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IndovisionTerrible Customer Service Follow-up

We have experiened horrendous customer service from this cable TV provider. After a technical problem was noted on our TV screen, with a technical problem message from the service provider, we were instructed to call their customer service section. It has taken at least 12 different calls by two people over 4 days to get any type of meaningful follow-up action from Indovision. They always give excuses that this is being reported to the proper party, plus apology after apology, but there is no solution given. It is impossible to get to speak to anybody with authority. Such people are not accessible at their customer service number, their webiste has no link to key personnel, and you are always dealing with some underling who can't do anything, let alone think creatively, take a decision, arrive at a solution, and satisfy the customer. This is the classic example of an organization that is more than happy to take your money up front, but provides no backup when absolutely necessary. In addition, since all these problems tend to reside at a lower level of communication, upper management rarely, if ever, hears about these nitty-gritty customer issues. Thus, this organization has no systematic approach to being a 'learning organization.' Consumers and potential customers beware!!

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  • Sa
    Sandi S.V. Bedoel Dec 08, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ini Indovision mau main2 atau gimana yaa?
    Info dari CS (Asep) yg menghubungi saya, masih ada credit 190.000 sekian.. Subscription saya kan 175.000, kenapa masih ada tagihan lagi? Dan masih ada uang saya sama dealer anda "Young Parabola" coba itu CS (Asep) bilang mau di urus tapi kok saya masih selalu dirugikan. Saya bayar ke Young Parabola 900.000 sekian, dimana tanggung jawab dealer anda itu???
    Kalau pihak Indovision tidak bisa menyelesaikan ini, saya akan segera menghubungi YLKI. Saya merasa dirugikan sekali untuk urusan yg seperti ini. Permasalahan ini sudah sejak Maret 2015, dan sekarang sudah Desember 2015. Susah yaa ngurusin yg beginian, untuk sebuah Indovision yg perusahaan besar? Kalau begitu biar pengacara saya yang selesaikan, kalau Indovision tidak bisa menyelesaikan permasalahan ini.

    Sandi S.V. Bedoel
    Accounting & Legal Managing
    Mobile +[protected]
    Sent from my iPhone


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  • kirana puspa habsari Apr 02, 2015

    I have subscribed to the top TV from 2014, and the payment due date is always at 20, but 2 April 2015, at 21:00 pm, all the top tanya my tv channels was blocked with a reason not to pay for the bill 1 April to 2 May 2015, obviously I was surprised, as I know the payment due date on the 20th of each month, why suddenly became the 2nd and more upset, I was not told there was a change payment due, and also has not expired on the 2nd, why has The block all tV shows. I ask this to indovision center staff by telephone. and the staff could not answer my questions, he just stood alone. it makes me very disappointed with the service indovision abusive towards customers. very annoyed.

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  • Al
    Alan72 Jul 02, 2014

    We have been using indovision almost two years and unluckily this time, I'm totally pissed off with indovision costumer service, try to arrange technician to relocated the satellite antenna, takes us ages to come over my new house to get it done. My wife been calling conjugative to indovision hotline for almost a weeks, till very this hour can't get it fix. Both of us are so mad and experience such Horrible services, don't have any sense of professionalism. Totally unreliable and stupid bunch of lunatic indo fellas. Sorry for all my anguish words spell off from here. Planning to stop this unreliable cable services. We've it enought with these stupidity people. We're Plan to looks out for reliable cable TV services, I'm very doubtful this country professionalism. Could someone able to recommend us for a reliable and good sense of cable TV & perhaps goes with the Internet services provider.
    Thanks for viewing the complains wonder whether or not someone would files a complain or do something about this unprofessional services provider - Indovision.
    Regards from Alan & Anna, 2nd July, 2014

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  • Bp
    Bpglobal Aug 30, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i just discovered orange TV. i live in Bali and the go to guy is christian Sata. he seems good.glad i can finally watch live soccer.

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  • Li
    Lily Ayu Aug 26, 2013

    I wish I knew about the poor service or management of Indovision earlier. I just installed indovision in my house and hope that I can enjoy the chanels. But, unfortunately I am also facing the same problem like others. Only enjoying the tv for one week, and suddenly all channels gone. Since day 1 after the blocked it, daily I keep on calling the cuatomer service and spoke to different people and everytime repeating the same informations. I am really fed up, fed up!! (Is there any other words I can use here).. Customer service of indovision told the same thing, keep ur decoder on for 24 hours, so that receiver can accept the channels. Like a fool, I followed them, now already more than a week, I still can't see any indovision channel. Stupid people! Why they do like this??? For what?? Such a big name INDOVISION has got, now spoiled because of poor management in selecting the professional people to handle the problems? U are FAIL, INDOVISION!!! Even I had told them that its useless, and pls return my money back as I don't want to subscribe anymore. But the customer service keep on telling their sorry, and pls gv them more chance to find out the problem. More chance?? Hahahaa, u mean more chance to make us fool??!! Go to hell, man!!

