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CB Education and Training Review of International Education Reseach Foundation, Inc
International Education Reseach Foundation, Inc

International Education Reseach Foundation, Inc review: Equivalency report

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As someone who was educated abroad, I was required to hire one of these companies to complete an equivalency report. Unfortunately, I chose IERF inc which I now understand may not be one of the more professional organizations in the NACES group.

In the summer of 2009, I hired IERF to complete my review. After about six weeks during which IERF repeatedly told me they would not provide me any information about the process except to say it wasn't complete I finally agree to pay their "premium" service rate and the report was done the next day. Thirteen years later I am offered employment by a local college "NOCCCD" and told I need to have my degrees evaluated again. This is in spite of the evaluation being a requirement of the State of California education department and me having permanent teachers certification in CA. Although I can show the college the original report done by IERF, NOCCCD tells me that IERF must send them the report directly for them to accept it which IERF refuses to do.

IERF tells me I need to pay them again to redo the original work. Looking at online reviews for IERF I see they have a low rating with many people making the same type of complaint as I am doing here. I strongly encourage people who are in need of the NACES group service to understand not all companies provide equivalent service.

Failure to monitor the value of the work produced by these evaluation services companies would seem to be a failure of the NACES organization.

Desired outcome: I would like IERF, Inc to stand by the report they produced which I have a copy of.

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