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I recently applies for a Nexus card which will enable me to pass through Canadian and American customs more quickly on my frequent trips in and out of Canada. I had heard the the fee to apply for Nexus is $50.00 but I googled the online apllication process and near the top of the list was listed this website. There were no obvious disclaimers about this private company and I naively believed that this was a legitimate government website. I went through their process of applying online and was surprised when I was told that I would have to pay a surcharge of $169.00 for their service which would be the fast track to my receiving my card. I was clearly led to believe that this was the only way that I could receive the card. I was certainly not given a $50.00 options. I faxed them (after being unable to submit it online) a copy of my passport and driver's licence along with the completed application to a number they provided on their website. I was told that the application could not proceed until I paid the extra fee by Paypal. I also had to provide a credit card for the $50.00 fee. It was not made clear what these two payments were for and why these two methods of payment were necessary.

At least it appears that this company sent on my application to the proper Nexus government agency because I did receive an email from the real Nexus agency inviting me to come into their nearest office to complete the application in person (iris scanning, etc). I was shocked to be told by them that I did not have to pay the extra $169 fee and that I had not been dealing with the legitimate Nexus organization. I have two big problems with this website for a private company.

First, I believe that they misrepresented themselves as a real government agency and did not justify why I was paying this outrageous surcharge. In preparing this complaint, I looked at their website and found at the very bottom a statement of their status. I certainly did not see this when I first used their website because I believed that they were indeed the real website.

Second, this company has records of my passport and drivers licence and all the confidential information that I used to complete this form. Where is this information stored and who has access to it? Surely, this information is all that would be neeeded to steal my identity.

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Jan 23, 2015 7:55 pm EST

Agree they are hokey. Wonder if they will ever respond to my cancellation request.

Jun 16, 2012 3:13 pm EDT
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Do ou think that if they could apply for Citizenship would be illegals? they can't apply for citizentship snce they don't have anyone to sponsor them, either the mom or the father has to be legal. and it they are only legal residents takes up to 18 years to get it, if they are citizens only takes about 6 months. if they are illigals they don't get education for free, they have to pay, those people work very hard. and I am glad they are getting an education, they do deserve to get their status change here, people who sit at home collecting wellfare and not improving themselves are the ones that bother me. I am also a tax payer and have 2 kids in college. it is very expensive I do not evenqualify for loans. so be glad that you did get the loans and have an education. congratulations.

Jun 16, 2012 1:40 pm EDT

I dont understand. CNN showed some illegal kids graduating from college complaining that this is nice, but not enough.

Damn brats are so smart and just want a chance, but they cant figure out how to apply for citizenship? The second they turned 18 it should have been a requirement. Instead, , we send them to college and give then medical coverage.

Oh, and I am still paying off my student loans even though I have been out of school damn near two decades. Many of these kids are getting a free ride.

I just want to know why people cant follow proper channels and why they are rewarded for cheating the system.

Mostly what I want is that damn fool out of office. NOW.

Jun 16, 2012 1:35 pm EDT
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They are misleading people to believe that they are in the government website, true, they have all our information, including ss# copy of our passport naturalization certificate and so on, they charged me $169.00 since they were going to rush the card for me...did no happened, so they credit me $50.00 but now when I went for the interview got the pass and send to pay, I told them that I had already paid for it. and they said no that company has nothing to do with us, they're actually charging you to fax the forms for you, if you can fax the forms to them you can fax them or email it directly to the immigration office. and you pay $25.00 for the application and $96. when you gt your card.

Apr 09, 2012 9:28 am EDT

My wife and I used their services for our Global Entry cards and everything was fine. Their fees are a little higher than what I expected but overall we're happy with the results.

Apr 04, 2011 1:15 pm EDT

I worked for CBP Trusted Traveler processing and there are lots of companies like this. Whilst I sympathize with people feeling mislead I have to say that it was always much better to process applications form companies like this because they are always accurate and complete whilst those submitted from the general public often contain many errors.