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  • We
    westluxnick May 02, 2013

    Since change over from ESPN to FOX.I have lost Ythe sports channel I have paid for
    Losiing European Cup.Europa Cup etc
    In addition I have received poor service, delays up to 1 month on service.They do not look after their customers.Just take the money.And ignore your requirements.

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  • Br
    Brian00 Oct 14, 2012

    My Indovision Experience:
    Email to Indovision on 5 October 2012

    On 20 July 2012 I attended the Denpasar Indovision office and completed the paperwork to have the monthly Indovision magazine delivered.

    In early August, the magazine had not been delivered so I phoned customer service and advised them and customer service said they would put my complaint in the system and it would be delivered. A week or so later the magazine had still not been delivered so I phoned customer service once again. As it was then half way through August I said not to worry about having the August magazine delivered but just have the September magazine delivered.

    In early September the magazine had once again not been delivered so I phoned customer service once again. Customer service again told me that that they would make a report and it would be delivered. A week or so later I phoned customer service once again as the magazine had not been delivered. Customer service again told me that they would make a report and the magazine would be delivered. I again said not to worry about the September magazine as it was too far through the month and just make sure the October magazine was delivered.

    On Thursday 27 September I phoned customer and asked about my October magazine delivery. I was told that all was OK and the magazine would be delivered on Monday 1 September. The magazine was not delivered on Monday 1 September so I phoned customer service on the night of 1 September. I spoke to a man who said he would personally follow it through with the Denpasar Indovision office and it would be delivered on Tuesday 2 September. The magazine was not delivered on Tuesday 2 September or on Wedbesday 3 September. On the night of Wednesday 3 September I again phoned customer service and spoke to a woman who said all she could do was make a report in the system. I explained that there had been many reports in the system and this did not fix the issue and I or she would need to speak to a manager or supervisor to actually find out what the problem was. The customer service woman put me on hold and just left me on hold until some 20 minutes later I realised she was not coming back to the phone.

    I then phoned back Indovision customer service and spoke to a female by the name of Umi. Umi said that she could see all my previous complaints about not receiving the magazine. Umi said she would put a report in the computer. I explained to Umi that reports had been going into the computer for over 2 months and the problem was not being fixed. I told Umi that we would need to take the matter further and speak to someone more senior because it was obvious that the reports in the computer were not fixing the problem. Umi said that was all that could be done and I should receive the magazine in the next couple of days.

    The magazine did not come the next day (4 October) nor did it come the day after which is Friday 5 October.

    You can probably understand that I am somewhat frustrated by this process. Some days it has taken 5 or 6 hours of constant phoning just to get through to Indovision and the only response I can get is that customer service will do the same thing (put a report in the computer) which has not worked time after time.

    Surely Indovision must have a process in situations like this. There is obviously something not working with your system when all these reports get me nowhere.

    How hard can it be? I just want to pay for the magazine and have it delivered.

    So what do I have to actually do to have the magazine delivered?
    Guess what, no reply except for the automated response.
    Email resent on 11 October 2012 advising that there was no response to my email.

    As of 15 October 2012 still no response.

    If it is this hard and frustrating just to organise the monthly magazine, imagine if one had a real problem.

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  • Ho
    Hotdawg Sep 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, Indovision really sucks. December 2011 signed up for a promo pack at Hypermart in Bali Galeria with OKEVISION which is a subsidiary of Indovision. The sales Rep Intan said that we get 2 months free for all channels and then after that we get the basic packet at 125 000 rupiah a month. I even got her to write that on the docket. So February 2012 came around and still not info from Oke vision about customer number or payment options. I tried calling the Jakarta branch numerous times as that was the number on their brochure, no Bali contact. It took forever to get through and when did I was put on hold. I was calling from my mobile phone so was wasting all my credits. Finally I got through and explained the situation and requested a Bali contact number. I tried that and same problem, could never get through. Finally I decided to go direct to the office in Denpasar where I queued for almost an hour when I was finally told that our application was still in progress and we will be contacted shortly woith a numnber and payment option. Another month passed and still nothing. Finally in March after going to the office again and queuing, we were given a customer number and I had to pay about 600 000 rupiah which was an incorrect amount. The sales Manager Irma said that the promotion was only for 1 month free all channels and would not accept thast their own sales staff gave false information when we signed up. The sales staff has since left the HYpermart store.
    Several months later and we are still having problems with this stupid provider. Signal on tv was bad and it took two weeks of constant phone calls and harrassment to finally get the technician to come and fix the problem.
    Now we have a problem of payment amount again. We signed up for basic paket rp 125000 plus movie paket of 130 000 which totals 255 per month. When we go to pay via an ATM, the price comes to 365000 which is incorrect. The sales manager Irma said that the problem is from central and cannot be changed. She suggested we come to the DEnpasar office and pay in person every month where she can adjust the payment. If we dont do that then the signal will be automatically cut off. I am getting so pissed off and want to throw the all the equipment in the street. I will ask TElkomvision for a quote

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  • Yv
    yvonne emery Sep 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having trouble just getting an operator to answer the phone even the answering machine does its bit and thats it on hold is everyone asleep. I have rung many times today just to get information as to why i only get channel 106 i have paid up until november so it is not money nobody answers this is not the fist time i have had problems with this company my account [protected] please try and correct this problem otherwise i will look for another server thank you

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  • As
    ash12321 Aug 15, 2012

    I have been having ongoing problems with indovision since day one. 11 months now! I have their service in my villa rentals and am constantly embarrassed by having to tell my customers that the tv is not working. The recent problem i've had is they cut off my service saying that my invoice was outstanding 2 weeks before the invoice was even due!

