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Iowa Department of Human Services review: Melanie Lord, Ericka Jones, Nancy Thompson, Trisha Gowin,Nicole Numdy, Tracy White 1

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I was Forced to sign a safety plan by Erica Jones from DHS and was told if I didn't sign the Safety Plan, my children would be removed from my home by use of police force, and I would be taken to jail if I did not comply by signing the Safety Plan. As a single parent I was outside myself. I was intimidated into engaging into a unlawful safety plan that ultimately resulted in the removal of my children anyway. The FACTS REMAIN, I HAD NOT COMMITED ANY CRIMES NOR HAVE I BEEN CHARGED WITH ANY VIOLATIONS UNDER THE LAW. In 2012 the Iowa Legislature passed into law That The Use of a Safety Plan was to be Voluntary. The use of these agreements Sidesteps the Juvenile Justice System, as well as denying the Parents of the right of Due Process. Voluntary Agreements are not formally apart of any Court Proceedings. Voluntary Agreements Violate the Parents Rights because they lack Court Supervision and Representation by the Courts. Also, Social Workers Make decisions rather than the Judges. These DHS workers are making statements based upon their opinions which were formed in a matter of moments rather then having physical proof of imminent danger being present. The law stipulates that a Parent who is an addict is not enough to constitute the removal of the children from the home alone. A crime must be committed before the removal of the child, which places the child in imminent danger. I also feel these specific social workers have violated my confidentiality rights by discussing the possibilities of a removal with family members in other states which involved children from another CINA case ( Other Family members ). Which discussed the future removal of my children two months in advanced. With a multitude of Proof including Audio Tape Recordings of the Intimidation of the Signing of the Safety Plan and Conformation from the Social Worker Erica Jones, the group discussion of both cases, Detailing the allegations of abuse and neglect, and Possible Criminal Charges placed upon myself, to family members in California and Arizona . The Statements made in court under oath by SWS Jones were false and with the help of the County Attorneys Office they provided the courts with a false misrepresentation of my past. A criminal conviction from 13 years ago with no legal involvement since then has been discovered, I feel does not constitute a profile of a active drug addict or active criminal . I also feel as though I have been railroaded into this case by the same SWS workers which worked my brothers case involving my niece and nephew. In which I attempted to gain custody of only 3 months prior to the removal of my children. I filed many grievences against my brothers social worker, because of her lack of duties and responsibilities of her job. I feel the Purpose of the DHS Child Protection System is to protect children in harm, Not to even the score by making false claims and using their position with dhs to manultiplate the courts and other professional involved. I also feel that when a complaint has been made against the SWS worker That worker shouldn't have the right to take away my privelidges such as communicating with my children. I feel as though DHS has unlawfully removed my children without any crime being committed. The mere stipulation of being an addict according to the State Statues of Iowa Laws does not constitute the removal of my children on the grounds of occasions alone.

, US
Feb 12, 2023 12:39 pm EST

First of all nothing in my case was done right I hadnt met with a DHS worker for months and they literally have lied about everything

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