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Introstem review: face peeling

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You guys are the organization behind introstem that place is shady and so are you guys no refunds for 1, 000 or more for small products not even ultra or Sephora charges that much you will get karma back for what you did to all those people.

Introstem and more mall kiosk people need to be investigated and charged for bothering people and refusing to give their money back especially when they don't tell you you can't do a refund really a 1, 000 do you know how many innocent people you are scamming I hope you go out of business

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Jun 27, 2022 8:45 pm EDT

I was told that a certain person in the store was only there for a few days. He was assigned to do my treatment, Bought the product for $657.80. Suppose to come with 2 treatments. Couldn't make the 1st one and after 10 days tried to return all items. That I never opened and they wouldn't return items. The first sales person said the product to heal from 3rd degree burns. When I asked her for a picture she couldn't find one.

The salesperson use stories to suck you in. Then they Lie to keep you involved. Honestly just want my monies back. Everyone should be allowed to return products if they never used or opened.

Its a HIGH Pressure sales job. DONT FALL FOR IT!