    After spending two days on the phone to service center with no results i send my staff to their branch in denpassar to have my cards reactivated. They tell him they will sms him when ready and that the cards can be picked up the following day.

    From my villa the trip to denpassar takes approximately 2 hours both way so, already they are asking me to waste 4 hours of my time on account of their stuff up. Anyway, a week and a half passes and we still had not heard anything. My staff returns today from branch after a 6 hour waste of time to be told that the staff member he had left the card with had gone on maternity leave and that as a result he would have to come back tomorrow to collect cards. Disgusted that she did not leave my cards with someone else.

    I don't see how this is my problem and i am livid that another 4 hours tomorrow will be wasted. All this in consideration, with 2 hours of phone calls and 14 hours of travel and brach time I have personally lost 16 hours of my time on a problem i am not responsible for with no apology and no grievances made. This is just one issue of the many i've had in the past and i wish i recorded the time wasted in past instances too.

    In the meantime, i have two tv's with no cable in a villa that has guests paying good money. i have paid for this cr*p service for 11 months now. Oh and on top of all that, they tell me this months invoice (which i have already paid and have receipt for) is outstanding and they have no record of me having paid already. Which means, my one card that is currently working will probably be blocked tomorrow and i will have to repeat this bullsh%t all over again.

    I have emailed the call center countless times and NEVER had a response. I have been promised time and time again that past problems would be fixed when calling their call center and this has never happened. I cannot believe that they get away with this. Shut them down and someone who cares about their customers needs to start a cable tv company in Bali. I am one problem away from heart attack now.

    Below is an email i sent in march that i never heard back from. This problem outlined in email was also never resolved. it is laughable.

    From: *** ***** <***********>
    Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 16:03:04 +0800
    To: <[email protected]>
    Subject: Indovision #[protected]

    To whom it may concern

    My name is John Smith. In october 2011 I had three decoders installed in one of my Villas under the offer 'Gratis 50%' which when we signed the contract, gave us two decoders for 50% off with full price on the third incl. complete channel package.

    From day one I had problems with one of the decoders and up until two weeks ago had been paying for a decoder which did not work. Initially when I rang your terrible customer service I was told that the card had not yet been transferred from the previous owner. So I waited. After two more weeks of no Indovision I rang again, this then started a course of me ringing your customer service at least three times a week for the next 6 months.

    What this means is that for 6 months, I paid for a decoder that did not work once and wasted my time calling your customer service who hung up on me more times than not!!!

    I was told time and time again that a technician would be coming and the two times that they ended up coming, they left my Villa without fixing. So I would call customer service again and get yet more terrible service and waste more of my time

    Eventually, the problem was fixed after 6 months of stress, I was told that the card had still not been registered to my name. My billing up to this point had been IDR249k for one decoder and IDR125k for the other two. Now that the problem is fixed, I find that I do not have all the channels and I am being charged full price for the third decoder! When discussing this with your customer service I am told that I must now pay full price for two decoder. This is not what I signed for in the contract.

    I am extremely frustrated with your service and the amount of time it takes to resolve a simple problem. I have wasted 6 months of my time and money on this problem and to then be told that I must now pay full price for two boxes with no compensation whatsoever for your bad service has made me furious

    I am now considering taking indovision out of all my Villas and switching to telkomvision as I really believe that you do not care for your customers at indovision. This means you will lose the business of two resorts and 16 villas that are currently using indovsion.

    If you do care about your business with us I suggest you have somebody contact me with good english on +62 (0) [protected] to discuss this matter further

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  • Ok
    oktieliana Jun 11, 2012

    saya sudah berlangganan selama 1thn, waktu itu saya diberitahukan klo kita sudah berlangganan selama 1thn satelit jadi milik kita.
    tapi kenapa sekarang satelit akan ditarik, padahal saya masih mau berlangganan, tolong konfirmasinya.tks

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  • Ok
    oktieliana Jun 11, 2012

    saya sudah berlangganan lebih dari satu tahun.waktu berlanggganan saya diberitahukan klo sudah berlangganan selama satu
    tahun satelit jadi milik kita, tapi kenapa sekarang katanya satelit akan diambil, tolong konfirmasi.tks

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  • Sa
    saminliana Mar 02, 2012

    i agree to you .. it happen to me today.. the customer service just hang up on me few times... INDOVISION SUCKS...

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