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To International and Malaysian Students,

I am writing this complaint with respect to one of the local college in Malaysia, known as Informatics College Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur.

I have been duped by Informatics College for unable to transfer my current major to another interested major. The useless advices been given many times, letter written to Manager for decision making but failed. Course consultant kept saying the similar not effective advices.
I have observed this college has provided some kind of photo copies documents for students. They never keep my record (file) since the day i enrolled. I am so disappointed due to different consultant were unable to trace my file in their file system. In fact, they kept asking me the same questions when i enrolled and what is the modules have done over the semesters. It sounds unbelievably ridiculous.

I tried to refund the rest of the tuition fees amount to RM8000 but the management disapproved my request. the management was unable to suggest anything further at all. One of the feedback was all my tuition fees were sent to the partner University, USQ, University of Southern Queensland, Australia. I immediately contacted the International Office at USQ, in order to discuss the current issue. I was so tremendously shocked that the total tuition fees was kept by their agent "informatics colleges". So, why informatics management was dishonest and tried to kept my tuition to survive in their area. This is absolutely unacceptable and considered illegal to the Ministry of Higher Education.

I was immensely gave up and no other options. I cant transfer to another desirable majors at all at informatics college. I enrolled to another Private University college in Kuala Lumpur. however, the money was not refundable and I had lodged report to local authorities regarding to this con case.

I hope everyone will take precautions to enroll course to this college. They are con and give fake information about their course. The informatics college only tarnish its own image.

I hope MOE authority will take action to investigate this case and hopefully the future unaware student will not experience the same problem.

Thanks for reading.

International student


  • Ra
    ramanes Jul 05, 2017

    hi, i am ramanes from KL. I was study in informatics college, but i unable to complete my studies. They purposely fail some of my subject, to charge for retake exam. i have keep all of the payment receipt.Can anyone tell me how to refund my money or transfer my credit to another college.

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  • Az
    azls73 Jan 03, 2018

    hi, , i used to study at informatic KL many years back then graduated 1999-2000, , computer studies, , twin with Oxford UK, ,
    received my certificate with PASS, , .i'm old school, , !!
    back then it was okay, , but nowadays i really don't know, , , may be new management
    new twin programs, , this and that.
    Good luck to you, , then !!

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  • Se
    Sebastian9999 Apr 08, 2018
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    Verified customer

    @azls73 All cert given by Informatics are not MQA or LAN accredited. Only applied for Mqa in 2005. Scam college. Now it has closed down and set up a new institution known as Doma College. Still not accredited.

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  • Ma
    mareak Apr 26, 2018
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    [censored], I was a student from 1993-1995. So basically i’m [censored] too? I lost my transcript and I want to work oversea so just now I learned the college has been closed down. crap

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  • Li
    Little wong Jan 22, 2019

    @mareak I'd lost my transcript too, what to do?

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  • Az
    AziziKhan Apr 29, 2019

    Ok I was the second batch of international students that went from Informatics College to USQ. This problem has been happening since then. Basically the program is setup as a "twinning" with the college. What it actually means is that the subjects you do under Informatics has nothing to do with USQ. You are given blanket exemptions for the 8 usings then you start your Year 2 and 3 with USQ. USQ doesn't care what you did in Informatics and what grades you got. It's just an entry way they give exemptions for.

    Normally this is fine. You do your 8 units, go to USQ, do your 16 then graduate. You get a degree from USQ for the 16 (not 24) units.

    But when you try to do things like move major which is what you are doing, and what i tried to do, you get screwed.

    I would be really surprised if Informatics is the only college that does this. I think they all do it.

    My story is from 20 YEARS AGO. So you can imagine how many students are affected.

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