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I had backordered the domain name
I had previously paid 59.99 to Rose Palm intrustdomains for the backorder.
And after payment since the balance was carried over, I used the money to backorder

I am attaching the proof of backorder and also the proof of paypal trasaction through which I paid the amount.

The intrustdomains wass succesful in catching the backorder which I had placed, but it did not give it to me, as per the agreement, the domain should be given to a customer who had backordered the domain.
Not only that they sold the backorder domain for $1900

Also when I asked for the refund of my balance money, they are not giving it and I tried to contact them, by phone and mail.
But I have not recieved any response.

They have scammed my money.

Ashish Patil
MD/Phd 211
Gen*NY*Sis Center for Excellence in Cancer Genomics
University at Albany
One Discovery Drive
Rensselaer, NY 12144
Phone [protected]

Backorder scam
Backorder scam


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    cool_doc Sep 10, 2010
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    Here is the proof of payment to Rose Palm, email [email protected]


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    InTrustDomains Sep 21, 2010
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    The lack of refund was a mistake in our customer service system. It will be handled immediately. Cindy ([email protected]) wil contact you.

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    itguy80831 Feb 07, 2011
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    It seems like Ken Palm of “Intrust Domain Names” or “Intrust Domains” is rebranding as “Domain Match Makers”.

    Both entities are owned by the same parent company “Domain Names International”. All 3 companies are connected to Ken Palm (also Kenn Palm or Kennon Palm).

    Is this related to the number of negative posts, reviews and complaints regarding Intrust Domains or Intrust Domain Names? Domain Match Makers seems to be a new separate company although the BBB review on their homepage links to the BBB profile of Intrust Domains.

    Coincidentally (Kennon, Kenn or Ken Palm) the owner of “” recently listed the domain name for sale at

    If you search Google for ”domain match makers” you’ll see a number of self issued, paid press releases recently issued by Ken Palm, Intrust Domains and/or Domain Match Makers. The press releases reference the “Denver Children's Hospital Courage Classic”, talking about how Ken Palm and Domain Match Makers are big supporters. Some people, as a proactive reputation management technique, will issue press releases on themselves with positive associations, so when people Google you company, good positive stories float to the top. These paid, self issued press releases are found on Titles and phrases found on these press releases and blog posts include “Help Children by Choosing Domain” and “Domain Match makers announces support for Orphans Hope” and “Changing the lives or orphans”. Why would a company do that? Well, when you’re solicited to buy a domain name from a unknown entity, you’re going to Google their company name to check them out. When the search results include a bunch of soft and fuzzy search results about helping orphans, children and charities, you’re going to assume they are trustworthy. Leveraging the positive association of charity or cause is a common tactic for proactive reputation management.

    The press releases for "Domain Match makers" is filled with phrases like “Domain Match Makers heart touches its community” and “Domain Match Makers demonstrates leadership”.

    Google the phrases “intrust domains” or “intrust domain names “intrust domain scam” and see how the results differ greatly from “Domain Match Makers”.

    Domain Names International is the parent company of both “Intrust Domain Names” and “Domain Match Makers. They share the same addresses. Ken Palm (or Kenn Palm ?) is associated with all three.

    (office location)
    Domain Names International, Intrust Domain Names & Domain Match Makers
    11590 Black Forest Rd, Unit 30
    Colorado Springs, CO 80908

    (legal and mailing address)
    Domain Names International, Intrust Domain Names & Domain Match Makers
    11605 Meridian Market View #124-134
    Falcon, CO 80831

    Thoughts anyone?

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