why i am taking them to court and further. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

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  • Di
    disillusioned16 Mar 16, 2010

    I called today about a debt my husband has. My goal was to pay what was owed, not the fees. The conversation quickly turned ugly and I was trying to PAY in full! After I got off the phone, (had to hang up on them) I began to wonder, is it even legal for IQ Data to discuss a debt that is not my own with me? The agent even threatened me with pulling my marriage license and putting me on the debt? Is this legal?
    btw: the end result is that I am paying my debtor directly and will not deal with IQ Data.

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  • Wu
    wuanli Feb 23, 2010

    Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, the way they talk to you like someone with zero education at all. I agree.

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  • Wu
    wuanli Feb 23, 2010

    To: I.Q. Data International, Inc

    I would like to respond to the letter as a bill that I got from I.Q. Data International, Inc.
    As I have explained to you over the phone about the problems between Steele Street Apts and me. But, one thing that I would like it did not mean that I did not pay for the rent, in fact, I moved out before Christmas and I did pay them in full for December of 2010. When I moved out just couple months before the contract over, I knew that I would lose $350.00 for the security deposited. However, I could not stand that place anymore. As the following reasons:
    1. Because the apartment was too old so that the sink, toilet, and bath-tub got stuck quite often- besides that the floor and carpet smell and look terrible. In general, it’s not a healthy place.
    2. The first several months that I moved in, there was nobody upstairs, but after that there were new tenants moving in, and it was quite too noisy at night; flushing toilet, taking shower, dropping things and so on. Therefore, I could not sleep during the night at all. I don’t blame them, but myself, I still have to be at work during the day too.
    3. Parking issue, I lived there less than a year, but my car got hit twice. The first time was just minor, and I did not ask that tenant to pay for the damage because he told me that he was out of work, and did not have money. And, the second time, it was hit and run over night, a part of the passenger’s door got damage badly.
    Therefore, I got frustrated and decided to make a phone call to Steele Street Apts-office right after I saw my car got damaged like that. Unfortunately, the voicemail that I left for them, they said that they could not get it. I have no ideas why?!
    I will briefly go over the part about the “communication” between me, Steele Street Apts, and I.Q data International, Inc.
    Date: 11/28/2009, I Called and left a voice-mail that I was moving out.
    Date: 12/22/2009, I called back to remind them that I was moving out at the end of the month. Again, nobody answered the phone this time so I left a voice-mail again.
    Date: 12/22/2009, the manager called back and told my wife that we need to let them know 30 days in advance. And I was so surprised when my wife told me about that because I thought that they already got my message that I left for them on November 28, 2009.
    Date: 12/30/2009, I called back and let the manager, Mrs. Thompson, know that I completely moved out and I already vacuumed and clean the unit perfectly, and I told her if there was anything wrong with it, then just give me a call; I will come over and take a look. She replied that she would do that and she complained about not giving her any notice within 30 days. Then, I explained to her the situation like above.
    Date: January 2010, I received a bill that I have to pay $1173.93, while the full month is only $525.00, and when I already lost $350.00, now they double the amount as twice as the monthly payment due to cleaning and other fees. I got so upset and had a question on mind, “How come people act like they have no conscience?” All they want is to collect money from other people as easy as they can. In sum, they have no sense of humor at all.
    Date: February 2010, I got call twice from a lady her name is Samantha, who works for I.Q. Data International, Inc. She was kind of harassing and threatening me. She said, “You either pay for it or I’ll call your employer; that’s why I am calling your work phone, do you get that?” Wow, I could not believe to hear that the way she talked like that. I thought a person with education would have talked differently. After telling my friend about the conversation with Samantha, he told me that maybe that lady works for Osama Bin Laden or she is a member of Somali pirates. Samantha also said that they’ve hired me to ask you to pay for it. Well, Samantha, no matter what, you need to respect other people if you want the others to respect you. Personally, all I would like to tell you that you need to be professional in your carrier and be more careful with your language. As I have studied from the internet, I have learned that there are lots of people posting bad comments about I.Q. Data International employees’ bad attitudes and ruddiness, you should notice that.
    Samantha, you need to put yourself in other people’s position, and then you would understand them more. I’d like to tell you this I have had good credit with Steele Tree Apts as well as other bank or business. I never pay them late or run away from any creditors that I have to pay for. In this case, it is not like I bought something or I used my credit card then I did not pay. But the thing is I did not live in that Apartment-Unit for one second and now they want me to pay $117.98? Remember that, I work really hard to earn money; it is not easy at all. I hope you have the sympathy with me.

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  • Da
    darleneG Jan 26, 2010

    The same thing happen to my mom and me. we lived in these one apartments and then they switch managment to Holland Residence. So we stayed there for and extra 6 months. then we moved out due to the rent increase. then i get latter indicatting all the "fees" i owed...then i get a call from the I.Q International sayn i HAD to pay the $300 right away on the phone. and to give them my credit card number i told them i didnt have one and they said " well find one cuz u need to pay now...i was like hell no i wasnt gonna give the my card munber im sure they can recieve money i havent heard from them around 3 gonna give them a call and recored everything and see if that would help me with the court...good luck to me...

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  • Ja
    japenana Sep 18, 2009

    same thing happened to us. but from an apartment rental in southern california. charged us over 900 for cleaning. barely 2 weeks after they sent the itemized list (we didn't understand it was a bill, we're young and it's our first rental and enclosed with the "bill" was a check for 0.64 cents so we assumed that was left of our security deposit) they sent us to IQ international. The "supervisor" harassed me. I was at school and my boyfriend handles the bills which I tried to explain, he called me a liar, said "yeah right" that i don't go to school, called me some names, yelled at me... it was terrible. i hope i'm able to sue one day. i'm planning on reading up on some laws in detail and maybe record our next conversation.

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